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Brother ADS2000 High Speed Document Scanner, Black

Brother ADS2000 High Speed Document Scanner, Black

The ImageCenter ADS-2000 is a high speed desktop two-sided document color scanner with a 50 sheet capacity document feeder ideal for home or small offices. Highly versatile scanning to include business cards, ID cards, photos and receipts up to 8.5-Inch x 14-Inch (legal-size) paper and up to 34-Inch in length. Scan to destinations include: e-mail, file, image, OCR, USB memory flash drive and Android phone or tablet. The ImageCenter ADS-2000 also provides capabilities of multi-feed detection, background removal, blank page removal and eschew. The included software makes the ADS-2000 a powerful scanning package.

  • Scans up to 24ppm B&W and Color
  • Two sided scanning
  • Resolution up to 600dpi (optical)
  • Up to 50-page auto document feed capacity (ADF)
  • Scan a variety of document types including business cards and ID cards

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What customers say about Brother ADS2000 High Speed Document Scanner, Black?

  1. 278 of 285 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Snapscan Killer?, July 16, 2012
    Eric Slay (Orange County, CA) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: Brother ADS2000 High Speed Document Scanner, Black (Office Product)
    Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (What’s this?)
    Preface: I own a business that operates in several locations and I use document scanners on a daily basis. Over the years I have owned quite a variety of these types of machines and have had some good ones and bad ones. Out of all of them, my Fujitsu Scansnap s1500 has always been my favorite. This has just changed!

    I LOVE this scanner:

    Popped in the disk, installed the software, plugged in unit, hit scan button = 5 minutes from unboxing to results. Fast and easy.

    When you run the software “ControlCenter4” for the first time, you get a choice to default to “Home Mode” or “Advanced Mode”. Typically with software this is just a way programmers use to hide extra buttons that might confuse some users. In this case, however, they are two COMPLETELY different interfaces – they don’t even look like the same software.

    *Before going further with the interfaces, let me stop by saying many people, myself included, will rarely use the ControlCenter4 software. When I use document scanners I want one function: press the button and have it dump a PDF into my predetermined destination. It does this perfectly out of the box. The ControlCenter is when you have an occasional job where you want a different outcome (i.e. scan a stack of 4×6 photos into JPG’s)

    Home Mode:
    Choices are: photo, text and graphics, monochrome text, custom. Custom mode allows you to change resolution, color, simplex/duplex scanning (1 or 2 sided)

    Advanced Mode:
    Buttons are: image, OCR, E-mail, File. When you right-click on one of the buttons, you can change all the settings and program them to that button. Settings available are: file type, target application, destination file path, resolution, scan type (color bit depth), document size, and simplex/duplex. Once you set them, the settings are sticky so they will remain the same the next time you use them.

    I guess I must fall into the “Advanced User” category, because I really prefer this setup to the “Home Mode”

    Scan quality:
    The quality of the scans are great. This is true of most scanners, so I expected this.

    During my tests, I was quite surprised at how fast it seemed. Sure enough, its faster than my the Fujitsu: 24ppm vs 20ppm.

    The scanner is larger than most, but not huge. It is a nice-looking machine and feels solid and well-built.

    This scanner has a unique feature I have never seen before. On the scanner is a USB port. If you plug in a memory-stick, the scanner has a button that allows it to scan directly to it. This would be great in a scenario where you needed to bring the scanner with you on-site and needed to scan some documents for later.

    My only gripe: Like the Scansnap, it has no power button, but instead of turning off when you close the lid, the scanner just “goes to sleep” after 15 minutes. In the configuration, you can change the amount of time to something smaller, but I still would have liked it to just turn off when the lid is closed.

    Overall, I think this is a FANTASTIC scanner. It does everything I want it to do and it does it well. The interface is the least-clunky interface of all the scanners I’ve used/owned and the results are great. It’s fast, well-built, and looks good on my desk. And finally, at its current price, it is quite a bit cheaper than its main competitor, which should make this an easy choice.



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  2. 150 of 161 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Brother ADS-2000 vs Epson GT-S50, July 18, 2012
    W. B. Halper (Saratoga, CA) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: Brother ADS2000 High Speed Document Scanner, Black (Office Product)
    Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (What’s this?)

    For some time now, I’ve been digitizing twenty-five years worth of office files. I first started using a Fujitsu ScanSnap S510. When I acquired an Epson GT-S50, it pretty much replaced the Fujitsu…I wrote a review comparing the two. Now I have the Brother, it seems natural to write another comparative review. They’re sitting side-by-side on my desk and hooked up to the same computer. (Since someone asked: Windows 7, Intel i5-2400 processor, 16Gb memory, 128 Gb SSD primary disk and 4Tb of secondary disks. Both scanners are connected directly to separate USB ports without going through an external hub. I use PaperPort 14 to drive the scanners and organize the output files. This is my primary office computer, not a dedicated test system, so I have lots of miscellaneous crud loaded on it.)

