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JBL Micro II Ultra-Portable Multimedia Speaker (Black)

JBL Micro II Ultra-Portable Multimedia Speaker (Black)

The second-generation JBL Micro II is the first ultra-portable speaker that has a Li-ion (lithium-ion) rechargeable battery and a built-in bass port. With a 1-5/8-inch (40mm) driver and an acoustic volume of 100cc, the JBL Micro II delivers legendary JBL sound with exceptional bass -all in a speaker that fits easily in backpacks or clips onto clothing. A built-in audio cable connects to any mobile device or MP3 player, and it can even be daisy-chained with other JBL Micro II speakers for a powerful sonic experience.

  • Built-in bass port
  • Five-hour, Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • Portable design
  • Smart cable design
  • Daisy-chain capability

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Question by Jess: How do i make my keyboard work again?
I have a wireless logitech keyboard and mouse, and my mouse works fine, and my keyboard works while booting but i cant type anything so i can’t log in my computer. I checked the batteries and i tried plugging it in different USB slots but it doesn’t work.

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Answer by flakes
Hi here
try plugging it to an other computer.
It may be faulty
So of the rubbish coming out of china is Just that.”Rubbish.”

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What customers say about JBL Micro II Ultra-Portable Multimedia Speaker (Black)?

  1. 55 of 55 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Great Sound & Portability, March 3, 2013

    Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (What’s this?)
    As a very satisfied owner of an almost antique JBL bookshelf speaker system and a mp3 docking station I can attest to the company’s overall craftsmanship. I’ve even owned an outdoor setup circa 1990s, that held its own until a tree limb took it out of business. The company has had a good run with products that I’ve purchased. That said, it was a no brainer to sign on to take the JBL Micro II for a test drive.

    Out of the box, my first thoughts on the Micro II was “Wow, it looks just like a yo yo.” I like the overall feel and balance. Measuring in at about 3″W x almost 2″H, it weighs in at a little over 4 ounces. The speaker kit is packed with a 36″ micro USB charging cable, flimsy storage pouch, warranty card, and instructions. Even though its doesn’t take a degree in rocket science to start this puppy up, the company loses points for its ho hum instructions. The white and grey finished body is outfitted with a handle for mounting a lanyard or carabiner. I opted to add a nylon lanyard. I picked up a protective storage case and dumped the storage pouch.

    After a quick two hour charge, I first connected the Micro II to my Sony mp3 player. No problems. Afterwards I tried this speaker out with my Galaxy 3. Again, no problems. The power button is located on the side. With 3 watts of power, this model is not going to be accused of shaking the paint off the walls. No matter what I had connected, this model delivered my tunes with clear, crisp highs and a nice rich bass. Unlike other gear that I’ve used in the past, I got zero distortion.

    As advertised, I got almost a full five hours before it was time to recharge. When fully juiced a bright blue light illuminates at the 12 o’clock position on the front of the unit. It grows paler after a few hours of use. When you see red its time to recharge. I’m glad the company went with a built in Li ion battery. I like the wrap around 12″ speaker cable. The 3.5 mm jack snaps into the recessed compartment for storage. Volume is dial controlled. Piggybacking an additional speaker via the speaker port was easy and gave me a solid stereo. The rubber no slide grip is a great ad on.

    Even though the company loses points for its almost non existent instructions and flimsy storage pouch, I’m quite pleased with this JBL Micro II speaker. It is a reliable product that delivers quality sound when and where I want it. That’s good enough for me.


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  2. 53 of 55 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Very portable, loud for its size, solid build, OK sound…, February 25, 2013
    Bron “Bron” (Richmond, VA USA) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: JBL Micro II Ultra-Portable Multimedia Speaker (Black) (Electronics)
    Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (What’s this?)

    OK, let’s deal with the sound quality first, since I seem to be out of the mainstream on this, judging from the other reviews. In fact, because of that, I tested this speaker with several different devices to be sure it was getting a fair shake. The result? Well, it’s certainly capable of loud sound for its size. But the quality of the sound is definitely small speaker – think bedside radio. OK, but it is a small speaker after all, so no big surprise there. However, it’s also sound that “peaks” in ways that may or may not agree with you. The bass has been boosted a bit, the mid-range is very strong, the highs roll off as does the lower end, and often the sound is boomy and harsh to my ears many times as a result. On some material, such as movie dialog, it seems fine. But on music the sound definitely accents certain frequencies. It’s tolerable, but I have heard many small speakers which sound better. For a $40 single, mono speaker, I would rate it about average as far as overall sound quality (and much better as far as maximum volume). I’ve seen cheaper speakers that sound as good and comparable speakers which cost about the same that offer stereo and a more refined tonal quality (i.e. truer to the original source material), though they are also larger, of course.

