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Lexmark MarkNet N8352 802.11b/g/n Wireless Print Server Kit

Lexmark MarkNet N8352 802.11b/g/n Wireless Print Server Kit

Lexmark MarkNet N8352 802.11b/g/n Wireless Print Server Kit 27X0128 Print Servers – Wireless

  • Embedded Web Page: The embedded web page allows administrators to flash update printer firmware or access printer settings using a web browser to easily monitor printer status and change default settings
  • Network Communications Security: SNMPv3 supports encrypted and authenticated management traffic protecting remote configuration and device status messages. IPSec can be used with both TCP/IP IPv4 and IPv6 networks and provides encryption and authentication of communications at the network layer
  • Easy Setup: Wired and Wireless Configuration – Configure using a USB cable or without any cables
  • Freedom: Place assets where they are needed – Printer location is functionally and economically driven, not constrained by existing LAN connections

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Question by Jeƒƒ Lebowski: How to print files from a laptop to a desktop with printer.?
I have a laptop using a wireless connection on a linksys wireless router. also a desktop is connected to the router with an ethernet cable. the desktop is using a printer. i want to be able to print to this printer from my laptop. how do i do it, without going and buying a print server. Laptop is runnging (XP), desktop is running (old-ass ME)

Best answer:

Answer by Vita
is the printer wireless? if not, just take the usb cable from the computer that hooks up with the printer and plug it in your laptop then do the printer setup

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  1. Network the desktop and the laptop, enable print sharing and you’re all set

  2. unplug printer from desktop.
    plug printer into laptop.
    install drivers.

  3. you need to “share” the printer. Just right click the printer name on the desktop to get to its properties. The only problem is that you will need to keep the desktop pc switched on for it to work. I suggest just plugging your laptop directly to the printer when you want to print.

  4. Create a home network on the old system. Share the printer (and any other drives you want the laptop to access) and presto! You should be able to print to the computer.

    Setting up a home network will vary by operating system but each system will contain detailed instructions on how to attach other cpu’s even those with other operating systems.

  5. On the desktop with the printer – go into the printers folder, right click the printer and click “share”

    Make sure File and Printer sharing is ON in the properties for the netwrok connection (it probably will be so try it out first)

    On the laptop, choose “add new printer”, choose “netwrok printer” choose “search for network printers”.

    XP will then look on your local netwrok for any shared printers and should find the one on the desktop. It will then try to connect and will install the drivers automatuically if they are oin the windows driver list.Otherwise just get the drivers off the web or a CD.

    You should be fine after that. You might need to come back with questions if it falls down at any point. (or google the problem)

    I am assuming that both PCs are in a workgroup with the same name. If tnot thy will need to be.

    A MUCH EASIER way at a relatively small cost is to but a Printer Server. This is a small box (pack of cigaretartes size) that connects to the router and then the printer – and shares the printer via the router. No hassle with workgroups etc in that case. Costs about £30 in UK. Both PCs will be able to use it via the router.

    You can get print servers for USB or Parallel printers (ebay)

  6. Try putting both computers in the same user group. The printer must have a wireless network card (NIC) or be hard wired to one of the systems. You must add the “File and Print Sharing for Microsoft Networks” (service) under “My Network Places” log in on both computers using the exact same user name and password (authenticated users) and share the printer that you want to use. The computer that is going to use the printer over the network must use a network printer. (the same one that you just shared and named) from the other computer.

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