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HP MSR3012 Wireless Router

HP MSR3012 Wireless Router

HP MSR3012 Wireless Router JG409A#ABA Routers & Gateways – Wireless

  • 3 x Broadband Port
  • USB Rack-mountable, Desktop

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Question by jojo: How do I add my printer to home network?
My desktop computer is running on XP and laptop on Vista. I have tried every way I know possible to add my printer (HP PSC 1200) to the network but it still won’t print from the laptop. It is connected to the desktop via USB. I enabled sharing on both computers, installed driver on both of course and added the printer as a device on the wireless router but nothing seems to work. Can anyone help?

Best answer:

Answer by dpintampa
if everyting is connectef right just say print without opening the remote

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  1. go to www.networkmagic.com and download the program its wounderfull and it lets you set up network reports and everything its great you get 30 days to share printers and folders but after that uninstal it and reinstal it again and theres another 30 days bam

  2. go to hp and download the vista driver for the laptop, not the xp

  3. I don’t know anything about Vista, so I’ll say that to begin with.

    I have my printers hooked up to my main desktop, laser to paralel port and color to USB port. On the main desktop PC, go to printers and click to share each one. Then on each other laptop and PC click I add a new printer, then search for the network printers and add them.

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