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Question by Daniel B: Can a wired router and wireless router work simultaneously?
I already have a wired router connected to my pc. I wish to connect a wireless router too to this PC. Will the two routers work at the same time or will I have to disconnect one of them, in order to work with the other? Will I have any internet connection problems if the two routers do work at the same time? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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Answer by Colinc
You should never use 2 routers on the same connection as they can cause conflict. Either replace it with a wireless router (it will also have a wired connection) or better buy a wireless access point and connect this to one of the ports on the existing router. This gives both.

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802.11n Wireless Router, DIR-600 – publicphoto.org/technology/802-11n-wireless-router-dir-600/

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  1. switch off the DHCP server on one of the routers otherwise, they will conflict with each other!

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