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Asus 8X External Slim DVD+/-RW Drive SDRW-08D2S-U – Retail (Black)

Asus 8X External Slim DVD+/-RW Drive SDRW-08D2S-U - Retail (Black)

Asus SDRW-08D2S-U 8X External Slim DVD+/-RW Drive (Black)

  • Drive Type: External DVD+/-RW Dual Layer Slim Drive
  • Data Transfer Rate:Write:DVD+R/-R: 8X DVD+RW/-RW: 8X/6X DVD+R/-R DL: 6X DVD-RAM: 5X CD-R: 24X CD-RW: 16X
  • Read:DVD+R/-R: 8X DVD+R/-R DL: 8X DVD+RW/-RW: 8X DVD-ROM (Single/Dual): 8X DVD-RAM: 5X CD-ROM: 24X CD-R: 24X
  • Writing Mode:DVD-R & DVD-R(DL): DAO/Incremental Recording DVD+R & DVD+R(DL): Sequential Write DVD+RW: Random Write
  • Disc Formats: Audio CD, Video CD, CD-I, CD-Extra, Photo CD, CD-Text, CD-ROM/XA, Multi-session CD, DVD Video Disc Diameters: 8cm Interface: USB 2.0
  • Buffer Memory: 1 MB Random Access Time: DVD – 160ms; CD – 140ms
  • CD-RW: 24X DVD video playback: 4X VCD playback: 10X Audio CD Playback: 10X
  • DVD-RW: DAO/Restricted Overwrite/Incremental Recording DVD-RAM: Random Write CD-R/RW: DAO/TAO/SAO/Packet Write

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Question by ajmiester_22: I want to share files, an internet internet connection and a printer wirelessly?
Ok, here we go…

I have (2) wireless routers, (1) DSL modem, (1) Buffalo Linkstation, and (4) wireless capable computers, and one that is wired directly from the router.

My computers are all at other ends of the house, so if i can, i would prefer NOT to run ethernet cables to each

My computer is a mac, the rest are windows, I don’t know if that has any thing that will make it more complicated

Now the Buffalo Linkstation has two usb ports for sharing a printer (what i want) and one for using an external hard drive, which i won’t need giving this linkstation has a capacity of 300gb, and it also has one ethernet port

Both the routers have wired connections available, but again, i would rather not wrap my house in wires.

Any Help would be MOST appreciated

Best answer:

Answer by Loyal B
You can do that, of course, but you may have to spend the money for wireless networking AND you need to understand that your new wireless network will be less secure and more vulnerable to any hacker that drives by with a laptop. Finally, wireless connections are less reliable than wired. I think I would just run a wire if it were me.

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What customers say about Asus 8X External Slim DVD+/-RW Drive SDRW-08D2S-U – Retail (Black)?

  1. 32 of 32 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great all around optical drive, December 10, 2010

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Asus 8X External Slim DVD+/-RW Drive SDRW-08D2S-U – Retail (Black) (Personal Computers)

    I bought this item for my Asus Eee PC Netbook. The installation was a breeze and everything runs perfectly. I didn’t have to use a disc (although it comes with one), and all I had to do was plug it in and it was ready to use. The one thing that you should know is that it requires the use of 2 USB ports and they have to be right next each other. If you have a laptop or PC that has 1 USB on one side, and the other on the opposite, you’re out of luck (I have yet to try it by only using 1 USB port). I would hardly call it a complaint but it is a tad on the loud side when you play a DVD. Overall a great little DVD player for a much cheaper price here rather than buying one at your local Best Buy.

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  2. 25 of 25 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Great Companion for Asus Netbook, April 27, 2011

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Asus 8X External Slim DVD+/-RW Drive SDRW-08D2S-U – Retail (Black) (Personal Computers)

    I bought this DVD-RW drive to use with my ASUS 1015-PEM Netbook. While I had another older external DVD-RW burner in the house, I wanted a more convenient compact model to use with my netbook, whether away on trips or just sittin’ about the house. This drive fits the bill perfectly. It is both light and compact, not to mention a great value when I purchased it on Amazon.com with a $10US rebate!

    Here’s what I like about the drive:
    1.) It’s light and compact, as I previously mentioned.
    2.) It was under $30US (after rebate). Great Deal!
    3.) Drive is pretty quick. I didn’t run any benchmarks, but it performs very satisfactorily for me. I can write an entire CD in about 4 minutes.
    4.) No external power required. It feeds off my netbook’s battery via 2 USB ports. (More about that later.) Power usage is low and only minimally reduced my overall battery life. I couldn’t detect the drive using any power when it was connected but not in use.
    5.) Included software easily installs and actually works pretty good. However, there are better, more robust choices. This is very much “standard edition” software with several features turned off or only available with a paid upgrade to the “professional” or “full version” of the software. I didn’t consider this a negative since I bought the drive for my netbook and I don’t need, or want, a full blown, full featured software package on my netbook. You can do all the basics: copy a CD/DVD, perform a backup, make a CD/DVD data disk. All the standard CD and DVD formats are supported.
    6.) The diamond pattern exterior is a lot nicer than I ever truly considered when I initially purchased the drive. In reality, it didn’t matter to me what it looked like, so long as the drive was black (vs. white or some other color). However, I am surprised at how aesthetically pleasing it is to both look at and touch. It has a unique tactile feel that actually aids in making the drive easier to grab with your hands.

