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Primex GPS Clocks (not atomic clock)
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We have deployed atomic clocks in most of our classrooms at UNC. Many do not keep accurate time. That sort of diminishes the value of having a clock that sets itself.

Enter Primex Wireless with the answer: stop praying that your atomic clocks will pick up the AM pulse all the way from Colorado to deep within concrete and steel buildings. What you need is an FM repeater that pulls the current time from GPS and pumps it through your building.

(You can see their rack-mount GPS repeater on the countertop with an antenna sticking out of it.)

In short, these folks can make GPS wall clocks to meet your needs with 6-yr batteries. It’s about time.



Honeywell RCWL300A1006 Premium Portable Wireless Door Chime and Push Button

Honeywell RCWL300A1006 Premium Portable Wireless Door Chime and Push Button

The Honeywell RCWL300A P3 Premium Portable Wireless Door Chime and Push Button makes it easy to replace your home’s generic doorbell ring with a chime tune that better fits your individual style. This chime is also compatible with a wide range of optional security accessories that can help you safeguard your home and family, and it comes complete with a pre-programmed bell push button.
The Honeywell RCWL300A P3 Premium Portable Wireless Door Chime features:
  • Handy wireless design with push-button
  • Compatibility with motion detectors and several transmitters
  • 225-foot working range
  • Three individual chime tunes
  • Flashing light notification
  • Modern, attractive look

For added convenience, the chime comes with a sleek wireless push-button.

With its handy wireless design, this chime is there when (and where) you need it. View larger.

Click here to listen to the chime tunes.

Wireless Design for User-Friendly Setup and Operation
The chime’s highly portable wireless design lets you take it with you to the patio, your garage workshop, or your home office–wherever you’re most likely to hear it. Thanks to its 225-foot working range, you’ll can take it with you throughout your home and be sure to never to miss a visitor’s arrival.

Versatile and Elegant to Match Your Lifestyle
Featuring a sleek, contemporary look that’s sure to blend in with your home’s decor, the RCWL330A delivers CD-quality sound with fully adjustable volume, giving you complete control over the sound of your door chime. Three distinct tunes are included for you to choose from: Ding Dong, St. Clements, and Westminster.

If you’ve got an infant or young child in the house, you’ll be happy to know that you have the option of turning the chime down or completely off–a great option for nap time.

Décor Wireless Bell Push Button for Convenience
The included RPWL300A Décor Wireless Bell Push Button is a slim, stylish accessory that lets you start using your wireless chime right away. It’s crafted from white, UV-resistant plastic that holds its true color longer to preserve the curb appeal of your home. This surface-mount push button offers a feedback LED display and low-battery indicator for easy reference. Its individually coded, self-learning design simplifies programming and helps prevent interference from other users or appliances. This push button comes with the necessary battery.

In case you need an additional bell push button or are looking for a push that matches your door’s hardware, the RCWL300A also works with the wide variety of décor pushes that feature “E” compatibility.

Advanced Security Compatibility for Peace of Mind
The chime works with up to six transmitters, allowing you to connect a single chime to push buttons located at different entrances and making it easy to implement a variety of security measures that will quickly alert you if an unwanted guest decides to pay your home a visit.

You have the option of linking this chime to motion detectors or to door contacts that sound a signal anytime targeted doors or windows open or when someone approaches your home. For those with larger homes, there are also extenders available, which can extend the working range of your system (motion detectors, door contacts, and extenders not included).

When using several transmitters, alert lights allow you to visually reference which one has been activated, so you can respond quickly and appropriately.

This door chime operates on three “AA” batteries (not included).

About Honeywell
With over 120 years of trusted reliability, Honeywell International is a diversified technology and manufacturing leader, serving customers worldwide with aerospace products and services; control technologies for buildings, homes and industry; automotive products; turbochargers; and specialty materials.

Whether you’re flying on a plane, driving a car, heating or cooling a home, furnishing an apartment, taking medication or playing a sport, Honeywell products touch most peoples’ lives everyday. Honeywell technologies are found in more than 150 million homes, 10 million buildings and a multitude of manufacturing plants around the world.

What’s in the Box
Wireless door chime, pre-programmed bell push button with CR2032 coin cell battery, mounting hardware, and instructions

  • Wireless and operates on 3 LR6 AA alkaline batteries
  • Works with up to 3 push buttons, motion detectors, or door contacts for added security and convenience
  • Has three chime tunes, fully adjustable volume, and 3 visual alert icons
  • Self-learning code system automatically adjusts to eliminate interference
  • Features a 250-foot operating range

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Question by ninja_master250: What is the best wireless repeater for linksys router.?
I need to know the best bang for the buck im also curious if anyone knows if the ZOOM 4400 Wireless Access Point + Wireless Gaming Adapter + Repeater is any good.

Best answer:

Answer by GingerLaraine
a linksys wireless repeater.

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Wooww, nice product! I want to share this product!

What customers say about Honeywell RCWL300A1006 Premium Portable Wireless Door Chime and Push Button?

