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Question by David D: Can I connect an ethernet cable to to my wireless netgear router to another computer?
Alright So I have a Wireless netgear router with 4 ports for computers on the back. I already have it set up to one computer which is with my motorola surfboard. My laptop connects to it fine, but my son wants internet in his room. He has a regular ethernet jack. Can he just plug the ethernet cable into an open port on the router to his his computer and get internet? Thanks.

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out with the old; in with the new.. my old netgear MR814v2 served me very well, but 802.11b is sort of prehistoric now. i got me a new netgear WGT624v3 wireless router! 108 Mbps 802.11g. it’s pretty too; white and gray.. :)

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  1. yes he can!!

  2. Short Answer: Yes.

    Once the router is configured properly so that it can connect to your broadband Internet service, it should automatically setup the ethernet ports on the back for connectivity to both the local network and the Internet. Simply plug-in and go, there should be no need to install or change any settings.

  3. Yes he can. Hope this helps!!!! :^)

  4. yes

  5. Yup, no problem. Routers are designed to allow multiple computers to share the internet – that’s what they are for…

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