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HP ISS Wireless N 150Mbps Router

HP ISS Wireless N 150Mbps Router

Wireless-N Router with Repeater and Ethernet Client modes. 802.11 b/g/n Router supports 243 clients. Repeater mode extends a networks wireless range. Ethernet Client mode adds wireless to TVs, cameras, game stations etc. with an Ethernet port. Includes a 4-port switch and detachable antenna. 150 Mbps wireless.

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Question by rgombina: HP JetDirect setup with LinkSys router?
Does anyone know how to connect my HP Laserjet printer? My router is not able to see the IP of the JetDirect print server. Do I have to configure it from the router’s panel? Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by Jesh
HP JetDirect Print server is very much compatible with LinkSys router. If you are having a Wireless router then you may have to disable the “MAC FILTERING” option in the router. Normally the MAC Filtering in the router disables the communication between the router and printer.


You may chat with the Linksys Technician to know how to disable the MAC Filtering.

If you are having a Wired Router, then ensure that the JetDirect Print server has an IP Address.
Also ensure that the IP Address should be similar to the ip address of the computer, SUBNET mask and Default Gateway should be the same.
Check whether you are able to ping the IP address of the JetDirect from the computer.

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  1. Without Model number it will be difficult :

    Check if you are using a HUB or router, if it is a HUB you do not get IP address. Because HUB do not have capability of assigning IP address to printer.

    If it is a router, then check if it is a host based printer, host based printers do not support printing in network.

    HP host based printers are :

    HP 600, 700, 800, 3000 except 3820, HP Laserjet 1018 and HP Laserjet 1020 are host based printers do not work with routers or print servers.

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