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HMDX Jam Plus Portable Speaker (Grey) One-Pack

HMDX Jam Plus Portable Speaker (Grey) One-Pack

The HMDX Grey JAM Plus Wireless Speaker improves over the original by allowing you to pair a 2nd Jam Plus speaker for true stereo sound. With its rechargeable lithium ion battery, The JAM Plus supplies up to four hours of playing time at a range up to 30 feet through built in Bluetooth. For devices that don’t have Bluetooth, use the provided line-in connection. Available in multiple colors. (NOTE: you can NOT pair the JAM Plus with a JAM Classic).

  • Jam Plus feature allows you to pair a 2nd Jam Plus speaker for true stereo sound
  • 4 hours of wireless play
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Wireless up to 30′
  • Line-in for connecting non-Bluetooth devices

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Question by Brendon: How do i get my Wireless headset and My speakers to play the same sounds?
I’m using a Turtle Beach EarForce PX3 Wireless Headset. I can easily switch between playing music from the Headset to playing music from the Logitech Computer speakers. What i really want to do is to get them both to play simultaneously. I’ve read up on it earlier and it’s an easy fix if i had a Realtek HD audio manager but my computer has an Integrated IDT 92HD89E Audio Codec instead. If anyone understands what I’m getting at please help. Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by Bob
It is best to try your support site or your owners manual for help, this site has owners manuals and service manuals, that will answer most question. This is the site for owners manuals…
http://www.retrevo.com/samples/index.html This site is free…

This site will help with problems, search it’s index for your problem, http://www.ccl-la.com/blog/ This site is free…
If this does not help try a web search,that will do the trick most all the time if you hang in there, it is all on the web.

I enjoy this forum, like to help when I can…
I have been a tech for many years.
CompTIA A+ Certified Computer Professional

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What customers say about HMDX Jam Plus Portable Speaker (Grey) One-Pack?

  1. 329 of 354 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Buy 2!, May 24, 2013
    Heather WOODBURY “heartful_home” (Georgia) –
    (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)

    Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (What’s this?)

    OVERALL these are fun, easy to set up, easy to use. Search Bluetooth on your computer or portable device to figure out how to detect them. It may sound obvious, but if you don’t have Bluetooth they won’t work wirelessly. (If you are specifically buying for a certain device, double check! Bluetooth is not automatic). If you are on a budget, one speaker should work well, but not as wonderfully well as two. Just sayin’.

    Could not be easier. If you are low tech, no worries. The hardest part is setting up Bluetooth on the computer. The easy part is linking the speakers to each other.

    Cute, but nothing you’re likely to fall in love with. Mine were yellow and were perky but not especially feminine or masculine.

    Lightweight. Easy to carry around. I could fit them in my purse (handbag). The buttons aren’t hard to press but aren’t protruding outward as to get knocked easily.

    They are built solidly and unlike my wired speakers, you won’t be worrying about the cords getting pulled.

    These are not quite as rich of a sound as the deep bass sound bar with sub-woofer that we own, but the difference in sound versus my laptop or cell phone speakers is astronomical. Having two is a huge bonus. The sound can fill the room. I especially wanted two because I use sound therapy from hemi-sync or equisync and you need to have the sound on both ears.

    I was given a complimentary set of these in exchange for a review, which is not swayed by Amazon or HMDX. I would probably do a little comparing if it were my own purchase, but would not be disappointed in the quality or value of these speakers. I work hard to make my reviews fair and honest. If this helped you in some way, please click “yes” below. I’d appreciate it!

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  2. 67 of 79 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    WOW!!! and may I say “WOW!!!” again?!?! + Updates, May 22, 2013
    Pie Grrrl (MidWest) –
    (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)

    Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (What’s this?)

    NOTE: Updates are at the very bottom of the review. August 12, 2013

    Normally, I enjoy creating tongue-in-cheek subject titles but the ONLY word I could come up with for this speaker is/was “WOW!!!”

    Now, I’m addicted to Bluetooth Speakers. I own 5 of them, and this is the ONLY one I have through the Vine Program, which means I coughed up cold, hard cash for every one of them. Each is radically different from the others and I had 2 clear favourites: the Veho VSS-006-360BT Bluetooth Wireless Speaker and the Bose® SoundLink® Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II – Nylon. I state “had” because THIS speaker now ranks up there with the very, very pricey Bose SoundLink speaker!!!!

