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Bose® SoundLink® Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II – Leather

Bose® SoundLink® Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II - Leather

You’ve got your music on your phone, and you’re ready to play. Enjoy deeper, more powerful sound than you thought possible from a speaker this small. The SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile speaker II works wirelessly with Apple, Android and BlackBerry devices, or your tablet or laptop – and goes wherever you do for music when you want, where you want.

  • Compact portable speaker for music anywhere
  • Sound performance unlike any other mobile speaker
  • Wirelessly connects to your Bluetooth devices
  • Rechargeable battery plays up to eight hours

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Question by Katherine R: How can i tell if my netbook has built in wireless?
I have a dell mini9 net book and i want to connect it to my home broadband but i can’t find anything about wireless on it so does it mean i have to do it externally? also it hasn’t got a great deal of memory on it and wondered what the best way of extending it was?

Best answer:

Answer by dragonsbreath181
Intel® AtomTM Processor (1.6GHz, 512KB L2 Cache, 533MHz FSB)

Operating System
Genuine Windows® XP Home Edition SP3
Ubuntu Linux version 8.04.1

Up to 1GB2 533MHz DDR2 SDRAM.
Intel® 945PM / GS Express Chipset

Intel® Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator 950

LCD Display
Glossy 8.9 inch backlit LED display (1024X600)
Audio and Speakers
One external speaker
Hard Drives
Up to 16GB configured with a Solid State drive and Genuine Windows® XP Home Edition.
Up to 32GB configured with a Solid State drive and Ubuntu Linux.

Optical Drives
USB 2.0 (3)
Integrated 10/100 LAN (RJ45)
15-pin VGA video connector
Audio jacks (1-line out, 1 mic-in)
3-in-1 Media Card Reader
AC adapter connector
4-cell 32WHr Li-Ion Battery
Optional 0.3MP or 1.3MP webcams
Wi-Fi Options:
802.11g mini-card

Mobile Broadband Options:
AT&T built-in cellular mobile broadband (HSPA 7.2)

Bluetooth Options:
Bluetooth® Internal (2.0) mini-card
Ports, Slots, Chassis
Externally Accessible
USB 2.0 (3)
Integrated 10/100 LAN (RJ45)
15-pin VGA video connector
Audio jacks (1-line out, 1 Mic-in)
3-in-1 Media Card Reader
AC adapter connector

Dimensions & Weight
Width: 9.13″ (232mm)
Height: 1.07″ (27.2mm) front / 1.25″ (31.7mm) back
Depth: 6.77″ (172mm)
Weight: Starting weight of 2.28 lbs. (1.035 kg)5(8.9″ display, 4 cell battery). Weights will vary depending on configurations and manufacturing variability.

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What customers say about Bose® SoundLink® Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II – Leather?

  1. 447 of 469 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Side by Side Review of Soundlink I vs Soundlink II…Amazing just got even more Amazing, September 21, 2012
    Positive Logic (L.A.) –

    I’m tempted to do a video review of a side-by-side comparison between the SoundLink I and the Soundlink II, but, when all is said and done, it’s the sound that matters and there’s no way to convey that unless you yourself preview the sound difference live. That said, here’s my assessment in comparing the two:

    Yes, the sound is quite a bit fuller, yet better balanced with improvement on the mids and highs — w/ crisper sound on the top end without beginning tinny, hissy or overly blaring. Another reviewer stated the treble was diminished on the SL II, but I’m hearing differently. From the big brassy sounds of 60s era Sinatra to the Edge’s (from U2) guitar — you actually get more of that nice shimmering mid-range and treble. The bass is solid and expansive without being exaggerated. There are times when it sounds and feels like I’ve got a dedicated floor standing subwoofer, and then I look over and I’m reminded that all that sound comes from something no bigger than a hardcover book. Some reviewers have said that they hear little or no difference between the Soundlinks I and II. So I’ll add to points here:

    –You will probably hear the difference in sound quality between Soundlink I and II if you play a wide variety different musical genres. I did.

