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Question by Cliff: How to set a password for a netgear router?
We recently moved into a townhouse complex and want to be proactive toward keeping people from drawing off of our netgear router. I don’t have the paperwork from when we made the purchase, how do I set the password protect so that the above does not occur?

Best answer:

Answer by ilknur K
Default Password for NETGEAR Devices

Most of the NETGEAR devices, except ReadyNAS products and Fully Managed switches, have the following default username and password:

* Username = admin
* Password = password
o For older devices, password = 1234

If you have changed the default password and have forgotten it, you will need to reset the NETGEAR device to factory default settings in order to use the default username and password. Click here to learn how to reset the NETGEAR device to factory default settings. Please note: restoring a device to its factory default settings will erase any changes you have saved to the device.

This applies to:

* Most of the NETGEAR devices such as routers and smart switches.

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* Default admin password for Fully Managed Switches.
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Securing Your Wireless Network: WPA/WPA2 (Recommended) http://kb.netgear.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/112

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Netgear Router
netgear routers
Image by DeclanTM
New Netgear DG834G router from Virgin Media.

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