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HP Wireless Printer Setup - Demo

HP Wireless Printer Setup – Demo.

Question by Frances Brown: I use a broadband usb modem on my laptop but have a wireless printer. How can I hook up my wireles printer?
Recently purchased a broadband usb modem for my laptop and got rid of my dsl. I have an HP wireless printer that requests a WEP key to be wireless. How can I set up my wireless printer?

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Answer by 5foot18
The WEP key for the printer is separate from the DSL. They are both acting wirelessly, but you don’t want to use the same key (a numeric password) for both. Install the printer as instructed and insert your own WEP key (write it down somewhere), you will need it if you want to wirelessly network the printer directly to other computers. Make sure DSL/PRINTER are not on the same channel either. Hope that helps.

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hp all-in-one printer scanner
hp wireless printer
Image by fsse8info
a hp all-in-one wi-fi printer scanner that works with gnu/linux !

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