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I bought this modem back over a year ago to replace the one that I was renting from Comcast. I was having issues with the Comcast modem and could not connect…
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Question by JT: It is a wired connection to the router – the cable must be unplugged and replug every computer startup?
I have Wireless G Motorola router connected to computer by Cat5E cable running XP. When I start computer, I must unplug either end of the CAT 5 cable and replug it before the network connects. It has worked for several years until I got a new motherboard. I have tried resetting everything, flashed the latest firmware. I am at wits end.

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Answer by bvnseven
i am not a networking genius, but try the simple things first. swap ethernet cables. Is the network on the motherboard or on a card? If it is hard-wired disable it and try adding a separate network card.

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Router Image 1
motorola routers
Image by elvisripley
From the left to right
Linksys PAP2 Vonage box, Belkin Pre-N Router (3 antenna), Motorola SB5100 Cable Modem

This image looks great. It really captures the warm light in my office. I love looking at it because it is like I am at home.

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