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Netgear WNR1000 Wireless-N Router
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NETGEAR Wireless-N Access Point

NETGEAR Wireless-N Access Point

NetGear Wireless N Access Piont Wireless N Access Piont(WN802Tv2)


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  1. 57 of 62 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Netgear Access Point – for those that already have a ROUTER!, March 25, 2009
    Tarun Chachra “Tarun Chachra” (Hillsborough, NJ) –

    This review is from: NETGEAR Wireless-N Access Point (Personal Computers)
    Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (What’s this?)

    HI All,

    The Netgear WN802Tv2 is an Access Point that is meant for an existing network that already has a router setup. In other words, you will need to have a wired or older wireless-g router in place before you can use this device for Wireless-N Connectivity.

    Basics first:
    Whats in the Box? Access Point, Ac Adapter, Ethernet Cable, Netgear CD, Quick Start guide, Warranty Card, and Stand.

    So begins the install and testing. I was mildly irritated when I read the quick start guide. Most of you that have routers with a 192.168.0.x address will be ok and can install this thing in a jiffy where as others that use different ip addresses like 192.168.1.x will have to go through a few extra steps as I did. Basically this access point comes configured with a 192.168.0.x address out of the box…therefore you must follow the quick start guide and first connect it to your computer with an ethernet cable to configure it. That being said, if your network provides 192.168.0.x addresses and you are not using you should be ok to plug this in and set it up via your browser.

    Once the IP situation is ready to go you simply open your web browser and go to the ip address. Log in with the username and password on the quick start card and you are given access to setup the access point with your preferences. Here are some of the basics:

    1. Upon Entry – Name of Access point and Country it is used in.
    2. Time Zone and If you would like to use a internet time server.
    3. IP Settings – you can manually assign it an ip address or have it use dhcp to get one from your existing router.
    4. Wireless Mode – 11b, 11BG, 11NG – all at 2.4ghz (another disappointment).

    Once you get more deeper into the setup you are able to go through a multitude of wireless options which include things like the broadcasting of your wireless id, security, quality of service etc. This access point does include Quality of Service settings for Wi-FI Multimedia (WMM) which basically provides preference to multimedia based content over the wireless network.

    This access point allows for a good array of security settings and supports Wep 128/152bit, WPA, etc….it also adds support for Radius Settings which can be found in an enterprise environment.

    Wireless Performance:
    This is probably one of the hardest tests to run but I was able to get some results. I used a commonly known speed test site to test my broadband connectivity whilst using the Netgear access point. As background, I have about 15-20mbps download and 2mbps upload via Comcast. The speed test on this router was similar to what I have achieved on my D-Link and Apple Airport Extremes. For that it gets a 5/5.

    Speed testing was not enough and now it was time to stream a hd quality movie from this device onto my ps3 from a mac…..this is probably where this access point will shine. I usually stream movies and get a bit of stutter here and there…so I wanted to make sure I tested a movie that I have played before. I started the the movie and saw a stutter for about one second…but once it started streaming it played on and I did not notice any of the usual issues. The WMM QOS does work (wi-fi multimedia quality of service). More testing will continue and I will update my review to indicate the good or bad.

    Now for my thoughts and opinion on the product:

    The size of the device is nice and the look is perfect. The picture on the product page does not do it any justice. The LED’s are perfectly light and not too bright…they wont take your eye out.

    I like the documentation, it will allow any user from novices to advanced users to be able to get up and running quickly with this device….More advanced documentation is on the resource CD. Note…you do not need the CD to install the device as the quickstart will guide you in the right direction at the get go.
    The price is high – If you are going to spend over $100 to buy an access point you are better off spending the same amount to buy a new router which has built in Wireless N abilities. Even if you dont need another router, you can buy one and use it as an access point.

    NO 5ghz – Another negative – most wireless-n routers are now able to broadcast in 5ghz mode. This router does not have that ability…and again for something with this price point it should. You can also spend $10-20 more and buy a dual band router which broadcasts in both 2.4ghz and 5ghz modes. With all of the wireless around our homes and offices, it is a must to have the 5ghz band so our computers can run un-affected by other wireless devices such as cordless phones etc….

