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In this video you will learn about Cisco routers. The boot up process of a router, basic configuration commands. How to configure basic security of the route…

Question by aldaysoftwaresolutions: What type of applications can help me gain knowledge in Cisco Routers?
I am a novice at Cisco routers and in order to become a network admin I must get knowledge in Cisco routers.

Best answer:

Answer by DarkiSt
I highly recommend CBT Nuggets CCNA course. It’s a two part course (ICND1 and ICDN2) that gets you your CCNA certification after passing the exams (US$ 125 each). It’s a highly recognized cert so it helps to have that, it proves your competence and also helps with a salary increase…

I tried books and other stuff on Cisco routers/switches, but in the end I got the CBT Nuggets CCNA (the trainer’s name is Jeremy… Jeremy Coira I think) and its a lot easier to work with. The topics are reduced to about 30 minutes each and the tutor really helps you to grasp the concepts better than any book I’ve read.

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Stack of Cisco routers in run-down arcade
cisco routers
Image by Route79
Just off my local High Street in Kingsbury NW9 – there is a run-down arcade that contains a South Indian dosa house (Udupi palace), Bombay gents hair salon, flower shop and a TV repair shop (piles of old TVs and other electronic junk). I was walking through it today – and was surprised to spot a stack of old Cisco routers. They were 2500 series ones. These things were used to build the Internet way back in the mid 1990s. I’ll go back tomorrow to ask if they are for sale. They look like they were being junked or abandoned.

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  1. You can take the courses if you have plenty of money sitting around to spend on that. Or you can self study. There are plenty of books out there with information. More importantly is to get a network simulator. It is a program that you buy/download that simulates routers, switches, firewalls, etc, all on your PC. It’s like working in a real environment with real equipment. This will give you the hands on experience you need.

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