    –If you read the hundreds of Soundlink I reviews on Amazon, you will hear one consistent theme, the mid-range and highs on the Soundlink I sound muddy or muffled, especially compared with Big Jambox. While I hear the difference, the Soundlink I still provides me with a pleasant listening experience. If the Soundlink II did not exist, I’d be very happy with the Soundlink I. At the same time, the improvement in sound quality in the Sounndlink II will, I believe, address the concerns of those who did voice this concern.

    I like the bi-fold cover, which now allows me to more easily carry the unit around the house while playing it. With the SL I, that the cover would be hanging awkwardly if you wanted to walk across the living room playing your music.

    Battery indicator light now provides more information about battery status…going from green to yellow to red.

    By the way, here’s an important tip to anyone wanting to make an objective comparison between the Soundlink and any other portable speaker. Remember that the Soundlink has passive subwoofers that project backwards. Whether or not you are comparing it to something that does not have this feature, keep the Soundlink away from a wall, otherwise it would get that disproportionately boomy bass so that so many have complained about. I think this one little detail has inadvertently and , perhaps unfairly, negatively skewed a few Soundlink reviews. Personally, there are times when I like it close to wall because the music sounds more live that way…but it’s a matter of taste.

    All that being side, now that I’ve lived with the Soundlink for over a week, here are some further impressions:

    –Big, well balanced sound in small form factor. Like a book, it’s easy to carry.
    –Bluetooth pairs easily
    –Versatility. You can also connect via wire
    –New bifold cover allows for easier carrying while playing music
    –Minimalist design. I like the fact that there is software baggage, remove controls, computerized voices to deal with.
    –Gives me a break from having to wear my iPod earbuds all the time.

    –Battery life not as long as others in this category
    –No volume reading. While it is easy to adjust the volume, you cannot tell where the volume setting is relative to the highest and lowest settings.
    –AC Adapter seems to be bigger than it needs to be.
    –Distasteful, overly expensive covers.

    Overall, the sound is better than some 2.1 systems with dedicated floor subwoofer I’ve heard. Also, while I admit I have not heard the Big Jambox, it’s hard to imagine this would not turn some folks in that camp…particularly with the smaller, more portable SL form factor. When I was in my 20s, back in the component system heyday, I had Sherwood amplifier/receiver, turntable and cassette deck with…two giant speakers with 12 inch woofers. Today, I am carrying that same big sound around the house with from room to room, some times even playing the same music I used play. What a trip. Thanks Bose.

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  2. 267 of 291 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Bose Sound-link 2 vs Big Jawbone by an amateur audio engineer, November 16, 2012
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)


    So I searched high and low for the review I am about to give. If you go out there and search you will end up just as confused as I did but I have your golden ticket right here. I am also going to make it quite succinct..

    Now. For you folks with a MAC… Run to the app store and grab an app called Boom. It is $7 an completely essential. Basically, it gives you an EQ for your MAC output. Without it you are going to have a hard time making a decision.

    Now the bottom line.

    The Bose, when placed about 6 inches from a solid wall and if you have a MAC, eq’d with Boom, is capable of a far more high fidelity sound that the BIG Jawbone… I tried multiple genres of music in a side by side comparison. The main complaint about the Bose is the Bass is overpowering at low levels… It can be. That is what the EQ is for. However, the Big Jawbone has a terrible bass response. On several occasions I found it completely unlistenable because of bass distortion. Louder is not necessarily better.

    The Bose is simple. It has no extra features like a speakerphone. I honestly think the Big Jawbone and its speakerphone are quite a gimmick. It may be useful for other people but I simply wanted the best sounding speaker.

    Outside of sounding like a LOUD tinny version of the Bose. The Big Jawbone had another deal breaking issue for me. The Bluetooth connection dropped and had to be re-paired more times than I’d like to admit. The Bose remembers my mac every time. I just have to turn it on.The BJS ‘Live Audio’ feature was interesting and made some genres sound better.

