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NETGEAR Universal N600 Dual Band Wi-Fi to Ethernet Adapter (WNCE3001)

NETGEAR  Universal N600 Dual Band Wi-Fi to Ethernet Adapter (WNCE3001)

The NETGEAR Universal Dual Band Wireless Internet Adapter for TV & Blu-ray connects any device with an Ethernet port to your wireless home network. Dual Band provides maximum performance for video streaming when connecting your home theater device to the Internet. It can power via an existing USB port or a power adapter.

What is in the Box:

• Universal Dual Band Wireless Internet Adapter (WNCE3001)

• Stand

• Ethernet cable

• USB power cable

• Power adapter, localized to country of sale

  • Dual Band provides maximum performance for video streaming
  • Connects any network port (Ethernet port) to your home network: TV’s, Blu-ray Players, Game Consoles
  • Universal device, no worries about compatibility or drivers
  • Powered from either a USB port, or plug. With USB no messy wires!
  • Supports Windows 8

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Question by Bug: Netgear Wireless Router problems – Hot – Freezes?
I have a Netgear 54 mbps wireless router WGR614 that isn’t working right any more. The power light doesn’t light even though it’s plugged into the adapter and the adapter is securely plugged into a power strip. All that is plugged into the Netgear is the power adapter and nothing lights up except for the 1 2 3 4 (which shouldn’t be because there’s no cord plugged into there in the back) and the number 3 is a yellow/orange color while the rest is green. It was also very hot, I’m hoping someone can help me fix it.

Best answer:

Answer by Colinc
There is no fixing this, you need a new one.

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What customers say about NETGEAR Universal N600 Dual Band Wi-Fi to Ethernet Adapter (WNCE3001)?

  1. 157 of 161 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Extremely satisfied with this user friendly product, June 16, 2010
    N. Shah

    Excellent product, very easy to setup and use. Glad someone found how to make a device that will allow electronic devices that can only take ethernet connectiion but are far away from a Router and running a Cat5 Cable is not an option.

    I have Replay TV DVR that only takes ethernet cable to update TV Guide and due to this I was stuck with using this unit only at a location where I had access to ethernet cable, I bought the Netgear WNCE2001 and now I am able to use my Replay TV anywhere around the house.

    I also tried connecting this to a 24 port switch and was able to plug in devices into the switch and access internet…so in essence it made my 24 port switch into a 24 port wireless switch.


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  2. 85 of 92 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Amazing Device and Price is Right!, August 14, 2010

    WOW! I purchased the Netgear Universal Wifi Internet Adapter today and I was a little hesitant because it less expensive than other similar devices I’ve seen. Once I got home I opened the package and my Mac computer was connected to my WiFi Connection at home within minutes, so simple to set up. You can do a WPS automatic Connection if your wireless router supports that feature or you can set up the device using your computer (which is how I connected my device). I powered up my device and then connected the included ethernet cable to my Mac and opened the browser. The Netgear setup screen appeared and showed all the wifi networks available near me. I selected my network and less than a minute later I was connected. I suggest you connect the device wherever you’re going to use it so you won’t have to unplug and move the device like me. I purchased this adapter to connect my Samsung Blueray Player to the internet. Works perfectly, watching Netflix Streaming Movies and Listening to Pandora with no problems. Good range with this device as well, my wireless router (Belkin) is on the second floor of my house and the Netgear Internet Adapter is in the basement, works just fine.


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  3. 54 of 58 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Very nice!, August 19, 2010
    SkyeNoir (Bay Area, CA) –

    Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (What’s this?)
    When we first got our PS3, I had looked and looked for something like this adapter but found nothing. (Our original 20GB doesn’t have built-in wifi). Getting the PS3 connected to the internet turned into some of a chore, eventually settling down to a mini PC with wifi providing network connectivity via Internet Connection Sharing under WinXP. Not a good setup.

    On the side, I also do work on PCs and Macs. Getting them online for the latest OS updates, drives, etc was always a task that involved transporting loads of files via USB drive and then adding a wifi dongle as needed. Not exactly ideal, but dragging an network cable around the place wasn’t appealing either.

    When the Netgear device came along, I was more than ready to give it a shot. Setting it up with our network info was quick and painless, just followed the onscreen instructions. Once done, I tested it with my netbook to make sure all was well. Within about 30 seconds, it was online and ready to go. Next came the PS3, which also accepted it without a hitch after half a minute or so. And finally, I started taking it around to various computers and plugging it in. Not a single item balked at using it, and transfer speeds were very good.

    About the only complaint I could make about the unit is the time it takes to connect to your network initially. It’s under a minute, but, I’m impatient. It certainly takes a good deal longer than any of the other wifi enabled devices we own. But, really, unless you’re moving it around a lot, it isn’t something you’re likely to notice. (And you’re likely to be more patient than me.)

    One other thing I’d like to note is the dual power options. The unit comes with a small wallwart, but, you can power it up via USB port. Both work equally well, and have their benefits. The difference is that if you use USB, the unit will power up and down with whatever you have it plugged into, which is when you might see the lag in connecting. If you use the wallwart, then the unit stays on all the time and you will only see the lag the fist time you use it.

    It’s a very nice tool to have on hand, and the price is on par with a number of the standard USB wifi adapters that can’t be programmed. So far, range hasn’t been an issue, but I haven’t tested it extensively. I also haven’t tried using it as an input to another wifi router, though I plan to at some point.


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  4. NetGear I believe is the worst brand of wireless gear to buy, there is probably no way to fix it. Please if you can take it back and get Linksys, that is the best brand to purchase for wireless routing. Everyone I hear about who has NetGear is never satisfied with their product! I am sorry I couldn’t help about the fixing part, but I hoped I helped!

  5. I am not too familiar with the WGR614… but, you may find a re-set button on it… hold that for 30 secs… and try it..

    if that dont work… you’ll have to get a new one.

  6. I have a netgear router and it ALWAYS goes out….you should prob just but a new one, but i always turn my computer off then unplug the router for a minute then plug it back in and turn the computer on. works everytime on mine but its a pain.

  7. -yes i think you do can fix it by resetting it to its defaults,the reset button is on the back in a little hole,get something tiny put it in and hold it for 20 to 30 seconds,and that’s all,
    sorry for my english ,it isnt that good…

  8. If the router isn’t working, it would probably cost you more to try to fix it than to get a new one.

    As for your computer running hot – a desktop should have the fans checked and for a laptop, a cooler is nice. I recently picked up an Antec cooler for $ 9.99 (after rebates).

  9. First of all I been a tech for 13 years I own my own computer consulting firm. for home users that is all I recomend to customers I can not tell you how many dead linksys routers I have delt with. Netgear Bufflo and SMC , Trend Net and for the MAC users I really like the Airports they make a great router. The only reason most people chose linksys routers is because they have not used any other type of router and it has the Cisco name on it for business users I use cisco routers not linksys. but to answer the question about the negear router yes if it is not getting any power to it then I would look into replacing it with another Netgear router they are one of the most user freindly routers to use. I have my same one now for 5 years still works fine.

    I am also a Netgear partner and their support is way better then support I get with linksys.

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