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Wired vs Wireless Networking
Netgear wireless Routers
Image by Chris Pirillo
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live.pirillo.com/ – What’s the one thing Linksys, D-Link, and Netgear all have in commin? They all offer networking equipment, both wired and wireless. A user in the chat room wants to know what’s better: wired or wireless networks.The answer: It really depends on what you’re going to be doing on your network.For the average user, the only thing you really need to worry about is what systems are going to be on your network: will they be laptops, desktops, or a combination of the two?If you use mostly laptops, then you would be better off with a totally wireless networking solution. With a wireless network you won’t be tethered by an Ethernet cable, and you’ll be able to use the Internet virtually anywhere in your home.If you use mostly desktops, then you might want to consider having a wired network. A wired network offers a bit more security, since your packets will be restricted to the Ethernet cable, and you won’t have to worry about acquiring a good signal from you
r wireless router. Plus, Ethernet is fast (up to one gigabit per second) and getting faster (the latest standards drafts suggest speeds as high as 100 gigabits per second).If you use both laptops and desktops, or if you want to introduce a wired network into a wireless one, you could always go with a hybrid network.There are some security issues with using a wireless network, such as the potential for packet sniffing, so you’ll need to take the appropriate security measures to secure your wireless network, but if it’s properly secured you should not run into any problems.What do you think is better: wired or wireless?Check out the Wired or Wireless Networking video on YoutTube and subscribe to our channel!This video was originally shared on blip.tv by l0ckergn0me with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDeri

NETGEAR WGT624NA Wireless G Firewall Router

NETGEAR WGT624NA Wireless G Firewall Router

Netgear Wireless G Firewall RouterAmazon.com Product Description
The NETGEAR WGT624 Super-G Wireless Router offers:
  • Up to 108 Mbps via 802.11g wireless networking.
  • 4-port Ethernet switch for wired connections.
  • Double Firewall protection to defend your computer from external hacker attacks

Wireless networking is constantly evolving, and the need for increasingly faster speeds and greater range is not only sought after, but expected. If better wireless speed and range with consistent wireless connections is what you’re looking for, then NETGEAR has you covered with the WGT624 Super-G Wireless Router. With this handy device you’ll have no more dropped connections, and you can kiss dead spots goodbye.

With Super-G networking, the WGT624 can deliver speeds up to 108 Mbps. View larger.

This compact, stylish router provides a simple and secure way to share your high-speed Internet connection. The WGT624 has a 4-port switch, and delivers twice the speed and four times the coverage of the standard Wireless-G protocol. And to achieve maximum performance, NETGEAR suggests using Super-G wireless adapters, such as the Super-G Wireless PC Card, Super-G Wireless PCI Adapter, or the Super-G Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter.

If security is a concern, you can rest easy knowing that your network is being powered by this router. Designed to be configurable for private networks or public hotspots, the WGT624 features double Firewall protection to defend your computer from external hacker attacks. And with Touchless Wi-Fi Security, this device makes securing your network a breeze.

The routing protocols for the WGT624 are both static and dynamic routing. This device works with most Internet gaming and instant messaging applications, and other applications that support Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) for automatic Internet access. Other functions include:

  • Automatic ISP detection
  • Exposed Host (DMZ)
  • MAC address authentication
  • Time-based usage controls
  • “Trusted User” controls
  • URL content filtering
  • Logs and e-mail alerts of Internet
  • Wireless Access Control
  • Wi-Fi Protected access (WPA)
  • Pre-shared Key remote management

Setup is made quick and easy with the Smart Wizard install software. System requirements include a broadband (cable or DSL) Internet Service and a modem with an Ethernet connection; 2.4 GHz wireless adapter or Ethernet adapter and cable for each computer; Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, 2000, NT, Me, 98, 95, or other operating systems running a TCP/IP network; and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, Netscape 4.7 or higher, or Firefox 1.0 or higher, and Safari for Mac. Microsoft Vista Beta drivers are available at www.netgear.com/vista.