    Will you be disappointed? Depends on you, I guess, and what you are used to, as well as what you use this for. For videos and casual music listening, I think it’s fine. With some material it’s pretty good. And for a small, single, mono speaker it’s certainly acceptable.

    The JBL Micro II is well made with solid build quality and a hockey puck size and appearance. The volume adjust and power on/off work well. The jacks seem solid. The attached audio cable is too short, in my opinion, but it does wrap conveniently around the speaker base. However, since it is attached, if it fails, then you are out of luck. I would prefer an audio out jack and a separate standard 3.5 mm audio cable. Then I could pick the length I prefer and easily replace it if need be. Of course, some may prefer the convenience of an attached cable (won’t get lost, always at hand, etc.). There is also a bluetooth version where you need no cable at all.

    Around 5 hours of battery life is sufficiently good for casual use, and you can always hook up the included micro USB cable for power if needed. It takes around 2 hours or so to recharge the internal battery (not user replaceable). It has a nice rubber ring on the bottom for a no-slip base. There is a small “handle” which you can hook a strap to or through (not included). It comes with a small carry bag, a brief manual and is nicely packaged.

    I think it is a fair value. It is super portable and perfect for travel. The sound quality is plenty good for casual listening and the maximum volume is greater than many comparable speakers. I think it would be especially well suited for audio books, mobile gaming and movies/videos and adequate for music.

    Why only 3 stars? 3 stars = “It’s OK” which I think is a fair rating. If it were cheaper, I might rate higher, but this is a very competitive market segment currently and there are lots of other choices, many less expensive, with more features, and so on (see below). So, overall, I felt 3 stars to be the most appropriate rating.

    When is this the best choice and potentially 4 stars? Portability. It is by far the smallest, most compact, and most portable. Fits easily in a coat pocket or laptop bag pocket, etc. None of the other choices below come close in that respect. So that’s the big win for the JBL Micro II Ultra-portable –as the name itself suggests, that was the primary design goal and they hit the bulls-eye. It’s 4-stars if that is your main need in a speaker.

    Some similar speakers you might also consider are:

    JBL Micro Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Black) (The bluetooth version)
    Monster ClarityHD Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (Black) (A little bigger, even louder, better sound, bluetooth)
    Creative D80 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Black) (Bluetooth, much bigger, better sound, about same price)
    HP Digital Portable Speaker (No battery, a USB audio speaker for laptops, very nice sound for size and price)…

    Read more

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  3. 36 of 37 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Hits all the Sweet Spots, April 8, 2013
    Kindle Customer

    Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (What’s this?)
    My problem with all these portable speaker systems have always boiled down to three things: 1. Size 2. Power 3. Sound quality. I have owned several portable speaker systems for MP3 players. As a general rule they were always too large (I mean come on! why not just take a boom box), They sucked up batteries at an alarming rate, or the sound ranged from OK to awful. I made my first breakthrough a few years ago when I bought a JBL On Tour Portable Speaker System. It works great and I still have it, but with the JBL Micro II Ultra-Portable Multimedia Speaker I thing we may finally have a winner.

    The unit is the size of an overly ambitious drink coaster and doesn’t weigh much more than that either. The size, shape and layout make perfect sense considering what it’s meant to do. It slips easily into the pocket of my shell fatigue pants or the pouch of a backpack, a briefcase or even my bento lunch box. Keep the scale of the unit in mind when looking at the picture. At about 3-inches wide the handle of the unit is designed to accept a strap or lanyard, not to carry the speaker.

    The rechargeable battery is wonderful. No more stops at the 7-11 for overpriced batteries on the way to the lake. The Micro II comes complete with a rechargeable power supply. I plugged it in for two hours and it belted out the tunes like a trooper for nearly five hours on the one charge. The power indicator led on the front of the speaker glows blue when charged and grows dimmer as the unit looses charge. When it’s done for it turns red.

    The sound is really amazing for the size and power. I hooked it up to my fourth generation iPod touch and no matter what I threw at it, the sound was sharp and not distorted. Nothing this size is going to fill a concert hall, but for the office, boat, camper, car, etc., etc. this little thing really does a great job.


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  4. I have the biggest pain in the butt with my Logi keyboard too. It seems that the mouse and keyboard like to assume the same channel, especially after changing the mouse batteries. Take the batteries out of both the mouse and keyboard for 5 min. Install the keyboard batteries first and press the red button on both the Receiver and the back of the keyboard until the light on the receiver stops blinking.
    I literally take my keyboard to the other side of the house and leave it there. Repeat the same steps with the mouse at the computer.
    Once that is done you can retrieve your keyboard and try it to see if it works.
    If it still does not work you might have an internal problem with the keyboard. Keep the receiver close to where you are and be sure it’s not close to a cellphone or your computer speakers also.

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