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Question by SoulSurfer24: How to connect a wireless netgear router to your xbox to get xbox live?
I have wireless internet up stairs and I have a wireless netgear router hooked into my xbox downstairs…now hears the problem how do I get It to hook up the the wireless upstairs so i can play xbox live. I tried to hook it up but the xbox live failed? Help me :(((

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Answer by MozoGoose
you have to buy a wifi adapter for your 360. You can get one used for around $ 40. I’ve also heard of people making there own with an old wifi router. Check lifehacker if you wana try that.

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  1. with the old one did you use an ethernet cable?

    now if you want to use the wireless one you need to buy an Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter…these can be bought at Gamestop,Walmart,BestBuy,Ebgames, or any where that sells Xbox 360s will have this. They are highly alot of $ $ $ $ $

  2. To configure an Xbox 360 and successfully connect to Xbox LIVE using your wireless adapter, a working and stable broadband connection using a wireless router is required. If you have not set up a broadband connection before attempting these steps, or you are having problems with your broadband connection apart from connecting to Xbox LIVE, please resolve these issues first.

    A subscription to Xbox LIVE and the wireless adapter peripheral for the Xbox 360 are required. Consult your Xbox documentation for details.

    Step 1: Obtain the settings for your wireless router
    To obtain the settings for your wireless router, follow the steps for your router below:

    Open a web browser such as Internet Explorer, type into the Address bar and press Enter on your keyboard.
    Enter the username and password and click OK.
    Note: By default, the username is admin and the password is password. If you ever changed these login details, please enter your new username and password.
    Select Wireless Settings from the menu on the left, under Setup.
    Change the Name (SSID) from the default name. This is the name that your wireless modem router will broadcast, so enter something that is recognisable to you. It’s important not to enter any personal details.
    Under Wireless Access Point, ensure that the boxes labelled Enable Wireless Access Point and Allow Broadcast of Name (SSID) are ticked.
    Under Security Options, select WPA-PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access Pre-Shared Key).
    Enter a password in the Network Key box. The password should be easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess. It should comprise letters only, with no spaces. The password should be at least eight characters long and can be a maximum of 63 characters.
    Click Apply at the bottom of the screen.

    Your Netgear modem router is now set up to connect wirelessly. Ensure to make a note of the Network Name (SSID) and Network Key (WPA Password), as you will need these later.

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