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Synology Disk Station DS409slim Network Attached Storage (NAS)
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Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Home 1TB STAM1000100

Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Home 1TB STAM1000100

The GoFlex Home network storage system connects to your WiFi router, allowing you to wirelessly store and access files and back up multiple computers in the home. The GoFlex Home network storage system includes software to automatically and continuously back up all the files and folders on up to 3 PC and Mac computers in the home. By storing files in a central location on your network, you can use one drive for all your storage and backup needs. When connected to your home WiFi router, the GoFlex Home network storage system enables you to wirelessly store and access files from any PC or Mac computer in the home. The GoFlex Home network storage system also allows you to stream media to game consoles and the GoFlex TV HD media player. Store all your photos, movies and music on the GoFlex Home network storage system and enjoy your media and favorite memories from any room in the house. Additionally, you can share a USB printer with every computer in the home by simply connecting to the USB port on the GoFlex Home network storage system or you can plug in a USB drive to the port to increase storage capacity. The built-in drive can also be upgraded by simply removing the drive from the base and replacing with a higher capacity GoFlex Desk drive. With a simple guided setup process and just two cable connections, the GoFlex Home network storage system installs in just minutes, allowing you to quickly begin protecting your files, enjoying your media and accessing your content wherever you are. Additional licenses available for purchase

  • Connects to your WiFi router, enabling convenient, wireless access to all your files from any PC or Mac computer in the home
  • Automatically and continuously back up files and folders from up to 3 PC and Mac computers in the home ? Time Machine software compatible
  • Stream movies, photos and music to PCs, Mac computers, game consoles and GoFlex TV HD media player
  • Simple setup in just minutes
  • Share a USB printer with every PC and Mac computer in the home

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Question by Seighart: wireless storage device?
is there external hard drive or usb stick that i can connect to without plugging it into my computer?
maybe with bluetooth or something along those lines…

Best answer:

Answer by Zixi Olvers
I think you are looking for a Wireless NAS (Network Attached Storage) solution. Consider products such as

Iomega StorCenter 1TB

Or D-Link DSM-G600

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Wooww, nice product! I want to share this product!

What customers say about Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Home 1TB STAM1000100?

  1. 100 of 105 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Excellent product if you set it up correctly, February 11, 2012
    Me Knows “DigitalRaj” (Dallas, TX USA) –

    I nearly wrote this network backup drive off until I finally corrected the way I set it up.

    Initially when I set it up my backups were taking for ever and I nearly returned this to Costco. Copying a 1 GB file from my laptop over the wireless network was taking 15 minutes. So imagine backing up a 300GB drive (3 days). I realized that something had to be incorrectly setup.

    The problem was not the drive, but was the fact that everything was connected through my Verizon Fios wireless router!!! This router is only a 10/100 wireless router! This was the issue – it was the bottleneck that was slowing everything down. I bought a simple gigabit wireless router and connected my entire home network to it so all communication in my home was not approximately 7-8 times faster. My gigabit router then connected to the Verizon Fios router to access the internet.

    So now copying a 1 GB file over the wireless network takes around 2 minutes (instead of 15).
    Copying a 1GB file from a PC that has a lan wire connected to it takes approximately 1 minute.

    So if you’re going to buy this great and cheap device I suggest that you spend some time in learning how to do this right (or get someone else to help you).

    3 Big Tips:
    1) Don’t install the software that comes with the drive. Instead open a browser, type in goflexhome.local in the Address field, and press Enter to start the setup.
    2) Make sure that you don’t use a 10/100 wireless router. This will be the bottle neck and slow things down immenseley.
    3) If you are using a PC then use Cobian (a free backup software) to backup your PC. With a Mac use Timemachine.

    I now have this setup so that my PC’s and Mac backup by themselves up on a daily basis.


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  2. 223 of 247 people found the following review helpful
    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Cross of a True NAS and a Consumer External with the Features of Neither, September 27, 2010
    Sam F. (PA USA) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    When I bought this product, I was very optimistic. The promise of a consumer-friendly network attached storage drive that is quick and easy to use, has plenty of features, and is compatible with tons of devices. I am a fan of the Seagate GoFlex system with swappable docks. However, in the end the use of this GoFlex Home has fallen below expectations.

    My biggest problem with this drive is the read/write speeds, especially the latter. As a 2 TB drive, one would expect to load a fair amount of data onto it, and read large files off of it. The read speeds on this thing were halfway decent, but not good enough to effectively stream an HD movie, even on a fast wireless N network. The write speeds are far worse. Transferring files wirelessly to the drive had a max speed of only ~4 Mbps, and an average barely over 3. Even worse, the dock’s USB port had an even slower speed, max around 3 Mbps and average just under 2. Moving files around internally was also often slow, it was unbearable. It literally took days of straight transfer to get 1 TB onto this drive.

