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Setting Up Wireless Printer ~ Ubuntu 12.04

It is easier than you might think to setup a wireless printer in Ubuntu. The Epson Stylus NX620 was used for this tutorial. It was already connected to the w…

Question by Cableman: Can I access a wireless Printer with a PC wired into my wireless router?
I want to upgrade my printer so I can air print. I am looking at the Epson Expression Premium XP-600 Small-in-OneĀ® Printer. I have 2 PCs wired into to my AT&T 2-wire wireless network. Will I be able to print to the new wireless printer?

Best answer:

Answer by elven_rangers
They would be connected to the same network so the answer is yes.
The only question is how to install it. If it will simply be a printer connected to a router (as in, it appears to be yet another device) then you need to search for it on network, add it and then point it to where the drivers are (or maybe Windows will see it and install it straight away).

If the router can be configured as a print server, then you need to take a look at the router manual for printer server setup first (doesn’t matter if the printer is connected by wire or wireless). Usually in that case the router will automatically setup the printer for you and it will show a printer service without a need to install drivers yourself.

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Son of Sub is up and running
epson wireless printer
Image by juhansonin
The Epson 9900’s first print was a Design Axiom scroll for our studio on tracing paper. So quiet and lovely!

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