What’s in the Box
NETGEAR WGT624 Super-G Wireless Router, setup CD, power adapter, Ethernet cable, vertical stand, setup guide, and warranty/support information card.

  • Super-G Wireless router improves your wireless speed and range
  • 4-port switch delivers twice the speed and four times the coverage of the standard Wireless-G protocol
  • Configurable for private networks or public hotspots
  • Double Firewall protection to defend your computer from external hacker attacks
  • Device measures 6.9 x 1.1 x 4.7 inches (WxHxD)

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Question by joe5678901234: Is there anything wrong with putting a wireless router on a modem?
I just bought a Netgear Wireless-N router, but I haven’t connected it yet. My dad is afraid if I connect it directly to the modem it will over complicate our system, so what is the least complicated way to set up a wireless network?

Best answer:

Answer by David B
That’s what you are supposed to do. The router will route traffic on the network through the modem.

In fact, even if you have one computer, it’s best to put the router between your dsl/cable modem and the computer. Routers have firewalls to protect the network. If your computer is connected directly to the modem, it is open to attack (unless you have a software firewall installed).

Basically, you’ll have:

modem <-> router <-> network

Where network is composed of all of your computers.

Add your own answer in the comments!

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What customers say about NETGEAR WGT624NA Wireless G Firewall Router?

  1. 64 of 66 people found the following review helpful
    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Easy setup, poor quality, May 1, 2005
    KS (Sacramento, CA) –

    This review is from: NETGEAR WGT624NA Wireless G Firewall Router (Personal Computers)
    A month ago I bought the Netgear WGT624 Version 2 wireless “Super G” router, on the basis that it was affordable and that Netgear had always given me good service. Having professionally installed networks in the past, I have always been happy with Netgear’s commercial products and was expecting this one to be the same quality. The router was super easy to install and set up, their setup wizard was great, and when it worked, the router was blazing fast. I only got to use the cable connections, never got time to setup a wireless connection. As other reviewers have said, it was setup and running within five minutes of plugging it in.

    ***CAVEAT*** – It worked GREAT for two days, then began to randomly drop the LAN connections, resulting in the dreaded “Network Cable Unplugged” message (search for “netgear wgt624 network cable unplugged” or search Netgear’s forums for pages of similar complaints with no resolutions). This got worse, beginning at a few times per day, finally getting down to every few minutes – it now only worked a few times per day! After a week of swapping NIC’s, cables, and confirming settings, I finally broke down and e-mailed Netgear tech support – who was kind enough to reply after two days with the same things I had already tried (confirm settings, hardware reset, update firmware, etc.), and a request for more detailed system info if the problem persisted. Even with the most current firmware release, it would not work reliably – so I sent them back every detail they had requested but got no response after a week.

    When I finally called them, I got their tech support department in India who confirmed that I was eligible for free tech support (they only offer it for 90 days from purchase, then you have to pay) and then began to go over the e-mails we’d swapped. After 10 minutes with no luck, he suggested that I try the Beta version of the firmware release, AND that this beta version would void my Netgear warranty. After making this suggestion, he said goodbye and hung up in the middle of the conversation. When I immediately called back to India, I got a different tech and was told that I was already out of the 90 day free tech support period (I bought the router a month ago mind you) and that I would have to pay for any support or to get the router replaced under the warranty. After some argument, he finally agreed to help me, but found that the router was indeed defective – and pointed out that there is a known problem with these particular models and he could not guarantee that a replacement would work any better.

    In order to get the router replaced under the warranty, I would have had to fax or mail my receipt to India (not a toll free #), and wait a week for them to confirm that my Router was within the warranty. After this was done, I would have to call them back and PAY for the “Extended Tech Support,” since their computer showed that my router was out of the 90 day free support period (again, it was only a month old). If this return call to tech support proved that my router was defective, I would then get an RMA and have to either ship the defective router to India at my expense and wait three weeks for them to ship a refurbished replacement unit back, or pay them $30 to have a replacement shipped to me first, then ship the defective unit back to them at my expense.

