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LaCie 6 TB Network Attached Storage (9000226)

LaCie 6 TB Network Attached Storage (9000226)

Secure network storage for small business. Faster than ever: Your business needs fast and secure professional network storage. It should let you back up multiple workstations and quickly share files, regardless of client operating system. Enter the LaCie 2big NAS: a complete backup solution that’s easy to set up and with full security. Don’t lose your cool wrestling with a NAS built for geeks. NAS novices, get up and running in 10 minutes with the 2big NAS, powered by LaCie NAS OS 2. Its convenient, web-based interface, the Dashboard, is user-friendly and provides easy access to powerful features. Wizards with presets make advanced tasks such as RAID management, users management, and NAS-to-NAS backups astonishingly easy. Mac, PC, Linux? No problem. The 2big NAS speaks all the necessary network languages. This makes it an excellent solution for an entire office, even if your sales force works on PCs and graphic design team uses Macs. Support for Active Directory means you can import existing users and groups with a click of the mouse. Install the included software on computers to be backed up, or simply use Time Machine or Windows 7 Backup. An employee accidentally deletes an important file or his hard drive fails? Restore it in seconds and get the employee back on track. RAID 1 mode provides disk-failure proof, hardware-level data protection. If a single disk fails, you can replace it without turning off your appliance. Just swap in a new one without losing a single byte of data. The Dashboard lets you replicate the contents of your 2big NAS onto an attached USB/eSATA hard drive. You can also use your NAS to back up another NAS, whether it’s on the local network or remote. Boost your business productivity with up to 100MB/s transfer speeds. The 2big NAS is powered by a 2GHz processor and the highly efficient Ext4 file system. This combination optimizes file transfers between employees.

  • Professional file sharing up to 100MB/s
  • Quick integration and user-friendly management
  • Complete backup solution for PC and Mac
  • Total protection with RAID 1 and hot swap

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Question by Daniel “Big Poppa”: What is a good storage area network (SAN) software that is good for a server?
I just got a dedicated server, and I want to turn it into a storage server. I am looking for a good storage area network software to run on it.

What are your recommendations? I am looking for a software with good performance as well as security. Thanks alot!

Best answer:

Answer by Gavin

A dedicated server is perfect for SAN, so you made the right choice. If you are looking for a good software, I would recommend Open-E ( http://www.open-e.com/ ) for storage area network data storage. We use that at our workplace, and I know alot of other tech companies use it.

Good luck!

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What customers say about LaCie 6 TB Network Attached Storage (9000226)?

  1. 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Great Product with questionable remote access, August 9, 2013
    Adam Ainbinder (Costa Mesa, CA United States) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: LaCie 6 TB Network Attached Storage (9000226) (Personal Computers)

    This product is great if you want a home network solution, but if you want this to work with remote access, be prepared to have constant issues, and that was our primary reason for buying it.

    The good: I use this as 1) a media server to play movies on my PS3/Xbox, 2) an online filing cabinet. Works great for both these purposes and my wife and I have no issues sharing documents and streaming movies from the product. Access is fast and haven’t had issues with this. A tip: if you add movies to your Lacie and you want them to show up on your PS3, make sure you re-index. Which brings me to the annoying…

    The annoying: The documentation for this device is horrible. No tips. Support sucks. No good forums on this device to google. So learning to index above took several hours when movies weren’t showing up on my media server but were on the Lacie. Also, when software is updated so the menus change in the dashboard, instructions are not. So you’ll refer back to instructions that are no longer relevant.

    The bad: The iPhone app is horrible and remote web access is inconsistent. I’ve had a number of issues where our IP address has changed and remote access stopped working as a result. Easy fix, but could never get a straight answer from support on why this would happen. This product is advertised as for the non technie. I think I’m more technical than your average person (knowing how to get into routers, port forward, get into computers remotely, etc…), but certainly not a networking expert, so figuring this stuff out when things go wrong takes considerable time. I’ve spent countless hours port forwarding and troubleshooting to get the app to work. What is very frustrating is it worked great when it started up and for a few months after. After about 3 months, the remote access stopped working. About 8 months later, I was able to get the browser access to work. The iPhone app still doesn’t work and I’m going back and forth with customer service on it.

    Support is responsive, but they often blame everything on the router, which is then out of their hands. For such an expensive device, had i known remote access was such an issue, I would of looked into alternative solutions.

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  2. 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    This did the trick, August 8, 2013

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: LaCie 6 TB Network Attached Storage (9000226) (Personal Computers)

    So far, I have only set this up on my network via Wifi, but it has done great! I still want to look into the remote access part, but I think that requires another seperate program, but not 100% on that since I haven’t done it yet. As far as the NAS goes, it was easy to set up for the most part. The ‘picture’ instructions suck, but basically all you need to do is plug it in and put the disk in your primary computer. I also had to re-format one of the drives as it came up ‘bad’ at first. After the format, it was fine. I have mine set up in RAID 1, so I’m using it as a 3TB drive with a mirror. I was able to not only back up my entire Macbook, but I was then able to move several larger files/programs over and free up almost 80Gb’s on my harddrive. This is all done via Wifi from anywhere in my house I want to be. The NAS sits in the back room and also works as a nice night-light when walking to the laundry room in the dark. I will try to update this review if anything goes wrong and also when I get around to the remote hookup. The primary reason for the 4 stars is the picture instructions really, truly suck. This is designed for multiple languages (it comes with power cords for just about any country in the world), but still, pictures???? And it’s not even correct at that. But, I still like it and it has done exactly what I need.

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  3. 5.0 out of 5 stars
    Very happy, November 20, 2013

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: LaCie 6 TB Network Attached Storage (9000226) (Personal Computers)

    Excellent product. Easy to set up, use, and manage. Quality construction with attention paid to heat management, which is what killed my old NAS.

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