    The two positive perks of the BJ I will point out are the shape and loudness… It really gets up there. If you are listening to any kind of acoustic, latin or fusion it actually sounds pretty good. Anything with deep or droning bass will illustrate major sound issues it has pretty viscerally. The square shape is a little more portable than the Bose. it can be set up anywhere but the Bose really needs the bass reflection.

    My final verdict is I wanted the best sounding speaker and that is the Bose with some tweeks. I will add one caveat… Mp3s are really compressed as-is. They get even further degraded over bluetooth. Streaming songs from Grooveshark and Pandora are almost unbearably bad without EQ. Neither of these speakers will impress an audiophile. However, they are handy, portable and great at what they are.

    Now you may go out, much like I did, and read a bunch of reviews..Most of them say the BJ is superior soundwise. However, I believe the Bose is engineered to be more capable. It is not as loud. If you get the bass reflection off a wall right there is just no comparison… Neither will WOW you but on the same token they are both pretty good.

    Great for

    Singer Songwriter
    Ambient Electronic
    Rock <90s
    Classical Music

    Ok for
    Modern Rock
    Vocal Pop
    Streaming Audio

    Bad for
    Dance Driven Pop

    Remember the Eq. If you listen to it flat on a MAC you are going to scream Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and send it back… Also, if you do use the BOOM EQ make sure your itunes eq is off. If you use both at the same time You are going to have a bad time…

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  3. 386 of 425 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Incremental upgrade from original SoundLink offers marginal improvement in sound, September 27, 2012
    M. Erb

    Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (What’s this?)

    Customer Video Review Length:: 8:17 Mins

    UPDATE: Jul 28, 2013 – I’ve just reviewed the BoseSoundlink Mini and it has surprisingly good sound, I actually prefer the sound of the Mini to the SoundLink. The SoundLink however can produce louder sound and has more bass. But you should definitely see if you can listen to the SoundLink Mini before making a decision because it is a pretty amazing sounding speaker for its size. Here is the ink to my review of the SoundLink mini… http://www.amazon.com/review/R2LM0EQRW8AWY6


    My rating is closer to 3.5 but Amazon only allows whole star values so that’s why I’ve given it 3 stars.

    The Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II is an incremental and evolutionary, not revolutionary, upgrade from the previous SoundLink speaker. You’ll notice a ever so slightly tweaked sound profile that Bose claims extends the bass response while also improving the clarity and definition of the mid and high frequencies.

    In my A/B comparison tests between the original SoundLink and SoundLink II, the aural differences were modest. Bottom line here is that if you have an original SoundLink you needn’t worry about upgrading since the sound difference is minor. The only other significant difference between the two is the SoundLink II has a different cover which is of a bi-fold design. This results in a smaller footprint at the expense of stability.

    If you are sold on the Bose SoundLink and are trying to decide between the two, I’d get the original SoundLink if the price is less than the SoundLink II. You certainly won’t be giving up anything significant in the sound department and other than the bi-fold cover, the SoundLink II is practically the same speaker. There has been no improvement in battery life and both utilize the same 1700mAh battery. Cosmetically the two units appear identical with the only visible difference being the new bi-fold cover.

    I have previously reviewed the SoundLink speaker and viewed that speaker as a decent sounding speaker with good build quality. The SoundLink II is virtually identical so my previous comments still stand. It is a substantial, solid feeling speaker that exudes quality. That quality comes at a fairly steep price however and with the plethora of bluetooth speakers entering the market, there are many competing speakers that also offer good sound at reasonable price points and with more features.

    Operation of the SoundLink II is fairly straightforward. The speaker has the ability to remember pairing with up to 6 different devices. You may also connect a wired device via the AUX input on the back of the speaker.

