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Tip1 . Do not connect the USB cable unless you are told so and follow the steps exactly!! Tip 2. Let you printer warm up for 1 minute after you turn it on. I…
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Question by pithygirl: Can someone help me with setup of a WIRELESS PRINTER?
I just bought a wireless printer. It’s asking me if I want to setup with USB or Wireless. My goal is to setup printer to my desktop (which is connected to my router via internet cable) and to be able to print stuff from my Mac Book.

My Mac Book is obviously wireless capable but my desktop is not. Do I use the “Wireless” setup up or the USB setup. I’m confused and Canon’s support is closed right now. Thanks.

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Answer by sukesgirl
I’m thinking you should use the USB set up first and get it connected to your desktop. Then I would do the wireless set up to get it working with your laptop. I would think after you have done both and have the wireless turned on you could simply plug your desktop back into the printer and have it work for both. I set my mother’s up but have only ever used wireless with it. Good luck.

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What customers say about Canon PIXMA MP495 Wireless setup?

  1. Since your desktop isn’t wireless capable, then if you want to be able to print from both your desktop and your MacBook, you need to use the USB setup. However, you’ll need to make sure your desktop is turned on whenever you want to print from the MacBook.

    If your desktop was wireless capable, then instead it would be better to set up the printer as wireless, because that way, you wouldn’t need to leave your desktop turned on all the time.

    P.S. Either way, whether you use USB or wireless, you will need to make sure that both computers can ‘see’ the printer on the network. Hopefully the printer setup will help you with this.

  2. For connecting a wireless printer to a local network you need either a wireless router or to define your laptop as a print server . You will find it easier and cheaper if you don’t have the router to just use the USB cable.
    If you have a wireless router you can connect to the router either using standard Ethernet or wireless and either way both computers will see it in the local network.
    If you need help email me and I will try to walk you through it though I don’t do Cannons.

  3. More than likely you will need to use the wireless setup since there are specific wireless drives that need to be installed on your laptop. Once you have synced your laptop and printer and they are both sharing the same wireless network you are good to go. Just be prepared to have your wireless network pass-phrase and/or password handy and you are the network admin with admin privileges. You will need to plug the USB cable into the printer & router even though you are doing a wireless setup so that the printer can configure itself with the network and router settings, however, once you have successfully connected you will be prompted to remove the USB cable.

    Anyway, once you have finished with the wireless setup and configuration you can then opt to perform a USB installation on the desktop. The printer should have no trouble connecting to your desktop since you should be able to configure the printer to the local network with no problem. Now, if you want to be able to print from both computers at all times you will need to keep the printer connected to the router using the USB cable. So, now you can print from your desktop thru the local network and still have the ability to use your printer via the wireless network setup just as you have always connected.

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