    Believing that most normal people are only going to own ONE Bluetooth speaker, I’ll address all three that I adore and love, so YOU can make the wisest choice for your income. The Veho VSS-006-360BT Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is my absolute favourite for traveling and “private” listening. The weight is SO slight, that I discovered to my dismay, that when used outdoors, one.stiff.breeze. can blow that puppy right off the table and into the shrubbery, never to be seen again if you didn’t have the sound on! (LOL) However, if you fly quite a bit and weight is of extreme importance, this is a keeper! About the size of an old Kodak plastic film cannister, it’s also great if you do NOT enjoy music cranked up at concert level and just want amplification of sound for streaming a video or Skype calling. At a $25 buck price point, it’s exceedingly affordable and come with a very handy hard, clear plastic case to keep the USB cable and audio jack cord that comes with. Pairing is easy and simple. It is NOT for parties, it is more for private use, as heavy road traffic drowns it out.

    With the Bose® SoundLink® Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II – Nylon, the price is SIX times higher than the Veho and FIVE times higher than this Jam Plus speaker. However, if you are REALLY into concert level listening, do NOT travel so weight is NOT an issue, than that speaker rocks! I used to use it outdoors to garden with, but at that price point, if you and the speaker are caught in a sudden sprinkle, it’s a lot of money to screw with. Weight is hefty (like a Yellow Pages phone book) but sound is amazing! I now use it for dinner parties, outdoor cook-outs and boosting the sound to streaming action movies.

    Now, to the speaker at hand. Amazon sent me the yellow colour; if I purchased one, it would have been the jolly purple colour. And, the Jam Plus is really advertized to pair up, creating stereo sound. This is NOT an important issue for me and frankly, I don’t know when I’d want stereo sound. Our parties are small and intimate but if you had loud get-together’s and wanted to really rock the house, then pairing would suit you. It came in a cute mock Jam Jar, with hard plastic shell and jam jar top. Pairing was one of the EASIEST of my Bluetooth speakers; so much so that when I paired it the second time, I didn’t need to hit “Discover/Scan Device”…it paired in one second flat! That’s a HUGE improvement over even my Bose speaker, which needs to be manually scanned each time it’s used! Sound is THROUGH THE ROOF!!!, so much so that I recommend to everyone that orders one: use the manual volume button on the Jam Plus and TURN IT DOWN BEFORE YOU EVEN SYNC IT!!! I had the volume on HIGH on my Samsung tablet and the factory setting on the Jam Plus was also at HIGH, so the speaker actually physically JUMPED when it linked for the first time! I find that I like to use the actual speaker’s volume controls vs. my multiple devices; it’s physically easier rather than alway needing to wake up the laptop/device from Sleep Mode to control volume.

    I ran the speaker through Classical/Country/Rock/Ambient, and the surround sound is clear, crisp, undistorted and just plain amazing! Had I only ever known about THIS speaker, I’d have to say that I’d buy this vs the Bose and save myself the $250 extra bucks for more music downloads. If weight is an issue, however, because you travel extensively, be aware: this speaker is a Chunky Monkey and weighs as much as a can of Progresso Soup. It is NO lightweight! But, only you can decide if that’s a…

    Read more

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  3. 42 of 50 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    simply amazing, May 20, 2013

    Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (What’s this?)

    Don’t let the size fool you, this little speaker can really project! I already had the Jam Classic and really liked it, but I think this one sounds even more robust. I got the yellow one. It is very yellow, but kinda cool too. I’d LOVE to have a second Jam Plus to pair it with to experience the stereo sound…. I was already aware that my Jam classic would be unable to pair and work this way with it, so no surprises there, but I’d love to experience this thing in stereo, but even in mono, this sounds great. It is also very, very easy to pair with an iphone or an iPad. It was near instant. You just go to Settings on your device, push bluetooth on the speaker and wait for it to pair. It’s that simple. The buttons for sound, bluetooth, and battery level are easily reached and accessible, but you can also use your ipad or iphone to control the sound as well. (or pause it, etc). On the bottom is the on/off and a switch that allows you to choose mono, left speaker or right, if you had 2 Jam Pluses to pair with.

    First, this thing not only sounds great but is portable. It comes with a USB cord that charges it. I’m using my laptop to charge it, but Im guessing you can also plug it in to an outlet with a USB adapter. After is it fully charged (it has indicator lights to let you know) it says it can last 4 hours. I’m guessing that will hold true, because my Jam Classic lasts about that long when charged. As like the JAM classic, it comes in a little ‘jar’ that would be a great way to store and port it about so you don’t have to worry about it. I’m planning on taking it on my next picnic with me, so I can enjoy some music.

    Second, the sound quality, for such an inexpensive and tiny thing, is very good. Again, not perhaps like a system you’ll spend hundreds (or more) on, but incredibly good for its portability, and size. I love the fact that I can take this with me, or set it in any room of the house and listen to my iphone or iPad or pandora or other apps. It is just a really fun, cool portable speaker. AWESOME!

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