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Question by MITDuDE: How to set up wireless printing using non wireless printer?
I have a non wireless HP printer. I have a wireless router. I have a laptop and a desktop computer connected to the same wireless network. The laptop has built in wireless card while the computer has a wireless adapter. Is there a way I can get wireless printing? I heard that if the printer has an ethernet port, I can plug it into the router and that will work. But, I am confused about that method. Can someone please help? Thanks.

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Answer by John
not unless your printer is wireless with a adapter.

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Wireless networking experiments
wireless HP routers
Image by hockeyshooter
Our wireless networking experiments for the OU geology course SXR339 made excellent progress today as we established connections between laptops via WRT54G routers with a D-Link DCS-900 IP camera thrown in for good measure.

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  1. You can buy what’s called a “wireless print server”, which is a small adapter that you plug a wireless USB printer into, and it will connect the printer to a wireless network. A lot of electronics stores (Best Buy, Frye’s, Newegg, etc) should carry them. These devices do work, but they’re somewhat expensive ($ 50 – $ 75), so it may be cheaper to just buy a new printer with wireless support built in.

    If you don’t mind a wire, you can get a “wired print server” much cheaper ($ 30-$ 45), which connects an USB printer to your router via an Ethernet cable.

    A third option is to install the printer on one computer, and then “share” it with your other computer. This method is the cheapest, as it doesn’t cost anything, but you have to have the “sharing” computer turned on whenever you want to print, and it’s more complicated to setup (you can find instructions on Google).

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