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Question by jdasader: Can I use a Linksys router as a wireless adapter to connect to my existing wireless network?
I have an existing wireless network, My computer, and Xbox 360 were running off it. Every xbox wireless adapter I purchase has broken. I have an extra linksys router and am curious if I can configure it to act as an adapter on my existing network.

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Answer by Dave
Assuming you are looking to have the extra router “extend” the signal from the other and it supports bridging, then you can use it that way (as a bridge), and thereby wire in the XBox 360 instead of using wireless. However, it doesn’t become an adapter, it simply bridges/repeats the other wireless signal, and of course can be wired as well.

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  1. Along with the information that Dave provided this may also be useful. Check out modifying the firmware of the linksys router. If it’s a WRT54G (and other models) there’s an open source software package available that’ll change the software on the router to give you better control of the bridge. I do warn you, however, that this *could* “brick” (make it useless, like a brick/paperweight) your router if you do it incorrectly. You could have this up and running within a half an hour or so depending on your skill level if you’re willing to try it. I’ve used it quite a few times (7-8) without any problems.


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