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NETGEAR Powerline AV 200 Wireless-N Extender Kit (XAVNB2001)

NETGEAR Powerline AV 200 Wireless-N Extender Kit (XAVNB2001)

Create a wireless hotspot in your home with the NETGEAR Powerline AV 200 Wireless-N Extender Kit. By combining a wireless access point with Powerline AV technology, you’ll be able to use your home’s electrical system to extend your network to areas that are difficult for wireless technology to reach or penetrate. This allows you to enjoy a fast and safe connection on all your networkable devices, including laptops, Wi-Fi enabled smartphones, and PCs.

  • Wired and wireless access
  • Automatic push button wireless setuphome users/media enthusiasts)
  • Pick-a-Plug for simple troubleshooting
  • Energy saving features
  • Best in class performance and reliability
  • Automatic push button wireless setuphome users/media enthusiasts
  • Supports Windows 8

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What customers say about NETGEAR Powerline AV 200 Wireless-N Extender Kit (XAVNB2001)?

  1. 41 of 41 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Works as advertised, ideal for web surfing but not high volume file transfers, June 22, 2012
    Lon J. Seidman “Lon Seidman” (CT) –
    (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)

    Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (What’s this?)

    Customer Video Review Length:: 2:37 Mins

    In a nutshell: I plugged one into an ethernet switch and the other to a computer I set up in the kitchen and it worked beautifully. Zero configuration, no button pushing, just an instantaneous low latency connection to my home network. I’m impressed.

    While the device is capable of 100 megabits in each direction, you’re likely to get less than that speed. Mine came back ‘red’ meaning I was getting less than 50 megabits per second. But considering most home Internet connections max out around 20 megabits or so you should see the full range of speed of your Internet connection. As such this is perfect for Blu Ray players, game consoles, DVRs, and other devices that require a dedicated ethernet connection. In some cases you may see better peformance out of this than you do out of your wireless connection.

    Recommendation: For Internet usage definitely. Not recommended for high volume data transfers like video editing, etc.

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  2. 45 of 47 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Great quality, does what it’s supposed to. Tricky set up for Mac OS X, December 23, 2010
    Victor Dweck “johnny” (jersey) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: NETGEAR Powerline AV 200 Wireless-N Extender Kit (XAVNB2001) (Personal Computers)

    This product is great. It does exactly what it is supposed to with excellent quality. If you use a Mac with OS X and an Airport router, however, it will be tricky to change the wireless network name from NETGEAR and apply security settings, since the Netgear Powerline utility for Mac is lacking (it doesn’t give you the ip address) and the default ip address for each extender is different. Fortunately, I figured it out, though. Here is what you have to do:

    Set up the Netgear Powerline by plugging in the Adaptor into the wall and connect it to a LAN port on your router. Next, plug the Extender into a wall outlet in the area that you want a better signal. After doing this, you will notice the network “NETGEAR” show up in your Airport list in the top right corner of the screen. Connect to the network and visit a site or two to make sure that the connection is how you want it. Next, open the Airport Utility and go to the Manual settings for your Airport router. Click on Advanced, then the Logging & Statistics tab. Next, click on the Logs & Statistics button on the bottom of the page. Click the “DHCP Clients” tab and you will see a number of devices that are communicating with your router. The one with the same MAC Address as your Netgear Wireless Extender (its MAC address can be found on the back of it) is your Wireless Extender. Note its IP Address and type it into your Internet browser. This will take you to the Settings page for your Netgear Powerline kit.

    Besides this ignorant lack of process that will probably take up many peoples’ time, the product is excellent.


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  3. 51 of 54 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Finally a comprehensive solution to a fundamental problem, April 21, 2011
    En P. Junction (paradise) –

    This review is from: NETGEAR Powerline AV 200 Wireless-N Extender Kit (XAVNB2001) (Personal Computers)
    Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (What’s this?)

    *********EDIT 8/30/12
    A few quirks with this otherwise great product. This product is incompatible with iTunes home sharing. If your itunes library is on one network and you are on the extended network, you won’t be able to see the shared library. this is a known problem, and there appears to be no solution. Second, the default encryption key is something simple, and is the same for every unit sold. I can’t believe this but it is true. Once, after a firmware update that factory reset everything I realized my XAVN2001 had connected to someone else’s network in my building– who also hadn’t changed the default key.

    I’ve used power line adapters since before they were renamed HOME PLUG and HOME PLUG AV.

    Some of the worked well, like linksys, others worked just as well at halve the price such as Actiontec.

    Answering friends, clients, families questions about how to get their internet from their den to the other side of their house was never a simple answer. If you want to keep it wireless you needed coordinated placement of repeaters and remotes that had to interoperate properly -easier said than done. It was expensive and could require maintenance.

    There always was WDS (wireless distribution system) which barely worked if you could find hardware that supported it. Other manufactures had their own “range extending technology” which was completely incompatible with the same company’s previous and future products. It was kind of a mess. Out comes this little bit of netgear kit. First It takes two high quality power line adapters to rout all the data through your homes AC wiring. This is part of a standard so you aren’t locked into an one manufacture. So instead of multiple wireless range extenders all trying to be on the same network and same encryption key, you basically have two plugs that create a wired connection through your home’s AC wiring that can carry data at 200Mbs (fast enough all HD content). What makes this kit stand out is that netgear included in on of the two plugs an full fledged wifi access point a/b/g/n. Prior to this you got a plug out of the wall but what would you do with it? you’d either plug it into a single device, a router, or a wireless router.This saves you having the extra box, power suply, extra thing to configure.

    He’s an archetypal setup. You have linksys (or some other major brand) wifi router on one end of your house but want wifi on the other side. With this kit you take the XAV2001 and plug it into a wall socket near you existing router. Next you connect a regular network cable from your existing router to the XAV2001. At the second location, the one in need of wifi, you take the AXVN2001 and plug it in to a outlet where it would be used. After a few seconds they unit will give you an green, yellow, or red light. Green means the connection is high speed up to 200Mbs yellow is slower, and red slower still. Now if you happen to get red, dont despair. Experiment with different plug locations for both plugs and here’s why. A number of things contribute to electrical noise in wiring that can degrade throughput performance. Fluorescent lights, dimmers, large motors, even a certain type of circuit breaker called AFCI can interfere. So do a little testing and see what combination of plug positions balance the through put with the proximity of what you need to connect too. they call it plug and check.
    once this is done you can take advantage of the really cool feature of this product. The second devices becomes a wireless repeater bridge for the first. It automatically inherits all of the primary network’s settings: network name, encryption key, and configures itself. Once setup is complete you can sign on your wifi network on the other side of the house without having to add a new wireless network to your devices.
    These devices are simple, they work well, and are expandable to 8 plugs (think) to accomodate larger facilities or multilevel structures.

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