    ***SOLUTION*** – I returned the router and bought another brand. In searching the Internet, I found that the equivalent D-Link model (the DI-624) has strikingly similar problems so I bought a Linksys and have been happy thus far. I agree with the reviews that the Linksys is not quite as foolproof to set up, but it’s worked great for two days now. We’ll see.


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  2. 31 of 31 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Performance problems with SPI?, October 27, 2003
    jeeames (Houston, TX) –

    This review is from: NETGEAR WGT624NA Wireless G Firewall Router (Personal Computers)
    That’s my observation. Ever since I installed this as a replacement for my D-Link DI-764, I noticed a drop in performance – downloading web pages and such. I thought it might just be some slowness to my cable provider but the problem persisted – Upon tinkering, I noticed that performance went from 1300-1700 to 2600-2900 Kbps when I disabled the router’s Stateful Packet Inspection. That’s a pretty big performance hit for SPI (in my book). Other than that, it’s delightful and the wireless works great, can’t use 108 much since it only works on channel 6 and my neighbor laid claim to channel 6 a long time ago.


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  3. 83 of 92 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    No Issues – Great router, August 30, 2004
    J. Sundquist (New York) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: NETGEAR WGT624NA Wireless G Firewall Router (Personal Computers)
    I bought this router to replace a Netgear MR814 v1 that I outgrew.

    Right out of the box, this router worked without changing any settings at all! I turned off all pc’s and my cable modem, connected the router, turned on my cable modem, then the router, then the pc’s. Everything worked like a champ.

    Next I went into the web interface (which you can get to by opening Internet Explorer and typing into the address bar, then type in the user and password) to setup the security settings. I was very impressed to see all of the latest security features included. Probably the one feature that I like the best was the auto firmware upgrade feature. The firmware of the router is what tells the router how to work. New versions of firmware can fix problems as well as give you new features. On many other routers the process of upgrading the firmware can be quite difficult for “normal” people that aren’t techies. With this router, you just click “Firmware Upgrade” and it will go out to netgear, find new firmware if available, and install it all automatically for you. Great feature.

    Range was also a big deal for me as the house it was being installed in was a split 3 level house with the router being in the 2nd floor. I never used to be able to go outside at all with my old router and the signal in the bottom floor was always very weak. This router lets me have full coverage throughout the house and venture off into my backyard to the edge of my property! Amazing improvement. I am using the Netgear WGT511 card in one laptop, the 802.11b pci card in a desktop downstairs, and a wired card in a desktop upstairs, all with no problems at all.


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  4. routers are supposed to be connected to the modem. That is how you recieve wireless internet access with the router. What will happen is the modem’s ethernet cable currently connected to the computer will now connect to the router. Another ethernet cable will go from the router to the computer. It all makes sense once you set it up. Many people who have laptops have wireless routers in their own home. This is typical. Learn more about wireless networks by visiting my source below.

  5. Is there another way?

    line in>modem>router>lines and signals out.

    [line in>firewall>distribution]Why did you buy the router?Safety or signal?

    Just follow instructions and secure the signal(WPA2).

  6. The only thing ‘wrong’ with putting a wireless router on the modem is that if you do not change the default settings the wireless network is open to anyone that wants to use it. Make sure to read the manual/instructions that came with your router to make sure you set it up properly and enable wireless security.

    I have setup hundreds of wireless routers and they’re usually pretty simple and well worth having.

    Generally the setup is as following:

    Remove power to cable/dsl modem.
    Connect the ethernet cable from the modem to the WAN or Internet port on the router.
    Connect any wired computers to the 1-4 ethernet ports on the router.
    Power up the modem and wait for the lights to come on.
    Power up the router.
    You will then want to change the wireless network name (SSID) and enable encryption (wireless security), setting your own password to keep people off your wireless network.

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