    Here’s what I don’t like about the drive:
    1.) The drive requires 2 USB ports that are right next to each other in order to provide full power to the drive. If your USB ports are far apart or on opposite sides of your machine, the cord will not work without some sort of extention. You only need about a 1-foot extension in this situation. It would have been nice if that 1-foot extention was included in the box, or at least order-able from ASUS. I, personally, don’t have this problem as my netbook has 2 USB ports that are side-by-side. I tested the drive with only 1 cable plugged in and the drive read CD/DVD media with no problem, however, it wouldn’t successfully burn a CD/DVD at the reduced power level. It needed full power (2 USB ports plugged in) to burn a disk. It was nice to know that I could read from the drive at the reduced power of 1 USB port if I was in a critically low power situation and needed to use the drive to read a disk. Also I should note that I did not test the drive connected to a USB Hub.

    2.) I wish the drive had LightScribe capability. It does not, but the drive was only $30US and the cheapest similar drive I could find that had LightScribe, was twice the price.

    3.) I wish the drive came with a case of some sort. Clearly the portable nature of the drive implies it will be tossed in a computer bag or backpack at some point, and a case to hold the drive and cable to prevent dust, scratches, bumps and bruises would have been a nicer touch than the included vertical stand.

    My Conclusion: This is a great deal for the price. It is the perfect optical drive companion for my ASUS Netbook and delivers as promised. I am very happy with this purchase and would buy the drive again, without hesitation. I highly recommend this drive for use with a netbook or laptop with the available USB ports to provide the necessary power.

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  3. 19 of 20 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great addition for Asus netbook, November 7, 2010

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Asus 8X External Slim DVD+/-RW Drive SDRW-08D2S-U – Retail (Black) (Personal Computers)

    Ordered on 10-29 and received on 11-2, this external burner is a great addition to my Asus netbook. Installation was simple and it came with the Power2Go software. It works much better than I expected. I have had no problems burning CD/DVDs (so far).

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  4. This is actually pretty easy since you already have all you need.

    First, establish your wireless network. Unless your house is very large, you should be able to run everything off of one router. Regardless of how many wired ports are on your router, the wireless portion can support up to 254 devices at once.

    If all of your equipment is “still in the box” – not hooked up yet – then first get your DSL modem up and running. Then get your router working using the setup disks that came with it.

    Once you have your router and modem working together, then establish your wireless network. Wireless networks can be just as safe as wired if you want them to be. Options include:

    MAC filtering (only specific hardware can connect to the network)
    Disabling the SSID broadcast (so people will not easily ‘see it’ when looking for networks)
    WEP keys – essentially passwords to connect wirelessly and also encrypting the communications

    All of this is found in the router setup. In fact, most routers walk you through these options during the install process.

    Once you are able to connect to the Internet wirelessly from all your computers, then you are ready for the next step.

    Your Buffalo Linkstation will plug directly into your router, and then your printer into the Linkstation. I would setup the linkstation first just as a hard drive, then add the printer later. Remember, take one step at a time.

    Follow the install steps for the Buffalo, and remember that you may need to enter some of the same information about your network that you entered in the router setup.


    Once the linkstation is setup as a NAS, then get the printer setup. All of this should probably be done from the wired computer. Remember, your printer will now be a network printer, so when adding it in Windows, install it not as local but network. For you MAC, it will depend on your printer – you may be able to install it as a network printer if there are MAC drivers, or you may need to install it as IP printing. Yes, your printer will now have an IP address on the network (actually, the print server on the Buffalo does).

    Since you have the Buffalo NAS, you probably don’t need to do any file sharing between all your machines – just use the NAS as your shared space. (as opposed to opening up files on individual machines for others on the network to access).

    Now the only ‘problem’ in all of this would be if your house is so large that you need to chain your routers together to spread out the wireless signal. This is not as hard as it sounds, but it involve doing some manual settings on the second router so that it is not using/issuing the same IP addresses that the first one is.

    Try it first with only one router, and if it works, then put the other router back in the box. If signal is weak, consider getting a booster for the router. If you really need to, then set up your second router. Post another question on that, since it is too much for this post.

    Good luck!!

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