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D-Link Wireless Dual Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Range Extender & Access Point with SmartBeam Technology (DAP-1525)

D-Link Wireless Dual Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Range Extender & Access Point with SmartBeam Technology (DAP-1525)

The Wi-Fi Booster enables you to extend your existing wireless network, providing coverage to your entire home. The Wi-Fi Booster uses Smart Beam technology to provide your home with complete coverage. Smart Beam seeks out and beams wireless signal directly to your wireless devices. By doing so, you get a stronger signal with less interference and less dropped connections. Smart Beam works in real-time, so you can move around your home with your wireless devices without losing this superior signal.

  • Setup in minutes, simply plug into your existing router
  • Smart Beam technology for whole home coverage
  • 4 Gigabit ports for great wired connectivity
  • IEEE 802.11n, 802.11g and 802.11a Compliant
  • Works as a Wireless Bridge or Access Point
  • 5GHz Technology for Enhanced Media Experience
  • A D-Link Green product
  • Supports Secure Wireless Encryption using WPA or WPA2

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Question by JD123: Whats my best bet for a wireless reciever for a desktop?
Ive heard there are all kinds of things I can do like, wireless bridges signal repeaters, and gateways. But idk what would be best for a good strong connection but wont cost a million dollars.

Best answer:

Answer by Dufftime
You are thin on your details. What wireless router are you trying to connect to? How far is your computer from this wireless device?

You would need either a wireless network card, or a wireless client bridge or repeater.

Please repost your question but provide more details.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Wooww, nice product! I want to share this product!

What customers say about D-Link Wireless Dual Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Range Extender & Access Point with SmartBeam Technology (DAP-1525)?

  1. 117 of 123 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Works as expected, June 9, 2008
    Steve (Bartlett, IL USA) –

    I’ve configured the DAP-1522 as a wireless bridge to a DIR-655 (2.5Ghz). I’ve got a PS3 and a Satellite DVR connected to two of the four ethernet ports on the DAP-1522. I have configured the 1522 to use WPA2 security as well.

    Setup was a little tricky, but it was my fault not the fault of the 1522. If you choose to manually configure the 1522 be sure you follow the directions and connect the 1522 to your computer and with your computer configured to use a static IP address in the 192.168.0/24 subnet. I mistakenly had my computer still trying to use DHCP when connecting to the bridge and it took me a little while to figure out what was wrong. My computer couldn’t get an IP address and so Windows kept assigning an address from a different subnet, so I was not able to establish a connection to the DAP-1522’s default IP address.

    The 1522 works as expected. Performance is very good with a max of 162Mbps through 3 drywall walls (approx 40 ft) to my entertainment center as displayed on the DIR-655 console. I haven’t run any local network bandwidth tests to verify the throughput yet, but I can easily stream HD content without blocking between a PS3 and a wired media server. Previously I was using the PS3’s internal 802.11g network interface, and HD media was not viewable as it overwhelmed the 11g link.

    I did notice that the orientation of the DIR-655 and the DAP-1522 did make a difference in the reported signal strength and data rate as seen from the DIR-655 console. So after you’ve gotten things to work, don’t forget to run some experiments to determine the best position for the devices to get the best performance possible.

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  2. 147 of 159 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Great Access Point, Great Software, Poor Range, November 6, 2008
    Christopher Hiestand (San Diego, CA United States) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    It might bear noting that I’m technically proficient, and I’ve used several access points and switches over the years. This was my first D-Link purchase in years only because Linksys’s reputation has become pretty terrible. Overall, this piece of equipment is GREAT, with a HUGE caveat that the range SUCKS.

    I used this router for about 3 weeks before I replaced it with the D-Link DIR-825 because of the range problem. The 1522’s user interface isn’t bad. I had no problem configuring this switch to do everything I wanted. I did not experience any dropped connections or dropped packets. Granted 3 weeks isn’t a terribly long time – but I never had to power cycle the Access Point. It just worked and did a great job.

    I should have known that since the DAP1522 uses an internal antennae the range would not be comparable to my old Linksys WRT54G. I am intentionally trying to share my wireless with my neighbors, and the DAP1522 is unusable, and I’m not exaggerating, 30 feet away. To be fair, there are 3 (non-thick, normal wood) walls between the DAP1522 and the laptop – but still 30 feet? On the other hand, this could be a major selling point. Scared that your neighbors might be stealing your wireless signal? Just buy a DAP1522!

    If you have a large house or coverage area, this isn’t going to cut it. But if you live in a small apartment, this thing is perfect. For anyone who needs better range, I’d recommend the slightly more expensive DIR-825.

