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Epson B11B207201 Epson Perfection V37 Color Photo Scanner (B11B207201) Scanner

Epson B11B207201 Epson Perfection V37 Color Photo Scanner (B11B207201) Scanner

High-quality Scans of Photos, Documents and More.Get amazing scan quality with the EPSON Perfection V37. This versatile photo scanner delivers 4800 x 9600 dpi optical resolution for incredible detail and clarity, whether scanning photos or documents. Create brilliant enlargements or scan photo albums, books and more with the 180-degree lid. The scanner also offers powerful Document Capture software so you can easily scan directly to cloud services like Google Docs, MS SharePoint, Evernote and more. It also offers one-touch buttons for scan-to-email, copy and PDF. Plus, use photo restoration to bring those faded family photos back to life. You can scan oversized artwork or photo album pages with ArcSoft® Scan-n-Stitch™ Deluxe software. Featuring EPSON exclusive ReadyScan technology for fast scans and no warmup time, you will be scanning in no time.

  • Access documents from mobile devices – Document Capture Pro software included
  • Achieve exceptional clarity and detail – 4800 x 9600 optical resolution
  • Easily scan oversized prints, docs and more – ArcSoft Scan-n-Stitch Dlx included
  • Fast scanning and no warm up time – exclusive ReadyScan LED technology

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Question by Shurman: How to scan wirelessly to a computer with an Epson Workforce 600?
I recently installed a Workforce 600 on my wireless home network and everything works perfectly except for the scanning to computer function. It will not allow me to stand at the printer and scan a document directly to my computer (running Vista Ultimate 64-bit). Yes, my computer is on when I try this. I also tried scanning directly to an XP computer, but to no avail.

Thank you in advance!

Best answer:

Answer by T-Bar
First of all, disconnect the USB from the computer. Power on the printer. Re-install the software and when it asks you to re-connect the USB, do it.
Let it complete setup.


Windows will find the new hardware. Open up the program that was jsut installed for the Epson. Go in FILE Menu and select SCAN. That’s it.
You can also use Photoshop and go in the FILE menu and select the TWAIN Driver. Then select import or scan.

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What customers say about Epson B11B207201 Epson Perfection V37 Color Photo Scanner (B11B207201) Scanner?

  1. 46 of 48 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Epson Again Delivers High Quality Photo Scans, January 26, 2013
    This review is from: Epson B11B207201 Epson Perfection V37 Color Photo Scanner (B11B207201) Scanner (Office Product)
    Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (What’s this?)
    This review is based on my usage in scanning photographs for a large client restoration project; not documents. However, I suspect in scanning documents this scanner will perform flawlessly as it did with a massive amount of photographs. Epson has long been the leader in photograph scanning. Back in 2001, I remember paying over $500 for an Epson photo scanner and that was a deal back then. Today, Epson scanners deliver even better quality at affordable prices; quality sufficient for professional photographers.

    Basic Scanner Specs:
    -Optical Resolution: 4800 dpi with EPSON MatrixCCD®
    -Hardware Resolution: 4800 x 9600 dpi with Micro Step Drive
    -Maximum Resolution: 12,800 dpi with software interpolation
    -Color Bit Depth: 48-bit internal / external
    -Grayscale Bit Depth: 16-bit internal / external
    -Maximum Scan Area: 8.5″ x 11.7″

    The Epson V37 is the same scanner as the Epson B11B207221 Epson Perfection V370 Color Photo Scanner (B11B207221) Scanner, just without the negative or transparency capability, providing for a different lid. As another reviewer aptly noted, if you are scanning negatives, the V370 is a far better option and will provide not just greater convenience, but better image scans off those negatives.

    My comparison basis for this review was my friend’s much higher spec (and more expensive) New-Epson B11B198011 – Perfection V600 Photo Color Scanner, 6400 x 9600 dpi, Black – EPSB11B198011 and the comparably priced Canon CanoScan 4507B002 LiDE110 Color Image Scanner. In reality, it is an unfair comparison to the Epson V600 based on the targeted resolution (same bit depth) difference in that if you need that size (for very large printing for example), you will need to select the V600 to maintain optimum quality throughout the workflow process (think major Photoshop editing). Nevertheless, excluding resolution difference, the V37 performs just as well for my purpose, delivering indistinguishable results for end use and client delivery(digital workflow and professional printing using Mpix and Millers Lab). Meanwhile, the CanoScan, which is slightly less expensive than the Epson V37, delivered visibly (to me) lower quality photographic image reproduction than the V37 for my purposes, using the same exact image. Bear in mind that the scanned images were being brought in to Photoshop CS6 for image editing. Overall, I found the Epson to be far more accurate in contrast and color replication (I use hardware color calibrated IPS monitors). I also found the Canon interface far more clunky than the Epson and had actually uninstalled it.

    As with any photographic scanning, especially in restoration efforts, the quality, preservation, and finish of the photograph is critical to final end results. Typically, without using Digital ICE (correction) software, matte photographs may present a problem, often yielding what appears to be dust spots due to the texture of the matte. Unlike the Epson V600, neither the V370 or V37 come with Digital ICE and thus does not automatically correct for the issue. However, in my usage, I found the V37 did a very good job in dealing with the matte; still, in many instances, minor Photoshop retouch was necessary. Glossy finished images reproduced fine, with no issues.