    Pairing is fairly simple although in my attempts to pair with my iPhone 4 and a MacBook Pro notebook computer, the pairing failed in my first two attempts with both devices. I have no explanation for that suffice to say that I eventually did get the unit to pair with both, but it wasn’t foolproof in the first two attempts. The SoundLink will always first attempt to reconnect with the most recently paired device and if that device is not available will search for the any other device that it has been previously paired with.

    When I received the Bose SoundLink II I knew that it did not include a remote or additional features. It is a bare-bones bluetooth speaker. But many other bluetooth spekars include useful additional features such as a remote, speakerphone capability and USB charging capability. If you plan on using this speaker in a vehicle, having speakerphone capability is a big plus. Some competing products such as the EcoXbt Grace Digital ECOXGEAR ECOXBT Rugged and Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Black) or the Jambox Jawbone BIG JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Graphite Hex – Retail Packaging, include these useful extra features. I’m not saying either of those other speakers are comparable sounding, I’m just saying that there are lots of bluetooth speakers out there in the marketplace and many offer additional features at less cost.

    Battery life is unchanged from the previous SoundLink and provides a maximum of 8 hours using the same 1700mAh battery, but you’ll rarely see that kind of life especially if you listen at higher volumes. Typically you can expect more like 4-5 hours of sound at louder listening levels. Bose offers an optional car charger, Bose® SoundDock Portable® and SoundLink® car charger that will allow you to simultaneously charge the SoundLink as you listen to it but as far as I know there is no USB charging option which is a pretty big disappointment for me.

    The speaker cover is user replaceable but the bi-fold design may or may not be an improvement depending on your use of the speaker. In the house where it will typically be on a shelf or table, the reduced footprint of the speaker may be a benefit. However for outside use, or in a car or boat, the reduced footprint results in significantly reduced…

    Read more

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  4. Generally, if your home internet network isn’t wireless already, you won’t be able to connect it to your own laptop. Believe me, I’ve tried 😉

    As for the internet, any computer store (Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.) has memory you can buy in different increments that you can easily snap in to your computer. There’s usually instructions on the packages.

  5. My comp has a button you slide up and down on the left corner.Check your Taskbar on the bottom right.There should be a symbol with 2 computers.Click on it and it should say what networks are available to connect to.If the connection is unsuccesful it will say why and how to troubleshoot.If you still have the comp manual check it out and if not online assistance is great!

  6. Wi-Fi Options:
    802.11g mini-card


    Sounds like it is an optional card.

    This is why I recommend against dell. They dont include a common feature on a netbook like an integrated wireless card. You have to pay extra for it.

  7. I am pretty sure all new laptops have wireless cards built in. Go to network connections under control panel and create a new connection. I checked the dell website and all models of the mini9 have a wireless card built in.

  8. turn on your wirless button, than that would prove it does have it especially if it finds anything

  9. the easy way to check is to look at your laptop for a switch that says “wireless” [that toggles it off and on]


    on the start menu bar, in the right hand corner [next to wear the clock is] there should be an icon with a picture of two computers. right click on that & it should say “connect to a network”..follow the steps from there

    if you cant see it that way, then go to the start menu, click on control pannel. then click network & internet. Then click on network & sharing

    If you dont see anythign that says “wireless network connection” then you dont have it :)

  10. Maximum memory for the Dell Mini 9 Netbook is 1GB, take a look at www.crucial.com for options to expand if you have less than 1GB installed. The computer should come with a 802.11g wireless minicard.

  11. Check control panel, device management. Look under network devices. See if there is a wireless card there. If there isn’t, you will need one to connect wirelessly. If there is, you probably just need to search for wireless signals. (You could see an icon for this in the tray by your clock most likely.) If you are interested in better wireless internet, check out Clear. It is only available in Portland, Oregon at the moment, but it will be coming to other cities soon. It is super high speed wireless, and you can walk around anywhere in the metro area and have a signal, even in the subway.

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