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Episode 4 – Segment 4 GetConnected host Mike Agerbo shows us how to set up a wireless print server with a model from D-Link.
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Question by xylogirl20: How do wireless print servers work?
I would like to know more about wireless print servers. Do you have to have a wireless card in your laptop for it to work, and would you have to have a seperate wireless router to get wireless internet? How long does it take to set it up?

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Answer by ajaros12
i have no idea!

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home wi-fi wireless network (no wires !)
wireless print servers
Image by osde8info
home wi-fi wireless network consisting of motorola cable modem, fon wi-fi access point, netgear game adapter, linksys cable modem/router/switch, tesco voip ata
and optional linksys wi-fi print server providing three wi-fi hotspots outside for the public, upstairs for the kids and downstairs for the parents (shown without interconnect wires, psus, end user devices (pcs, pdas, printers, mobiles, telephones)

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What customers say about GetConnected – How To – D-Link’s Wireless Print Server?

  1. Yes, you need to have at least a wireless adapter for your computer.

    It’s easiest to set up if you have a router and wireless internet already, but can be set up without a router or wireless internet.

    The time to set up depends on a number of things (including how well you know what you’re doing) but I set up my D-Link DPR1260 in about 10 minutes. I have a Belkin wireless router and my computer already had wireless internet set up.

    I won’t lie, it’s not as simple as just plugging it in – but I do think it’s worth the time and effort in the end; in my experience the directions are fairly easy to follow if you take your time to read them fully.

  2. Let’s cover a few fundamentals:

    A Local Area Network (LAN) links network devices (pcs, network printers, etc) together to share data under some sort of organized and controlled way.

    A LAN can be totally wired, totally wireless, or a mix of wired and wireless.

    LAN devices are therefore “linked” to each other via the LAN.

    If the LAN also links to the Internet, a router is used to achieve the interface. (A router is also used if you have a point to point link between two LANS but that is beyond this topic).

    A wired link requires a network switch where all the cables connected to LAN devices come together and link to the router. All pcs that link via wired link must have a wired network interface (RJ 45 port or wired network interface card).

    A wireless link requires a wireless access point (often integrated into a router in small networks) that acts similarly to a network switch in that all wireless LAN devices come together at the access point. All LAN devices that link to the wireless access point must have a wireless network interface.

    If you have a wired network printer it links to the network switch via a wired CAT5 cable. All LAN pcs configured to print to it, regardless of whether the pcs are wired or wireless can print to the printer. Similarly if you have a wireless printer (wireless print server), all LAN pcs configured to print to it, regardless of whether they are wired or wireless can print to the wireless printer.

    If you have a wireless router on a small network, all wired and wireless LAN devices use the same router. If you have a router that does not have wireless capability, you can purchase a wireless access point and configure it on your network by linking it via wired line to the network switch and all wired and wireless devices use the same router.

    The time it takes to set up depends upon the number of devices and your skill level. I can set one up in under 30 minutes if there are fewer than 5 wireless devices and all the wiring and equipment is in place.

    Each wireless transmission must be secure or hackers will break in; security takes more time to configure but it is well worth it.

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