    PS For anybody who’s confused – this bridge/AP is essentially a switch plus an access point. It lacks the “router” capability and WAN port that similar pieces of equipment have which make them routers. For the typical person, you only need a bridge/AP if you already have a router and want to add a wireless access point to your network.

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  3. 93 of 102 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Very Satisfied, December 21, 2012

    A customer of mine has a D-Link DIR-655 wireless router and was (understandably) getting very weak wireless reception in a detached garage on his property. The distance from the DIR-655 in the house to the detached garage is about 75 to 100 feet. Fortunately, the DIR-655 is at the extreme end of the house nearest the detached garage.

    I installed this DAP-1320 unit in his detached garage and had it up, tested, and running in about 30 minutes. It found the DIR-655, locked on, and repeated the wireless network flawlessly. Mind you, this is through two exterior building walls. I used the manual configuration process since I have WPS disabled on the DIR-655 and wanted complete control over the configuration anyway. You have to make a few additional configuration tweaks such as setting the device admin password and the network time server to keep the time on the device correct.

    Speed tests on devices using the DAP-1320 in the detached garage ranged from 5.8 to 6.5 Mbps (his cable internet speed is 10 Mbps). It’s broadcasting power is not huge (certainly less than a wireless router), but it provided enough power to cover the entire garage (about 1,250 sq feet). There was a car in the garage that was blocking some of the signal so you have to experiment with the best location to plug it in.

    I was interested to see how well the device hand-off worked as I walked from the garage to the house and back again while streaming a video on my smartphone. It never dropped the signal, locked up, or even stuttered. The device hand-off was seamless.

    A big plus of this unit is that you are able to re-use the same network SSID that it is repeating so you are not dealing with multiple SSIDs.

    In short, I was shocked at how well this tiny little unit worked. It might be because both the router and the DAP-1320 are both D-Link products, ensuring high compatibility.

    ***UPDATE 4/26/2013:

    I’ve just installed a THIRD DAP-1320 on this customer’s property in a bedroom at the far end of his home to extend his private network in that area. All three units (2 in the detached garage, one for the private network and the other for the guest network) are located 50 to 100 feet from the D-Link DIR-655 router and the signals pass through many walls. All client devices connecting to these units (smartphones, laptops) show good signal strength and fair to excellent connection speeds and varies from 3 to 9 Mbps depending upon reasonable distance and wireless loads.

    I’ve noted that hand-offs from unit to unit as you walk around the property with a client device can take up to 30 seconds and the communications may freeze until the client locks onto another unit or the router itself and authenticates, depending upon where you are. In rare instances where a hand-off didn’t occur properly, merely turning the client’s wireless off and back on always fixed the problem. I think this is more of a problem in the client rather than the transmitters (i.e., the client’s indecision about which transmitter to lock onto).

    The only other problems we’ve ever experienced with these DAP-1320s is: 1) Two times over a 4-month period client devices wouldn’t connect to any of them. To fix this we just simply unplugged and plugged the DAP-1320s back in. Two times over a 4-month time span is not a bad record in my opinion. 2) Frequency congestion can occur with multiple DAP-1320 installations – when multiple devices are connected to both the guest and private networks at the same time, slowdowns can occur if you’re both consuming bandwidth (i.e., actively uploading/downloading) at the same time.

    With regard to other people reporting severe problems with the DAP-1320, it may be that: 1) There is an incompatibility between the DAP-1320 and their router (this would be a D-Link issue that they need to investigate and fix); 2) Their router’s wireless radio is weak or of poor quality to begin with. 3) The DAP-1320 is located too far from the router. 4) Interference from other nearby routers or household items (portable phones, microwave ovens, etc.) is causing communication problems which may be solved by changing the radio channel on the router. 4) They simply have a defective unit.

    I just know that my customer’s D-Link DIR-655 router is happy with the DAP-1320 clients and vice-versa. Not sure what the results would be with other model combinations.

    In my experience, complicated wireless infrastructures usually present challenges and requires troubleshooting and patience until the issues are identified and corrected.

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  4. Whats a million dollars?
    Is $ 80 a million because something like this:
    Is going to be a Niiiice connection. Myself I like bridges, but and N type adapter at this point is as good as another. Usb based ones have the advantage being able to be stuck on an extension cord (often provided) so you can hunt and peck a bit for a better signal, and they also can be installed and in use with greater ease than a PCI or internal card. Id go USB or Bridge if I was you. The PCI internal cards are great, but why bother at this point USB 2 is plenty fast for your networking needs… and bridging to the wired port is even faster than that.

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