    Wireless performance is on par with other products and the WMM-QOS features make this access point shine.

    Last but not least – and this may be just for me – but I…

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  2. 17 of 17 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Solid Product, April 16, 2009
    Zulma (Western New York) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: NETGEAR Wireless-N Access Point (Personal Computers)
    Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (What’s this?)

    Over the past week I have been testing out the Netgear Wireless-N Access Point, and it runs pretty well. Let me start out by pointing out that if you are looking for a simple wireless point to just plug in, connect to, and get going, then this isn’t for you. If you have more of background knowledge in Network settings, and configuring routers and access points, then you shouldn’t have any trouble with this.

    I started out the journey with first setting up the Netgear WAP (Wireless Access Point). Looking through the instructions, I quickly realized that the instructions offer enough help for a network-oriented person to set it up, but are severely lacking to even give your average day Joe a chance at hooking it up. Running through the instructions, I had a few moments where I had to reset the WAP and start over, but I got it set up eventually.

    The GUI configuration is laid out similar to other Netgear routers and WAPs. It comes with your basic settings, and the Quality of Service settings which include Wifi Multimedia. You also get the basic IP settings so you can choose what IP the Wireless Access Point gets or if you want it to automatically get its own IP.

    The speed of the Netgear Wireless-N Access Point is definitely noticeable over the speed of regular Wireless – G devices. I compared a few different movie transfers using the Wireless – N, and the Wireless – G. The Wireless – N transferred the movie about 25% faster than the Wireless – G. After the initial setup with the Netgear Wireless-N Access Point, I had no noticeable problems. I’ve been using it for about a week now and it’s still running smooth without any of the issues some of the other user seem to suffer.

    There is one downside to this Wireless Access Point though. It’s the price; it’s a little too steep for this product. While it is a trusted brand, there are far more Wireless – N Access Points to choose from that are far cheaper than this. Other then this and the few problems I had setting up the Wireless Access Point in the beginning, it’s a pretty solid product.

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  3. 13 of 14 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Spartan both in functionality and documentation, but works., March 27, 2009
    Lon J. Seidman “Lon Seidman” (CT) –
    (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: NETGEAR Wireless-N Access Point (Personal Computers)
    Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (What’s this?)

    So here’s the deal: if all you do is surf the web on your laptop, or you’re looking for a ‘plug and play’ wireless-N routing solution this is NOT the product for you. If you are a medium to advanced computer user and are looking to add Wireless-N speeds to your existing network, this Netgear product is worthy of consideration.

    Network neophytes should stay away. This device is not plug and play and will require your PC or Mac to be on a 192.168.0.xxx network to connect to its web based control panel. More than likely that means you will need to manually change your computer’s networking configuration in order to set the access point’s IP address for your network. It will not receive an IP address automatically.

    Security is off by default so you’ll want to set that up during the initial configuration. IMPORTANT NOTE: Using WPA will force the unit to operate in the slower Wireless G mode (at least with a Macbook Pro). You’ll want to use WPA2 encryption in order to get Wireless-N speeds. This was not spelled out in the documentation nor was it explained on the unit’s control panel.

    After it is configured installation is relatively painless. Just connect it to an available ethernet port and wireless clients will have access to your network.

    Having used a Wireless-G router/access point for the last four years, the difference in speed for file sharing, video work, printing, etc. on this wireless-N device is substantial and immediately noticeable.

    To test throughput I transmitted a 310 megabyte file from my desktop to my Macbook Pro using both this Netgear product and my older Linksys Wireless-G access point/router. The Macbook was in the kitchen directly underneath the room containing the access points.

    The Linksys wireless router delivered the file in 3 minutes, 48 seconds. The Netgear Wireless N access point delivered the same file in 41.1 seconds. A sizable performance increase.

    This product feels very ‘spartan’ and could use better documentation both in the box and also through its web based control panel. Hopefully Netgear will improve the control panel in future versions of its firmware, including adding an option to only allow the unit to operate in N mode (mixing G and N clients impacts performance).

    I have not experienced the connectivity issues others have talked about in their reviews, but I will update this review if I come across them.

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