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http://freeccnalabs.com – This video demonstrates how to upgrade the Cisco IOS software on Cisco routers and switches using TFTP.

Question by satyashaktihcl: Can I send multicast from a Nortel core router to rmote Cisco router?
I have a centralized core Nortel BCN router.There are several remote user who runs Cisco router to communicate with.
My question is If I will send multicast to then what are the steps I have do with these two routers.
Should the original configuration will get affected ?

Best answer:

Answer by jman466
Hard to say exactly since I’m not sure how things are configured now. Cisco typically supports PIM-SM, PIM-DM, Sparese/Dense, SSM, Anycast and Bi-Dir … how old the IOS is on the Cisco routers may change what is supported. Sounds like a WAN, so I would hink PIM-SM is your best bet. Hope this helps.

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