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Question by : What is a good Wireless Internet Booster?
At school, my friends and I want to get on the internet and do things that are blocked. Like get on Face book and stuff. Well there is a kid that lives across the street and he said that if we can find and buy something that will make his Wifi range much bigger, he will install it at his house and then we can connect to his internet which has nothing blocked. Does anyone know a good booster that can help us out. The kids house is about 1,500 feet away.

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Answer by David
the most range you can get from a router is around 250 feet

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windsurfer wifi antenna booster
booster antennas
Image by mccun934
the windsurfer wifi pattern that I built to boost my wifi signal. Gave me about a 40% signal strength increase to my downstairs

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  1. You need directional antennas and powers to set up a repeater for the wireless. Ask the school to let you put up a tower. Explain you want to do this to circumvent their security and rather then learn at school you would rather waste time on the Internet. I am pretty sure they will tell you no, but at least when you ask the principal will know who to look out for.

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