    Installation of the scanner hardware and software was in a Windows 7 64 bit environment on a Dell Inspiron Computer. As an advanced user, I typically do not install OEM software that accompanies hardware devices. However, I found the Epson interface (Epson Scan) adequate for routine use. I did not install any of the provided document capture or Arcsoft software though and I typically recommend you do the same as it is often bloated, invasive, and generally inefficient.


    The Epson V37 (and V370) offer very high quality scans and a good price. If you require an end product that is very large in print or digital size, then it might be worthwhile to upgrade to a scanner along the lines of the Epson V600 for the higher resolution. But absent a specific need, the V37 and V370 will perform incredibly well even for professional level photographic quality work.


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  2. 25 of 26 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great Scanner, January 24, 2013
    Kathleen Parker (CLINTON, IN, US) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Epson B11B207201 Epson Perfection V37 Color Photo Scanner (B11B207201) Scanner (Office Product)
    I was looking for a photo scanner to be able to put years worth of hard copy prints onto my computer. My goal was to scan the pictures into folders, save them to an external hard drive and store the drive in our safe in case of fire. This scanner scans the pictures quickly and with clarity. I was suprised at the quietness and quality of the scans. I now have pictures of life saved in a way that I can print, make discs and slide shows and preserve for future generations.


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  3. 14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    High quality scans, January 23, 2013
    Wayne (Silicon Valley, CA USA) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: Epson B11B207201 Epson Perfection V37 Color Photo Scanner (B11B207201) Scanner (Office Product)
    Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (What’s this?)

    Epson makes a range of scanners, and its high end scanners are among the best. The V37 is an entry level scanner with fewer frills, but did surprisingly well when I tested it.

    This model is fairly basic. It’s a flatbed scanner with no capability for negatives or transparencies. It is essentially the same scanner as the Epson Perfection V370 Color Photo Scanner but with a different lid. If you might have a need to scan negatives or slides, it’s worth considering the marginal price difference and stepping up to the V370. You will get far better results scanning a negative than you will scanning a print made from the same negative.

    This scanner will work well on documents. It has buttons to scan directly to a PDF, as well as to email. It comes with software to “stitch” together documents that won’t fit on the scanner bed, so you can scan multiple overlapping sections and put them together seamlessly.

    But where this scanner excels is with photos. To test it, I scanned multiple photos with this scanner and two others. I used an Epson Perfection V600 Photo Scanner, which is a high quality scanner and one of the best consumer grade scanners. I also used the scanner from a Canon PIXMA MX860 Wireless All-In-One office Printer. Although Canon makes excellent scanners, the one that comes built into this all-in-one solution is not top of the line, and I felt that it would be a more fair comparison for this low end Epson scanner. The results were surprising.

    Some photos are harder to scan than others, and I started off with matte photos that have a textured finish. These are hard to scan with any scanner since the bumps act as tiny prisms, causing what looks like myriad dust spots. Compared to the V600, the V37’s scans appeared more washed out, but the colors were faithful. Without hardware dust removal (Digital ICE) I had to rely on the software to remove the dust, which did a credible but far from optimal job. Then again, even the V600 won’t give top quality results with this sort of photo, and the V37 did a far superior job to the Canon all-in-one.

    My next test was with glossy photos. I already knew that there was no comparison between the V600 and the Canon. I expected the V37 to be in the middle at best, but it came far closer to the V600 than I could have imagined. Although I could still see improvements in the V600’s scans, especially when it came to improvements from digital ICE, I decided to ask somebody else who was unaware of which photos were scanned with which scanner. Her first impression was that they looked identical. Upon closer inspection, she decided she liked the ones from the V37 slightly better. I agree that the scans were close, although it’s hard to say whether my subjective opinions would have been the same had I not known which scan was from which scanner. In all cases, I scanned at the same resolution, and the resolution of this scanner is more than enough for anything from prints to viewing on a large HDTV. I’d still give the edge to the V600 but a casual observer would be unlikely to notice the difference with many types of photos.

    I’ve scanned many thousands of photos, and if you want a scanner that will do a top quality job of archiving your entire photo collection, I’d recommend a higher end model. A scanner such as the V600 will do an additional infrared scan of transparencies and negatives to locate dust and allow you to remove it without compromising quality. The V37 will do quite a good job as long as you keep the bed clean and assure you can remove as much dust as possible before scanning.

    If you are looking for a scanner in this price range, I can unhesitatingly recommend this one. You might not want to throw away all your prints after scanning them, but you will get results that may far exceed your expectations.

    Notes: This scanner comes with Windows and Mac software. I haven’t tried the Mac software yet. The Windows software claims to work with XP through Windows 7. I tested it using Windows 7 64 bit, with no problems. I then tested it with Windows 8 64 bit, and it worked fine. It did add 13 icons to the start screen, as well as four more on the desktop. One of them was for an on-line manual, and had a bug. The URL ends with “.html” and should end with “.htm” to work properly. Although the number of desktop icons was workable, and the start menu items were in folders so as not to overcrowd things, the start screen icons for Windows 8 seemed like excessive…

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