  1. 340 of 351 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    The Modern Bell…, November 7, 2009
    Dave (Oklahoma) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Honeywell RCWL300A1006 Premium Portable Wireless Door Chime and Push Button (Tools & Home Improvement)

    Hi guys. I’m the doorbell man. I’ve bought a whole lot of wireless doorbells over the years to use with our small business’ drive-thru window. Wired doorbells have a tendency to get snatched, or demolished by cars traveling too close by, and wireless doorbells have all failed at various times for one reason or another.

    Our last wireless doorbell died to a thing you wouldn’t think would happen. The button broke. Literally, the button will not “push” anymore, or activate the transmitter.

    I picked up this Honeywell to replace it, even though it is a bit more than the usual budget for such things. Sure, $40 is not much, but it is about twice what I normally pay. I was in a good mood and a $20 splurge was in order.

    This little unit rocks. The transmitter (the push button part), once you could get it open (which is a bit of work with a screwdriver), is operated with a large disk battery. Range is good despite this battery, and I was impressed. Just to clarify, our business is a cinder block and steel girder building, and the unit is 25 feet away from the transmitter in line of sight, but through a small drive through window. Therefore, for my use, range is not a huge issue.

    The button on the transmitter is made of rubber, like the buttons on a remote control, and this has advantages and disadvantages. Rubber buttons create less mechanical friction than those made of hard plastic, and therefore, are less likely to break than my previous button which broke for this reason. The disadvantage is that rubber gives way when you press on it, making it more difficult to tell if you have depressed the switch underneath the rubber.

    This basically means you can have a “visitor” who pushes the doorbell and nothing happens. That is, if they press the doorbell too lightly to depress the switch, but they have pressed on the rubber hard enough for them to think it should work. There is a little line in the center which acts as a guide to where people should press, but if you don’t see it and press far above or below the line, this also might not depress the switch. The designers noticed this flaw (I assume), and included an orange LED which lights up when the switch is pressed, and it is located at the top of the transmitter. This is helpful (but not foolproof), and practically useless if you have it oriented at eye level sideways, as I do. Still, it is good that they included this, and this should assist all but the most unassuming of visitors.

    Sound wise, this is an excellent product. I personally feel that “ding-dong” is the all time reigning champion of doorbell noises, and this one really takes the cake. It sounds like a real bell, and with very good tonal quality. If you are a more complex person than I am, you might prefer the other two tones, which are more complex melodies. It does have westminster, or the grandfather clock ring, and the other one is interesting. I suppose it is possible that visitors might stop by just to hear your bell ring, but I doubt it.

    This bell is marketed to look modern, technological and fancy, and therefore, it has the required lights. There is a little “smoke black” cover in the front of the receiver which is removeable with little icons which show you which tone you are playing. They can be replaced if you wish to have multiple transmitters, to show which transmitter is transmitting. The burnt orange is somewhat modern look, but unless you have multiple transmitters, this is a bit of overkill. I seldom take a look at a doorbell to “see” if it is ringing. Yet, this feature might make it an option for hearing impared folks.

    Overall, this product carries with it the caveat of missed rings because of button pressing issues. While most people wont experience this problem regularly, it is worth noting, and a possibility you will have to accept with this unit.

    Yet, still a good product and recommended.

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  2. 121 of 126 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Works well, December 12, 2008
    Handyman (Brookfield, WI) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Honeywell RCWL300A1006 Premium Portable Wireless Door Chime and Push Button (Tools & Home Improvement)

    I was looking for a quality wireless doorbell system that has the range for my long ranch house that has two front doors. The Honeywell RCWL300A1006 claimed to have a 250′ operating range. It does. I just finished installing the sytem and it works well. The installation is simple. The only reason I did not give the unit 5 stars is because it has only 3 ring tones. However, one is the “Let ’em In” Beatles sound which is cool enough. I’ve purchased cheaper models that did not work. My suggestion is spend the money and buy this system. Even better, buy it when Amazon gives you free shipping!

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  3. 97 of 100 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Convenient Second Doorbell, May 23, 2009
    Thomas Gottilla (Bayside, NY) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Honeywell RCWL300A1006 Premium Portable Wireless Door Chime and Push Button (Tools & Home Improvement)

    I needed a secondary doorbell for my apartment. The original bell on the door was not loud enough to hear in the back bedrooms. The Honeywell wireless doorbell fits the bill. The volume control on it’s highest setting is loud enough to hear throughout the apartment. I am also very pleased with the choice of chimes available… especially the Westminster. Unfortunately, one downside of the bell is that the working range of the bell is cut in half due to the fact that my apartment door is made of metal; typical of New York apartments. This is something for apartment dwellers to take into consideration. However, if the free standing base is strategically placed, you will be able to hear the bell at a great distance. Another downside is that the sound eminates from the back of the base. Therefore, if hung on the wall the sound of the chime is greatly reduced and muffled. In any case, I am very pleased with the styling and quality of this wireless door chime.

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  4. I have one of these:


    works like a charm.

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