    Installation: Both units, as you would expect, are well packed by their manufacturers and arrived safely. UPS crunched the Brother’s outer Amazon box, but the scanner’s box was intact inside. Installation follows the normal process…hunt for and remove the packing tape, power it up, install the software and finally connect the scanner to the USB port. A 6′ USB cable comes with the Brother. The instructions say not to go over 6′, but it’s working fine with a $5 10′ cable…6′ is too short to reach to my computer. Both units come with a neutered version of PaperPort 12. I recommend installing it and immediately upgrading to PP14. (The upgrade is almost always on sale from one store or another for roughly half list. Since I already had PP14 installed, I skipped the installation of PP12se.) Both scanners have TWAIN and WIA drivers, so they can be used by practically every scanner enabled software package.

    Both scanners have wedged-shaped bodies. The Epson is about 1-1/2″ taller and blockier; the Brother is more sloped and sleek looking. The Brother is also a bit deeper and the tray protrudes about an inch more…not enough to make a difference in any practical sense.

    Performance: To test the two scanners, I set the scanner drivers to similar settings and ran different types of documents through them. To summarize the results, the Brother scanned documents significantly faster at 300 dpi. The scanners approached parity at 150dpi, while the difference in scanning speed was dramatic at 600dpi.

    B&W document- fifty pages – 300dpi
    ….Epson GT-50 – 4:07.1 sec
    ….Brother ADS-2000 – 1:56.4 sec
    Multi-page form – 8 pages double sided, flip vertical – 300dpi
    ….Epson – 45.8 seconds
    ….Brother 20.3 seconds
    Multi-page form – 8 pages double sided, flip vertical – 150dpi
    ….Epson – 22.0
    ….Brother – 21.8
    Multi-page form – 8 pages double sided, flip vertical – 600dpi
    ….Brother – 42.2
    ….Epson – 1:47.8 sec
    Multi-page form – 8 pages double sided, flip vertical – 1200dpi
    ….Brother – 40.6 sec
    ….Epson – Not Available
    (Note: the optical resolution of the Brother is 600dpi. 1200dpi is via software interpolation)

    I ran two tests to check color scanning ability. One test consists of a light blue grid printed on ten different colored sheets of paper. Ideally, the surrounding color shouldn’t affect the scanned image of the blue lines. In practice, both scanners showed some impact from the surrounding colors; however the Epson fared much worse, especially with the bright red and orange backgrounds…the blue lines turned to a muddy red and orange respectively. Scanned images from the Brother were a much closer match to the originals. Both scanners maintained a nice even spacing of the horizontal lines. Slight changes in paper feed rate (which you don’t want) would have caused the line spacing to vary slightly.

    For the other test, I scanned a printed color test card that’s primarily used to test cameras and lenses. This test doesn’t measure how fast the scanner can switch between colors, like the first test, but rather tests color fidelity. Compared to the Epson, the Brother produced somewhat more saturated colors and more closely matched the original. The difference, though, was slight and easily correctable in any image processing software. (I use Adobe Lightroom 4 and/or Photoshop, depending on what needs doing)

    OCR: The Epson uses Abbyy FineReader 6.0 software for character recognition. I’m not sure what Brother uses. Both work decent if you feed them a block of text (typed document, newspaper article, etc.), but the Brother bombed rather spectacularly when I tried to OCR the 8 page form that I used to test scanning speed. With different type sizes, typefaces, boxes with labels inside of other boxes, numbers with commas, background screened colors and all kinds of other fun things, it was unable to reconstruct the form using anything other than the Scan to PDF setting…and even then it was pretty pathetic. The Epson, using the Abbyy software, did a much…

    Read more

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  3. 60 of 68 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Works great, though there are less expensive options, July 18, 2012
    S. Smerud (San Diego, California USA) –

    This review is from: Brother ADS2000 High Speed Document Scanner, Black (Office Product)
    Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (What’s this?)
    The Brother ADS-2000 does a great job, though just doesn’t quite live up to the price tag. I also have a portable Fujitsu SanSnap S1300, which has all the same features at a much lower cost, and also takes up much less desk space (in addition to being portable). The ScanSnap is a little slower and does have a smaller document capacity, so it’s not a fit for everyone.

    The ADS-2000 has an “auto” mode to detect color and page size. The auto detection for color works great, saving space by picking out the pages with color and scanning the rest in black and white, reducing the file size. The auto detection of page size didn’t work as well, adding around 1/4″ at the margins, and a line at the top of the scanned image.

    The scanned file size was initially huge. You can adjust the settings to reduce the size. However, the file size is over twice as large compared with the ScanSnap using the same settings (file type, dpi, etc.). One great feature is that the Brother has maximum flexibility in terms of file types and settings. It is unlikely this machine will be unable to perform a scanning function you need.

    The Brother ADS-2000 uses ControlCenter 4 software. I was familiar with ControlCenter 3 through an earlier Brother product. The software is middle-of-the-road in terms of ease; it’s not complex, but I wouldn’t call it easy to use. The ScanSnap software is a little more difficult to use.

    Overall, the Brother ADS-2000 is a good scanner. I would just take a look at the ScanSnap 1300 (less expensive than the ADS-2000) and ScanSnap 1500 (more expensive than the ADS-2000), compare the features, and decide what’s best for you.


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