    Beyond these already-crippling problems, this drive does not work with quite as many devices as the advertising would suggest, or at least, not for free. Multiple reviews suggested it would work right out of the box with my Xbox 360. After numerous attempts and a bunch of research, I have decided that this is not the case. Without third party software, this device will not stream to the 360, and possibly not even with said software. I also was unable to get it to stream to my Android phone (Droid X), even though it is DLNA equipped. The sharing features in the software are confusing and don’t seem to work the way they should. Even more annoying, the drive does not appear as a network drive until after you boot up the software, which means you must do this every time you start up the computer. This is completely unnecessary. Other users on the network can access the drive, but only after installing the software, and only up to a certain limit. Internet access works, but could be better.

    In the end, this drive did a few things decently well. However, any larger NAS has a benefit of both much faster speeds and better backup and security options (RAID configurations). I decidedly advise against getting this product.


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  3. 185 of 209 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Wirelessly Backup Files and Folders Throughout Your Home Network, September 24, 2010
    Zulma Johnson (New York) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Home 1TB STAM1000100 (Personal Computers)
    Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (What’s this?)

    UPDATE: According to other users who commented on my review, this Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Home external hard drive will work with OS X Lion. This new operating system that was released by Apple on July 20, 2011. My review is based on using it with OS X Snow Leopard.

    I give this item a 3.5 stars. It looses some stars because it really is not “simple set up” as it states. It takes some time to get it up and your files to back up the first initial time. I was extremely excited to try this product with my home network since we have two Windows PCs (1 XP & 1 Windows 7), and one Mac computer. For each desktop computer, I have installed wired external backup drives. The idea of having ONE back up drive to backup all my files, photos and iTunes music seemed to be like a dream come true. Features a 1TB storage, which is equivalent to 1024GB.

    Lets start with the installation. I am using the Windows 7 PC for initial setup. First and most important, you need a Home Network, a wireless router and of course an internet connection. Enclosed in the box is a very basic “Quick Start” guide, I recommend going to the manufacturer’s website and downloading the 82 page manual which gives more information. I plugged in power and Ethernet cable to my wireless router. I powered up the drive and inserted the installation CD. I named and registered my drive and added additional user accounts , one for each computer. After that was complete I had to install the software on my other Windows PC and Mac. After I installed the CD on the other PCs, a screen pops up asking to insert the username and password. It’s that simple. On my Mac the installation was a little different, but I was able to easily follow the instructions and get it connected using Time Machine with no hassles. One bit of advice for Mac users, if you plan on using Time Machine to back up your files instead of using the optional Memeo Instant Backup, you need to go to Seagate Share Preferences before installing the program on the Mac. Once you are in the preferences page, enable ComputersBackup. Create a password, this password will be used to configure the program when it is installed on your Mac. This information can only be found in the downloaded Users Manual online. Luckily I read the entire manual before attempting to install the Seagate GoFlex. It did take a long, long time to backup all files and folders from all three computers, but I had no bugs or issues. Depending on how many files and folders you are having backed up, it may take all day and night. The program will just run in the background and you do not have to do anything.

    The drive will automatically created three folders for each PC account, a public, personal and backup folders. The Seagate Dashboard is the centralized location for all the computer files. This only works with Windows, this is the reason I used my Windows 7 PC as the main system. On the Mac it is Seagate Share and you must use the internet to access the files. You do have the option to use the internet storage base for Windows as well if you like.

    There are a few options on how you want to backup your files, I went with the automatic backup. I clicked on instant backups on my menu and the computer shows you the amount of storage that will be included in the backup. If you only what to choose certain files, you can use the advanced settings and drag which files to backup. After clicking “Start Backup”, my files started backing up. Whenever I add a new file to the folder or make and changes, the Seagate GoFlex will automatically back up the new file.

    Every computer in my home already has a wireless printer, so I really have no use to for the share printer option. But if you do want to use a printer wireless throughout your home network, you must attach the printer via the printer’s USB cable to the Seagate GoFlex Drive.

    There are many other features and options that can be used, but my primary reason for using this device is to backup the iTunes and photo files on all the computers. When you have thousands of songs and spent several hundreds of dollars on iTunes purchases for every iTunes account on each system, you want to make sure you can access your file in case something terrible happens like the internal hard drive dies. Trust me, I have had this happen to me. I always burn my photos to a CD for added protection, but this way we can share our photos from any computer.

    Overall, once you get the unit installed and your files and folders backed up it is extremely easy to use. I guess time will tell if the unit is reliable for retrieving backup files if your system crashes or dies. Hopefully I will not have to find that out! :-)

    UPDATE: Sometimes I am not able to gain access to my account online. This is because I use Firefox with a 64-bit operating system and currently “Flash” is not not supported for…

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  4. if you have a wireless network or network hub (like linksys with ethernet high speed ports on the back), you can find a hard drive online that will probably support being plugged into an ethernet port, but if you dont have a wireless network or a hub, then there is no option but to plug it directly into your computer

  5. There is another option to consider if you have a spare computer around,you can join this to the wireless router viaa a normal RJ-45 (ethernet cable) , then you can make a share on the computer and just map the shared drive to the laptop with wireless.

    You end up with a Wireless NAS this way also.

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