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Question by Jen: How to set up wireless printer?
I just bought wireless printer ( canon X340) but I don’t know how to connect to my wireless laptop?? Do I need a router for that ( I mean I ‘ve already have a router for network internet) Can I use the same router or I need to have second router ????……….. Can you please just help …. Thank you.

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Answer by Gregory
You will need what is called a print server that will hook to the router and printer this allows the router to talk to the printer.

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canon wireless printer
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  1. You have to configure the wireless connection using a wired connection.
    You can use the same router.

  2. I could not find any info online about a Canon X340, are you sure you listed the correct make & model number?

    For a wireless printer, you have a couple of options. You can configure the printer to work directly with the router, if it’s a wireless router, or set it up to talk directly to the laptop using an ad-hoc setup. You don’t need another router. You need to read and follow the instructions in the setup or User’s manual about the wireless setup, some printers need to have a temporary USB cable connection to a computer in order to configure it the first time.

    Ad-hoc network setup:

    Best of luck.

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