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Wall Plate Installed
outside wireless antenna
Image by DandyDanny
This is the intended configuration. I have yet to connect the jacks to the cables (so far only the inactive phone line is connected).

Cisco-Linksys High Gain Antenna Kit for TNC Connectors HGA7T

Cisco-Linksys High Gain Antenna Kit for TNC Connectors HGA7T

Linksys High Gain Antenna Kit for TNC Connectors – Increase the range of your Wireless network! Attach these high gain antennas to your Linksys Wireless Broadband Router or Access Point, and increase both the effective strength of the outgoing signals, and the receive sensitivity for incoming signals.The added signal strength and sensitivity also improves close-range communication reliability because every packet comes through “loud and clear”, reducing retransmissions due to weak signal reception errors.To install, just unscrew your current antennas, and attach the High Gain antennas in their place. There are no drivers to install, and no modifications to your setup are necessary.The Linksys High Gain Antenna Kit saves wiring costs and helps to build corporate wireless infrastructure by driving stronger signals into distant corners and hard-to-reach areas. And it’s perfect for covering large areas in warehouse environments, public spaces, wireless hotspots, and outdoor venues – anywhere you need extra coverage for your wireless network.

  • Increases the effective range of Linksys wireless devices
  • Stronger signal increases wireless coverage into hard-to-reach areas and improves throughput by reducing retransmissions
  • Easy installation — simply replace your current antennas
  • Works with both Wireless-G and Wireless-B devices
  • Omni Directional design for 360 degrees of coverage

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Question by Giant Leprechaun: Is it bad to have a wireless network adapter plugged into my computer while there is lightning outside? 10 PTS?
You know the small things that u plug into your computer that u use to find a wireless network nearby? Please help 10 POINTS

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What customers say about Cisco-Linksys High Gain Antenna Kit for TNC Connectors HGA7T?

  1. 569 of 576 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    They work fine if you understand what you’ve purchased, May 29, 2005
    Samuel M. Livingston (San Diego, CA United States) –

    This review is from: Cisco-Linksys High Gain Antenna Kit for TNC Connectors HGA7T (Personal Computers)

    Folks, these antennas, as well as the stock antennas, have an omnidirectional (same in all directions) horizontal radiation pattern. This means that, when installed in a suitable location, the most significant reception gains will be seen with equipment that is on the same level as the router itself. Most of the “these did nothing for me” stories appear to be from people who have the router downstairs and the equipment upstairs, or in the basement. These antennas are NOT designed to improve reception between floors in a home.

    2.4GHz signals are heavily attenuated by walls, foil-clad insualtion, and other building materials. Interference can also be present from cordless phones, microwaves, wireless cameras and other gear in this band — adding an antenna can make these types of issues WORSE. Changing the channel your wireless router uses can help, since chances are most of your neighbors are using the same channel you are. Some routers have a built-in site survey utility to help you locate an unused channel.

    If you are having trouble reaching a particular device through several walls, or between floors, try a directional antenna as these will concentrate the radio energy where they are pointed. Some reviewers have pointed to a site that illustrates how to make a directional antenna with index cards, glue and foil — this is a rudementary directional antenna but will surprisingly provide excellent results in many applications.

    In summary: If you purchased these antennas and they did not work or made the problem worse, you need to reconsider the type of installation (multi-floor, multi-wall, etc.), sources of interference, channel selection, blocking materials such as foil-clad insulation, as well as proper antenna selection.

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  2. 107 of 110 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    They accomplish what they are designed to accomplish, February 6, 2008

    This review is from: Cisco-Linksys High Gain Antenna Kit for TNC Connectors HGA7T (Personal Computers)

    These antennas have been tested in my labs using very sensitive wireless network testing equipment and the perform exactly as specified. The sad thing is that the industry doesn’t do a good job of explaining what the “specifications” mean for the average user. Here’s the basic foundation you need:

    Antennas come in three basic types: omni-directional, semi-directional and high-directional.

    Omni-directional antennas, such as these Linksys antennas, radiate the network signal out in all directions around the antenna. Think of it like the ripples in the water when you stick your finger directly down into it. This is the way an omni-directional antenna works.

    Now, when you increase the gain of an omni-directional antenna, you flatten the signal or what som have called the doughnut. In other words, you increase the distance “out” from the antenna, but you decrease the distance “up” from the antenna. For example, if you have the antenna in a vertical position (it is pointing up), a higher gain indicates that the signal travel farther out from the antenn in a pattern parallel with the floor/earth and it doesn’t travel as far perpendicular to the floor/earth.

    The semi-directional antenna is an antenna that transmits the vast majority of the signal in one direction out and up from the antenna. Think of it like placing a speaker against a wall and facing into the room. In the room, you will hear the sounds clearly. Behind the speaker and the wall, they will not be so clear. This is similar to the behavior of a semi-directional antenna.

    High-directional antenas usually look like a satellite dish with either a solid or a mesh panel behind the antenna. These antennas, as you might expect, have an extremely narrow signal pattern. There are rarely used in home networks are are mostly used to create links from building to building over greater distances (sometimes many miles).

    In the end, the antenna will not have as great an impact on your home wireless network as the wireless router or access point will. If you can get a wireless router or access point that uses greater output power with the lower gain omni antennas, you will likely be more satisfied with the coverage of your wireless network than you will be with a network that includes lower output power and high gain antennas (assuming your clients have semi-directional antennas or equal gain radios). This is a general rule of thumb for home networks.

    Sadly, one of the best home wireless routers is now off the market (the Buffalo WZR-RS-G54); however, you may be able to find others with simila specs. Look for devices that offer 100 mW output power and external antennas (in case you want them for tweaking). In the new 802.11n line, the Engenius ESR-9710 offers very good performance in my lab tests and is reasobably priced at under $100. It does feature 100 mW of output power. For this with a little more pocket cash, the EnGenius ENG-ECB-3220 will give you 400 mW of output power; however, I have not had the chance to test the latter.

    Happy WiFi-ing!

    Tom Carpenter

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  3. 89 of 97 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Works Very Well For Me, August 25, 2004

    This review is from: Cisco-Linksys High Gain Antenna Kit for TNC Connectors HGA7T (Personal Computers)

    Very interesting to see how many people aren’t having much success with these antennas. I would be interested in how everyone is measuring their signal strength and their placement of the routers.

    I’m in an older house where it is long and narrow with hardly any open spaces.

    I’m using these antennas on a WRT54G on one side of the house, in conjunction with the WRE54G repeater on the other side of the building.

    I used Netstumbler, and the Dell wireless utility that came with the internal wireless card. I get the same readings for signal strength on both programs.

    Before adding the antennas, I was getting an average of -50 to

    -55 dBi strength 10 feet from the router. After adding the antenna’s, I am averaging -36 to -39 dBi.

    Sitting 15 feet from the WRE54G repeater the signal gained exactly the same from -50 to -36 dBi after adding the antennas to the router for some reason.

    The worse strength I received in my house jumped from -92 dBi to -67 dBi.

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  4. Not unless you have an antenna connected to it dangling out the window.

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