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Question by Chris: I have a linksys router and im trying to setup wirless internet through a motorola surf board modem?
I plugged the modem into the linksys router (internet port) and had another ethernet cord connecting to the linksys to the computer (when doing this the computer plugged in doesnt even have internet). I dont have a setup disk for the router, and the linksys setup wizard from the site doesnt seem to work.

Best answer:

Answer by Don
This could be a lot of things.
1. Reset your cable modem. Unplug for 10 seconds, then plug back in
2. hold down the little button on the linksys router (even if brand new) for like 30 seconds. It should reset to factory defaults.
3. Plug modem into internet port on router.
4. Plug computer into a free port on the router.
5. Check computer settings to make sure it does not have a static ip address. you can do this by going to network connections, Local Area Connection (which should show as connected or plugged in), then right clicking and selecting properties. Then look for TCP/IP properties, and you should see the area where you can change the IP and DNS settings. Make sure these are all blank.
6. You can open internet explorer and type Just that. nothing else.
7. it will ask you for username and password. username is admin, password either blank , or admin.

that should get you into router setup.

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Linksys Router
linksys routers
Image by THE Holy Hand Grenade!
Linksys router/switch that used to carry all my Internet traffic. (which is on a cable modem, not DSL, as implied by the label on top of the switch, BTW…) Currently, only one port is in use, although that may change in the future, as the first 5 position switch (existed before this purchase…) is full. Taken by a Nikon D40x at ISO 400 with an 18-55mm Nikon non-VR kit lens (at 40) Cropped.

This router gave up the ghost for reasons unknown, at a fairly early age…

I don’t know how, but this photo managed 100 views without belonging to a single group…

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