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Motorola Access Point 7131n 3 Radio Access Point Wall Ceiling Mountable

Motorola Access Point 7131n 3 Radio Access Point Wall Ceiling Mountable

Package Contents: AP-7131 Wireless Access Point, Quick Installation Guide. The AP-7131 is the industry’s first 802.11a/b/g/n Adaptive Services Wireless Access Point that delivers the performance, coverage, reliability and security required to enable the truly wireless enterprise. The band-unlocked tri-radio expandable design provides simultaneous support for three major networking functions: high-speed wireless data, voice and video services for client access, selfhealing mesh networking and Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) sensor functionality for around the clock protection of the network.

  • Product Type: Wireless Access Point. Wi-Fi Standard: IEEE 802.11n (draft). ISM Band: Yes. UNII Band: Yes.
  • ISM Minimum Frequency: 2.41 GHz. ISM Maximum Frequency: 2.46 GHz. Number of Network (RJ-45) Ports: 1.
  • UNII Minimum Frequency: 5.15 GHz. UNII Maximum Frequency: 5.85 GHz. Number of Antennas: 6.
  • Wireless Transmission Speed: 600 Mbps. Gigabit Ethernet Port: Yes. Green Compliance: Yes.
  • Form Factor: Wall Mountable, Ceiling-mountable. Green Compliance Certificate/Authority: RoHS.

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Question by Blythe: What exactly does a wireless router do?
I have a motorola modem already connected to my desktop, so in order to get wireless internet for my laptop a friend told me all i needed was the router but i’m still unsure of what this does exactly.

Best answer:

Answer by Keith
A wireless router is a device in a wireless local area network (WLAN) that determines the next network point to which a packet should be forwarded toward its destination. A wireless router works in the same way as the router in a hard-wired home or business local area network (LAN), but allows greater mobility for notebook or portable computers. The individual computers are equipped with small wireless transceivers that can be plugged into either a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port or a PC Card slot.

For home and business computer users who have high-speed Internet connections, a wireless router can also act as a hardware firewall. This is true even if the home or business has only one computer. Many engineers believe that the use of a router provides superior protection against hacking because individual computer IP addresses are not directly exposed to the Internet. A wireless router also does not consume computer resources as a firewall program does.

Wireless router technology has improved in recent years, providing more bandwidth and allowing for the connection of more computers to a WLAN. The newer wireless routers use the 802.11g specification, a standard that offers transmission over short distances at up to 54 megabits per second (Mbps), compared with the 11 Mbps theoretical maximum with the earlier 802.11b standard.

Keith D Mitchell, Server Engineer, Hostmysite.com

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What customers say about Motorola Access Point 7131n 3 Radio Access Point Wall Ceiling Mountable?

  1. a wireless router provides the signal for your laptop to connect to your modem thus getting you on the internets wirelessly… it basically allows more then one connection to your modem. if you have one device just get a wireless access point instead of a wireless router, cheaper.

  2. Although Keith’s answer is right on the money let me break it down into plain speak if it helps!

    And although I know there are a lot of us savvy people on here, I am really going to super oversimplify this :)

    A router is another little box roughly the size of your modem or a little larger (all depends on the models etc), that is broadcasting an internet signal so that multiple (or just one!) laptop can connect to it – wirelessly.

    What would the set up look like?

    The big fat phone cord that goes into your modem then into your computer will instead go from your modem into the router.

    The router will then proceed to broadcast a signal that anyone with a wireless device can connect to. This allows you to connect to the internet wirelessly…

    So, you have a modem, which connects to your router. Now although it’s constantly broadcasting and saying ‘connect to me, and I will give you internet!’, keep in mind that anyone in the vacinity of your home can connect to it and piggyback your connection (slowing it down). There is an option with all routers to put a password on it so only you can access it… Once this password is set up (when you buy the device), you would only need to enter the password occasionally. No big deal, it is really easy!

    Now, sure here we are talking about passwords, and wireless connections, etc – but don’t be afraid – the manuals that come with the routers are very easy to understand, however – if you’re unsure of *any* step, they leave you a phone number to call and they can help guide you step by step, this is what they are trained to do!!!

    Other common examples of a router being used is in airports, cafe’s and other ‘hotspots’. Many people bring their laptops and are able to pick up an internet connection in those places listed above. Some places leave their connection ‘wide open’ so anyone can connect, and some connections will ask for a password – this is something you can ask the staff at the coffee shop and they would let you know what the password is… it’s just a security measure… I just provided this as an example of just how frequently routers are used.

    Now, a great benefit aside from being able to use your laptop anywhere around your home – is that it is also a firewall… Meaning – you now those programs like Norton, Mcafee, AVG, ZoneAlarm (there are countless more) that protect your computer from viruses and other things? Well some of those include firewalls. Firewalls are essentially an electronic wall that monitors what goes in and out of your internet connection and blocks out most of the bad stuff… (I am really overly simplfying this hehe). A router IS a firewall too – so you’re EXTRA secure :)

    Considering what you would be using this router for – pick up a cheap one from best buy, circuit city, futureshop or whatever your local electronic store is and bring it home. If you’re not feeling 100% sure of what you’re doing – DO NOT HESITATE to call the # they include in the box – it will be free and they will hand-hold-guide you step by step on what to click and type… that’s all there is too it! You can really just say; ‘Hey! I’m new to this – can you help me and tell me what to click on?’ and they will be more than happy to assist you…

    Wow… I just realized I spent too many years in tech support lol.

    Hope this clarifies this for you *thumbs up!*

  3. A router is like a switchboard. It takes messages from the computers attached to it and sends them out to the Internet, then takes messages from the Internet and sends them to the right computers.

    Additionally, it connects the computers to each other so they can share files and I/O devices (printers, disks, USB ports, …)

    A Wireless router does the same as the above, but isn’t restricted to computers physically connected (cabled) to it. It can communicate with computers via radio waves.

    Check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP): your modem may already have wireless capability.

    Hope that helps.

  4. Short Answer:

    A Wireless router connect your motorola modem so it can wireless send signals to your friend laptop..

    You can also plug it into the Router with a Ethernet core..

    Basically a Router can give more then one computer to the same internet modem..

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