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Question by Manuel: What Is the difference between a wireless antenna booster & a wireless USB adapter?
Hi guys thanks for stopping by and answering my question my question is since I’m only receiving like 2 bars of network from my router I would like to increase my connection but I was told that Its better to buy a wireless antenna booster instead but aren’t both of them like the same thing like won’t they both Increase my networks connection or are they both 2 completely different things? Thanks in advance

Best answer:

Answer by arou42
Two completely different things. A booster does exactly what it says it does. An adapter allows web connection either through a router or WiFi ‘hotspot’ ☺

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Testing Meraki signal with tripod
booster antennas
Image by NathanaelB
Having found the Meraki omni-directional booster antenna signal strength charts after somewhat disappointing preliminary testing with the booster antenna I now realise the problem is that I have the Meraki Outdoor mounted on the second storey of our house – which means anything at ground level falls in the shadow area of the antenna’s coverage. Rob, who lives 2 streets away reported the signal improved by a mere 2 dbi.

However after mounting my Meraki Outdoor onto my drum practice pad and then onto my tripod with sticky tape the first test I did improved signal strength by 10 dbi … just by changing the angle. Much better.

Now just waiting for a report from Rob to see how that works out over a greater distance.

Theoretically distance coverage should be doubled with the booster antenna.

Easiest would be to simply move the unit downstairs – but I want to take advantage of the fact that being the only two-storey house in this part of the suburb I should be able to work the angle and height to get some decent coverage out of this.

What it means though is that this is seriously going to restrict coverage to about a 70 degree spread from the node; so I’ll definitely have to have another node at the other end of the house now.

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  1. Try building this antenna: http://www.freeantennas.com/Templates/windsurfer.jpg
    Here is a video of the antenna after it is done (you stick the paper part on the antenna of your router): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYbunpFFVjw

  2. By “increase my connection” do you mean upgrade the speed/bandwidth? Like paying more for a higher plan?

    In that case, yes, they’re two completely different things. The speed of the connection and the signal of the connection are completely different. The problem is that the wireless signal isn’t reaching your laptop as well as it should. It doesn’t matter if it’s lightning fast, as long as it can’t get to your computer: it’s useless.

    The antenna booster would be what you’re looking for.

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