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Buffalo AirStation WCR-GN Wireless Router – IEEE 802.11n (WCR-GN) –

Buffalo AirStation WCR-GN Wireless Router - IEEE 802.11n (WCR-GN) -

Buffalo AirStation WCRGN Wireless Router IEEE 802.11n ISM Band 150 Mbps Wireless Speed 4 x Network Port 1 x Broadband Port

  • ISM Band – 150 Mbps Wireless Speed – 4 x Network Port – 1 x Broadband Port
  • 1
  • 0

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Question by doglover: Can a router increase signal strength from someone else’s wireless internet?
My friend has wireless internet on the other side of the apartment and the signal is low in my room. Will using a router in my room give me a better signal to use his internet?

Best answer:

Answer by daylateblue
best way I’ve heard (but not tried) is to put a CD under the wireless router to boost the signal. Otherwise its really line of site, the further away from the router you are, the worse the signal is going to be. Other factors are microwaves and cell phones that can interrupt and interfere with the signal so get your laptop as close to the wireless as you can and limit using the items. A wireless card and wireless router under the same name brand is ideal as well, mixing brands may be using different frequencies and not get a good signal.

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What customers say about Buffalo AirStation WCR-GN Wireless Router – IEEE 802.11n (WCR-GN) –?

  1. You don’t need to buy a router. You need a repeater to boost the signal. Purchase a wireless signal repeater and place in your house, you get better signals as well as better bandwidth.

  2. No look for something called a wireless repeater they sell them at bestbuy and plaes buffalo is a good one I’ve heard of.

  3. No, that’s where you’ll need what is known as a repeater. You can find these at most places that sell routers. Alternatively you can replace your friends router with one more powerful.

    Warning: When you are boosting the signal from your wireless network, remember to secure the network with a strong password, if you haven’t done so already, just to protect your privacy and stop people stealing your bandwidth.

  4. NO, a second router will cause conflicts on the network. Get a wireless range extender, this is located between the router and the weak reception area and relays the signal.

  5. In order to boost you friends wireless signal, there are a variety of things that you can do.

    * get a better antenna for both your computer and the router. This only works if your computer has an antenna connector
    and you are getting at least a faint signal without the antenna.

    Or you could just buy a directional antenna something like this
    connect it to the router, face it to the direction of your apartment and pray.

    *You could run an ethernet cable, ie a longer version of this
    from your friends router to your room and install another wireless router off the wired connection from the cable,

    *you could install a wireless repeater somewhere between your friends wireless and you. Installing a wireless repeater in your room won’t do much good because the signal from your friend is already weak.
    this illustration gives you an idea of how to set up the repeater.

  6. ok

  7. Get a bit of carboard and wrap it with tinfoil then shape it like a C behind the antenna (kinda like a satalite dish) and try and point it in the direction of your pc. (if you dont wanna spend any money)

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