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Question by grungeant: How far can you get wifi to go outdoors with out spending alot of money?
I want to know if I can get wifi to go approximately .5mi with out spending alot of money.
I have a TRENDnet wireless router with 3 antennas. I don’t remember what model it is, but I bought it about a year ago and at the time it had the fastest speed at the greatest distance with N band.
I know the antennas on the router do not come off.
My mother has been using the router because I didn’t need it and I am debating whether I should ask for it back or buy a new router.

I am currently using an all in one modem/router from verizon, but will be switching to comcast because my girlfriend is an employee and gets the internet for free.
I know I get better signal outback in my garage with the verizon equipment than I got with the TRENDnet router, but the signal was still usable.
I have a Dell inspiron 1525 with an internal n band network card.
My yard is 100’x150′ with the house located in the front right corner and the garage in the back left corner. I definitely want good strong signal everywhere on my property. There is a park 2 blocks from my house. When I map out the route to the bar on the other side of the park it shows about .75mi so I guess in a straight line the park would not be any more than .5mi. I have been researching some things online and keep coming across outdoor wireless AP which I don’t really understand and most are a/b/g bands. I found a review for one that said it was 400mW and it said it could reach more than a few thousand feet but I couldn’t find that model for sale to get a price reference. Most of the ones I find online are 600mW and they are some sort of box that mounts outside and you have to buy antennas for it and I am not sure how it gets it’s power or signal. I think it gets everything from an ethernet cable?

I want to know what should I use to accomplish what I want, and is there a simple device that already has the antennas that I can just hook up on my roof with a hardwired ethernet cable from my router into the box I buy for my roof.
What will I need, and about how much will it cost? Should I just buy a new router that will get around my property better? It would be cool to compute in the park down by the river, but it may be out of my price range.

Best answer:

Answer by Albert W
Hi There,
You might try the Cantenna to boost your wifi range. I have not tried it but have read about folks using one to extend your range.
The second link is to a site that tells you how to make your own super antenna.
Have fun’

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  1. First, do understand that regardless of power used wifi is LINE OF SIGHT, meaning if there is any terrain, trees, buildings or other “blocking items” the signal may be totally or partially blocked.
    Then take a look at a couple of units that might do what you want. They aren’t expensive but are very good and have great range.
    Ubiquiti Networks has a “bullet” that when connected to a good antenna can easily cover up to 50 km (that is not a mistyped number).
    They have the BulletHP which is up to 1000mw and is $ 79.00 retail, just add a good antenna and you have lots of coverage area. You might also check the Pico Stations with built in 13db antennas for outdoor use. They don’t cover as much but certainly might do for you.

    Then check out EnGenius units like the EOC-5610 an $ 89.00 unit which is 600mw with a 13 DB (directional) antenna which might also do particularly if it is “aimed” at the park and you have LOS to the area from your homes roof.

    All of these are POE (power over ethernet) you simply connect ethernet to them outside and on the inside connect them to a POE injector that also allows connection to your current routers lan ports.
    They are easy to setup the hard part is running ethernet to them and mounting them in a good location.

    Buying a new router WON’T HELP near as much as adding an outdoor Access Point! The outdoor mounting allows much better coverage area.

    PS – be sure to SECURE your network or all sorts of people will be using your connection, not all of them good.

  2. Is AC power available at the park, or river?
    Most accessories are not battery powered.

  3. You need to be more concerned about obstructions such as trees and terrain and rf interference more than distance.
    100 x 150 feet should be no problem with nearly any 802.11 b/g/n AP.

    I have two dual radio units. Each has a parabolic grid array 21dbi on the 802.11a radio(5.8gigs) with an RF output of 600mw for a point-to-point wireless link to my mother-in-laws house a few blocks away. This backhaul is nearly impervious to microwave, cordless phones and other AP’s that are saturating the b and g bands. With the combination of these two parabolic and high power I get about 36 megabits on this link and go through a few trees. The backhaul does not allow users, only nodepoints.

    The other side of the unit which is the 802.11b/g (2.4gig) radios each use the integrated panel antenna. (yes these units are mounted on the roof). I just did some testing to check the range of those radios, since they use the same SSID I can actually drive from my house to hers and not loose signal. (around 1300+ feet) My b/g band radios run approximately 150mw and the coverage is quite impressive, I cover almost half my neighborhood. My AP starts out very strong but I still loose a lot of signal each time I have go through obstructions.

    They say an easy way to tell if an AP can make the distance is to have someone stand at one location and you stand at the other, shine a flashlight at them, if they can see it you can probably make the distance with little trouble. The key to getting good signal is using direction arrays, not just power.
    The units I am using for this personal use are the new Engenius EOR-7550 I got from Streakwave. I got a video of them here on Yahoo where I was setting them up so you can see them.

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