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How To: Port Forward on Netgear Router and make a Static IP

If you need help post a comment or send me a PM A tutorial on how to port forward on a netgear router to make a minecraft server. It also shows how to make a…

Question by Lisa E: How can I get connected back to my NetGear Router when it is uninstalled on my laptop?
About 3 weeks ago, I was wanting to connect my other laptop to the internet. Well of all things I was trying to find the password to enter to get on. I supposedly disconnected my wireless internet to my laptop for the NetGear router. And know if I want to connect to NetGear it will not let me at all, because it is secured. What do I need to do?

Best answer:

Answer by Kasey R
Look on the back of your netgear router. There should be a reset switch that you can insert a paperclip into. The vast majority of routers have this. If you hold the reset button (about 3-4 sec.) until it blinks, and then press it again, it will reset your router to factory settings so you can log back in and reset your passwords.

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Netgear wireless ADSL modem router, but glowing!

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  1. By reading your question i think that you have lost the pass phrase to connect to the router’s wireless network, why don’t you try to login to the router’s Control using a browser by typing the internal IP of router by default routers come with or and change the pass phrase of wireless setup and after that you should be able to connect your laptop to your Netgear Router’s wireless network.I hope this reply should help you.

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