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Buffalo Technology – Wireless N450 Router & AP

Buffalo Technology - Wireless N450 Router & AP

Buffalo Technology – Wireless N450 Router & AP

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Question by ~A~: Can restoring your computer back to factory settings mess up your LAN?
I recently restored my Aunts HP laptop thats equipped with Windows XP to factory settings. When we restarted the computer it showed that she was connected to our wireless router, but her Local Area Connection was down. Her laptop means the world to her, it was a gift from her father. Please help with any information in regards to the ability to fix her laptop. Thank you.

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Answer by dermot952
I have restored my computer quite a few times and it always works as good as before,I do use the 2discs supplied with the computer when I do it.

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  1. The local area connection is talking about the actual network cable being plugged in. If you are connected to the wireless but have no network cable plugged into the laptop then it will say the local area connection is down and have a red x on the icon, but nothing is wrong. That’s how it’s supposed to be. If you can reach the internet then everything works.

  2. I’ve restarted my Acer to factory settings twice and never had this problem, so maybe it must be something that got lost because of a program that is not installed in the laptop anymore. Try to remember what programs you had before that might have affected the internet connection somehow, maybe if there is an online game she plays and she had to change network settings then when reformatting such internet settings got reset and maybe that’s why it’s not working. Check this forum http://www.techspot.com/vb/all/windows/t-53407-laptop-internet-lan-problems-.html they seem to mention some LAN problems. If you wanna try and set up a LAN for yourself, then go here http://www.doityourself.com/stry/set-up-lan maybe it helps =)

    Ooh I forgot to mention, if you installed a different manufacturer, then you need to get your previous manufacturer’s drivers. If not, check if her laptop came with a CD that says something about drives, I think for HP you need to install them separately and maaybe that’s why you can’t access the net

  3. restart your wireless router.

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