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EPSON Stylus NX330 Small-in-One – All-in-One Printer – Refurbished

EPSON Stylus NX330 Small-in-One - All-in-One Printer - Refurbished

Just like new in Factory box.

  • NX330 ALL IN ONE
  • WI-FI
  • Epson scan copy print

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Question by AleenaD♥: My computer won’t connect to my Epson NX625 printer?
I have a Epson NX625 Wireless printer and lately I’ve been trying to print some docs but,
The printer is not responding and it will not print.
I installed it correctly and printed about 30 pages last month.
But when I tired to print again it just says Loading and show that window
of the progress on printing. I cleared my printing queue and it still just says Loading….
Then when I open the Epson program, it says Connection Error.

“Check all connections and make sure all devices are one. If the power was turned off before printing, cancel the print job. If the error does not clear, see your printer documentation.”

The printer is working perfectly fine, it just wont print when I try to on the computer. Any help or ideas please?

Best answer:

Answer by animedragonfighter
Print from another computer, if it doesn’t print, check the printer

Go back to the computer you were trying to print, and make it a network printer,
* click start, devices and printers / control panel, printer/fax
* click add new printer
* click local
* click create new port, select local port
* when the dialog box come up, type \Computer Name (that the printer is connected to) \ Printer Name (Make sure the computer that the printer is connected to is sharing the printer, if not go to that computer and in the printer settings, click the sharing tab, adjust the properties so that the printer is shared)
* Choose from the list of printers, and select your printer
* Use the recommended savings
* Print a test page

If the test pages doen’t print but you are able to network with the computer, then uninstall and reinstall the printer driver.

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What customers say about EPSON Stylus NX330 Small-in-One – All-in-One Printer – Refurbished?

  1. 23 of 25 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Cranky but good, April 23, 2012

    This review is from: EPSON Stylus NX330 Small-in-One – All-in-One Printer – Refurbished (Electronics)
    I was hoping all the negative reviews about the current Epson printers were exaggerated because Epson has the print quality I need plus the waterproof ink. Unfortunately the reports are mostly true. The paper handling on this printer is very squirrelly. Everything else works beautifully. Epson badly needs to improve their paper feed system. I think that the printer does fine with standard print paper and OK with premium paper if you are not printed double-sided. Even printing on a rainy day may be problematical. I have an idea that these printers may be closely calibrated for Epson brand papers only, and print unreliably on other brands. I am going to test this idea and update this review later.

    UPDATE: Here’s the thing; unless you are printing on plain paper, you have to feed the sheets one by one or it just won’t pick them up in fewer than 5 tries. And it DOES seem to work better with Epson paper.


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  2. 12 of 12 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Fast B&W copies & REALLY GOOD photos for the money., July 21, 2012
    Tim Lookingbill “Digital Dude” (New Braunfels, TX. USA) –

    This review is from: EPSON Stylus NX330 Small-in-One – All-in-One Printer – Refurbished (Electronics)
    Bought the NX330 to replace my Epson NX400 whose cyan print head permanently clogged or should I say I refused to pay the $60 in ink to use to clean the heads 4 TIMES to get it to unclog. Tossed it and bought the NX330 for $50 plus tax (its replacement ink costing more than that) at Walmart which actually was a big improvement over the year old NX400 I paid at OfficeMax for $70.

    At least with NX330 I didn’t get the needle thin white trail markings across photos caused by pizza wheel paper guides as I did with the NX400 which I had to loosen the screws on its pizza wheel roller bar in order to raise them up off the paper. Unfortunately, doing this shortened the print area length on letter sized paper preventing borderless printing. I was ready to get rid of it anyway.

    I really like the NX330 for its fast and sharp B&W photo copying. I never got any paper jams as others report. I even put 20 sheets of plain paper with one thick Ultra Premium Glossy Photo paper on top in the feeder and printed a photo and the printer only grabbed the photo paper and left the others behind without any jams.

    I actually buy these cheap Epson “All In Ones” mostly for occasional 8×10 photos which are excellent enough for framing. As usual color matching is very close with a slight adjust to the blue channel in Photoshop’s Levels tool and I get pretty much spot on results to my calibrated Dell 2209WA LCD I bought on Amazon. See the image sample I included to show print match and quality.

    My only slight gripe is the micro banding in the dark portions of my photos, but it’s so fine you can only see it with a magnifying glass. At least It’s a lot better than my NX400.

    At these prices and ink cost these models can now be considered disposable devices if they ever break down or their heads clog requiring dumping a ton of ink to clear them. What a waste. You’ld think they’ld come up with another method of print head maintenance cleaning that didn’t involve such an expense.


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  3. 12 of 13 people found the following review helpful
    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Worst printer we ever owned. Constant needless problems., June 20, 2012
    Rich Mingels (NY) –

    This review is from: EPSON Stylus NX330 Small-in-One – All-in-One Printer – Refurbished (Electronics)
    I wish we never bought this printer. We’ve had nothing but errors, problems, and glitches ever since we took it out of the box. Some of the problems are it claims you’re out of ink when you’re not, it doesn’t recognize new ink cartridges when you do install them, it won’t even print in the color black if any of the other colors are empty, and it claims in can’t detect paper in the paper feed and refuses to print, when there IS paper in the paper feed. This is just the beginning, folks.

    You’d think Epson would make a good printer by now. Oh, how I regret buying this printer. Nothing but struggling with it, and we’re busy people with better things to do than try to make sense out of a printer manufacturer’s inept, clumsy monster.

    UPDATE: Today this Epson printer caused me to miss yet another expensive deadline because it suddenly rejected the black printer cartridge that had been working inside it for weeks without any problem. And their brilliant error message also informed me that my use of NON Epson ink cartridges is being “recorded” for tech support purposes. Who the hell are you, Epson? The CIA? The IRS? Maybe I don’t want to use your expensive brand of ink and fall for your overpriced scam where you force customers to buy ONLY your brand! Who the hell are you? And tech support? Why should I need tech support anyway if you’d made a decent printer to begin with?

    CUSTOMERS: If you don’t want to hate yourself, do NOT buy this or any Epson printer, because they don’t tell you until you buy it that they practically try everything in their power to FORCE you to buy their overpriced refills, and they even “record” your ink cartridge changes. Um, Epson, you work for US, not the other way around, so don’t you ever forget it!


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  4. I’d try uninstalling the printer and then re-installing it again. Make sure the printer’s driver is showing in the Task Manager program. If it isn’t, then get the proper driver from Epson’s web site.

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