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HP A-MSR20-15 AW – Wireless router – DSL – 4-port switch – 802.11b/g

HP A-MSR20-15 AW - Wireless router - DSL - 4-port switch - 802.11b/g

HP A-MSR20-15 AW – Wireless router – DSL – 4-port switch – 802.11b/g

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Question by People for the Ethical Treatment of Vegetables: I want to buy a wireless router?
I have a HP PC, a Dell Laptop, and an Apple Ibook. How do I know what kind of wireless router I will need?

Best answer:

Answer by Test
A Linksys router would be just fine for you.


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What customers say about HP A-MSR20-15 AW – Wireless router – DSL – 4-port switch – 802.11b/g?

  1. it shouldnt matter, but if purchasing one belkin is a very compatiable router and works very effectivly even the cheapest of the range of routers.

  2. Linksys makes decent quality routers at an affordable price.

  3. here is the link of one that i purcahsed over two years ago now:


    i have a dell laptop, a ps3, and another dell laptop, which all use the wireless

    i also have two desktops, and an all in one printer hooked up to it

    it is by far the easist to hook up, and i have had problems and you call Lynksys and they are awesome at Tek support!!

    so i would definetly use this one

    i live in the basement on a two story house, and the house itself is about 100 yards long.

    i get service all over the house.

  4. I am not an expert with routers but I own a netgear router I got from radioshack and I have been very happy with it.

  5. try either dlink or linksys. if you’re looking for N technology provided your apple ibook has a built-in N adapter, that should work fine.
    but personally i would prefer linksys anyway.
    it is because dlink is too much prone to static and magnetic interferences.

  6. In general, any wireless router will work with those things. However, you want to avoid manufacturers who aren’t very well known, or the very cheapest ones, as you will tend to run into problems.

    The most well known routers are Linksys, Netgear and D-Link. Linksys, as a division of Cisco, is probably your best choice and although you may read reports of them playing up, this seems to have been ironed out now. My second choice would then be a Netgear – I have a Netgear router myself and am very pleased with it, it is quite user-friendly and has never failed yet. A D-Link is the next router manufacturer I’d recommend, only because they are well known – I’ve never used one. Belkins can be a hit or a miss, so if you were to choose one of those, certain models will perform better than others – hence I recommend one of the other brands.

    Features you may look for in a router: Wireless N – the new, faster WiFi which also reaches farther from your router. You may also look for gigabit LAN if you plan to hard wire two or more things to the router, but if you plan to use only wireless then gigabit LAN won’t make a difference.

    Summary: Any Wireless N router from Linksys, Netgear, or D-Link.

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