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Question by Norks: XBox360 Going Live, Ethernet Cable? or Wireless?
My room, with the 360 in, is directly above the Wireless Internet router. However, as I understand it, the wireless signal can be affected by weather, temperature and floor thickness. Seeing as we have had some problems with our connectivity before, I’m considering instead getting a wired connection and running it out of my window and into the window downstairs (my physics lessons suggest that running it outside might even help the connection) but, could this be a better idea? or would putting it out the window maybe damage the cable, or…what? I’m not sure as to the pros and cons of the matter.

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Answer by Adrian
Putting the cable outside, requires it to be “outdoor” ethernet cable, so the sunlight does not erode it. While regular cable may work for a year or two, it will deteriorate eventually, requiring replacement.
You could also look into Ethernet power line adapters, where you plug an adapter into the wall, and the other in your room, and run cables to each (one from router, the other to PC/xbox). They are faster than wireless, but not quite as fast as regular ethernet cable. But, it saves running a cable outside…

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  1. Running regular network cable outside isn’t a good idea. Research osmosis — water will get into the cable and ruin it.

    Best bet it to try to run the wire through the wall using fish tape and installing low voltage boxes in the room above and your room.

    Also, as far as weather is concerned, it will not affect your signal, because the signal will not pass through the outside — it will go in a straight path directly through the floor so weather nor temperature will ever impact the signal, because (hopefully) the temperature in your house will be fairly constant and amenable and it doesn’t rain inside of your house (hopefully). The people that worry about weather impacting their wireless connections are the ones that are stealing WiFi from their neighbors. In that situation, the signal is passing through the outdoors before it gets to their computers, so it would impact them.

    Frankly, I think you should have really good wifi connection if the router really is directly above — especially if you orient the antennas in a horizontal polarization (don’t point the antenna straight-up, but make it point directly out of the side parallel to the floor.

    Good Luck!

  2. if ur xbox is near your router then wire it other wise wireless my friends has wireless and it doesnt disconnect

  3. This depends on your decision. A wired connection would be faster, but you’d be investing more money, either in an “outdoor” ethernet cable or in an electrician coming in and bashing holes into your walls to feed ethernet cables through internally. Or, you can go wireless, with less speed and more risk of disconnection, however if your xbox is that close to your router (i.e. one room above), don’t worry about it, use wifi because its easier.

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