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AirStation Nfiniti HighPower Giga WZR-HP-G450H – Wireless Router – 4-Port-Switch

AirStation Nfiniti HighPower Giga WZR-HP-G450H - Wireless Router - 4-Port-Switch

Buffalo AirStation NFINITI HighPower 450Mbps Giga WirelessN Router Access Point WZRHPG450HEU Networks Wireless Routers

  • Ethernet LAN connection: Y
  • Ethernet LAN data transfer rates: 10;100;1000 Mb
  • Cabling technology: 10/100/1000Base-T(X)
  • Wireless LAN (WLAN) connection: Y
  • Wireless LAN type: 802.11b;802.11g;802.11n

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Question by AuDz: How to set up a wireless network in a whole building?
The building consists of 4 floors, the size of the building is just like a common building in a business area.

What are the equipments?
How much will it cost?
Where can i find those materials?

Best answer:

Answer by Dr Who
You need to hire some pros to set it up. There will be different setups if each floor having 10 users compared to each floor having 100 users. It would be different for office/apartment complex and 4 floor house.

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  1. You need Wireless Router.
    The cost is depends on the model you choose.

    The best company that provides Wireless Routers and Network Hardware is CISCO.

    You should chat online with sales live help on Cisco web site and they gives you best solutions for you area.
    You can get more information about wireless products for your building here:

  2. I strongly recommend sourcing this out as many factors come into play (type of walls, building material, electrical interference from anything using electric in the building, layout of room, building width, ceiling type ect. ) That being said you will need.

    Bulk shielded cat 6 cable (1000′) – $ 130.00
    About 40 RJ45 connectors. (for cable ) – $ 30.00
    And a Cat 6 tool kit -50.00 (for connecting the RJ45 connectors to the cat 6 cable)
    1 Modem -60.00
    1 Router (I recommend the buffalo WHR-HP-G54)-59.99
    1 Switch with 20 Ports – 139.00
    and enough Access Points to cover your building in good signal Say 4 per floor assuming dimensions are not much larger than a mid-level hotel.
    so about 16 Access points – $ 1,246.40 ($ 77.90 each) (EnGenius EOC-5610 outdoor router – great for inside to!)

    So total cost around $ 1750.00

    The process:
    I would the first floor before buying all the other Access points (that way you can so a site survey Take a laptop and walk around to ensure that four Access points per floor will give you good coverage or if you will need to buy more. )

    step one Hook up your modem and router (if you can’t do this you should not even be thinking of networking.) and set them so that they are both operating on the same IP Ban-width with your modem being 1.1

    (I.E. Modem:

    Next run your router into the Switch and put the switch on the same IP Ban-width (

    Then run your cat 6 cables from the switch up through the ceiling and to the four Access points (spaced evenly on the first floor.) install the rj45 connectors on both ends and plus the cable into the access points and switch. Then dial into them one at a time and set there IP’s in to the reestablished Ip ban width array (, ect.) also set there SSID to the same name (this can be anything such as WiFI, My My Internet or whatever. ) and set each of there broadcast channels to a different channel.(later use the scan option in the Access point interface to ensure there is no or little interference on the channel from other floors access points. )

    From here ensure good coverage if you hit dead-spots buy another access point and add it in the area after you have the first floor running smooth repeat the lay out on each floor.

    Also if use the recommended router flash it with the free tomato Firmware this will make into about a 600 dollar traffic controller.

    As I Said this is a very daunting task only undertake it if you are comfortable with the above information an understand it.

    Also you will want a max of 25 connections per AP so the 4 AP per floor set up can only support 100 connections per floor and if your building will have more than 150 connections total you will need to add a second Modem and switch at a diffrent location so that you do not flood the bandwidth of a single connection.

    Also Make sure what ever type of internet you have; DSL, Cable, Satellite, that you have the fastest offered by your ISP as Multi connections will slow down the connection.

    EDIT: Do not buy linksys they are horrible even as a home router!!!
    I would buy the products from Newegg.com or just Google them and take the best price.

  3. Depending on your budget:

    For high quality I’d look at cisco wireless routers. They have specialized high speed wireless routers built for businesses.


    Or if you have a low budget, you could try these linksys routers that are usually less than $ 100 each.


    However these work best for homes and small businesses. It all depends on how many people will be using the routers at one time. If you buy a few and some wireless repeaters it may be ok.

    Either way I’d consult someone knowledgeable. If you choose to go the linksys route, they have those at best buy and I’d recommend you talk to the geek squad/ guys behind the computer desk about it than a general worker and they could give you advice. (Some don’t know what they are talking about, but some do).

    If I knew how many users you have or would be using I could give you more advice since I’m in IT myself.

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