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Raspberry Pi clear case.
wireless hdmi
Image by inrepose
First look at our new Raspberry. This is a very tiny computer running Debian Linux and booting from an SD card. It was ordered from RS in the UK and took about 3 Months to arrive because they had a massive manufacturing backlog and high demand on the tiny machine. It uses a USB style power cable, has HDMI, Audio and Composite out. One of the two USB sockets has a wireless mouse controller in it and a CAT5 network cable is plugged in. So far it seems responsive and fast completing basic web browsing. Ideal for home media streaming, low heat, low power and very small. It is basically an ARM mobile phone without the phone.

SIIG Wireless USB to HDMI with Audio Kit (JU-HM0211-S1)

SIIG Wireless USB to HDMI with Audio Kit (JU-HM0211-S1)

SIIG s Wireless USB to HDMI with Audio Kit is an excellent wireless solution enabling you to connect a HDMI display with audio to your USB-enabled (USB 2.0 or later) computer. This wireless USB to HDMI with Audio Kit works flawlessly with standard and wide screen monitors and supports 1080P for still image, 720p HD video, digital stereo sound, mirror and extended display modes. It transmits HD video and stereo audio signals wirelessly up to 33 feet (10 meters) from your computer to your HDTV. Additional features include one-step driver installation and auto-pairing feature for user-friendly installation. The Wireless USB to HDMI with Audio Kit is the perfect solution enabling you to add an extra HDMI display with audio to your desktop or notebook computer. SIIG s Wireless USB to HDMI with Audio Kit is powered by Display Link chip and Alereon NoWire driverless technology, conforms to USB specification revision 2.0, is FCC and CE regulatory approved and RoHS-compliant. In addition, it is compatible with a wide variety of Windows operating systems and is backed by SIIG s limited 3-year warranty.

  • Up to 10 meters wireless connection, no more cable clutter
  • Powered by Alereon NoWire driverless technology
  • Supports 720p HD video and digital stereo sound
  • Supports 1080P for still image
  • Supports mirror mode and extended mode
  • Auto driver installation and auto pairing feature

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Question by Patricia S: Wireless laptop to TV hook up?
I want to watch movies on my laptop and have them displayed on my TV. I had an HDMI cable, but it just broke. Before I run out to buy another, I was wondering if there is anyway to hook my laptop to my television wirelessly. I think I saw a Windows 7 commerical about doing this, but I cant recall. Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by G
Only if your TV broadcasts/receives a wireless signal. Highly doubtful if it does. There are equipment out there that will do something like this but it is way more expensive than a HDMI. 😀

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Wooww, nice product! I want to share this product!

What customers say about SIIG Wireless USB to HDMI with Audio Kit (JU-HM0211-S1)?

  1. 7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Easy isntallation and nice video quality …, June 12, 2011
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: SIIG Wireless USB to HDMI with Audio Kit (JU-HM0211-S1) (Electronics)

    First of all, I am trying to write a general review base on the users’ point of view since most of the tech site already have all the tech info on the “Nitti gritty” testing of the chip spec and performance. I don’t need to go there again and the key point is to look at the end product’s total design integration and the easy use of the product + the impression of the video quality.

    OK, Here we go

    It is nicely packed in simple industrial type white box with a feature labels on it. I like it… didn’t waste too much on the package and killing the tree.
    It comes with
    * The receiver unit
    * The transmitter
    * The HDMI cable (a plus since a lot of DVD player doesn’t even include that anymore)
    * AC adapter the power source
    Overall the product is not bad looking besides that it doesn’t feel or look like a cheap product.

    I am going to test it on different platform…
    1> a HP Pavillion DV7t I7 2nd gen 8G system with ATI 1G video card… running win 7 HM Premium
    2> an Older Toshiba M200 Centrino tablet pc (1.8G) with 785M + Win 7
    3> a P4 desktop 2.8G / 1.5G M / Win XP HM sp2 (if I have time)
    You can see that I am curious about trying to run the device at the older Laptop/Desktop and see if the PC’s horse power is going to be a big factor on the device’s performance. (if it is well designed that it should take away too much PC’s CPU power)

    I will test the SIIG device with the system 1 first
    The product comes with a smart design by preloading the drivers onto the USB receiver (embedded a small memory in the USB with all the drivers loaded) so there’s no CD included with the product. NEAT!
    The installation is pretty easy… after plug the USB .. the Video Chip Display link driver is installed (not bad… on the market the most popular two Video chips for the external video is MCT and Display link, although the MCT is as good on paper but display has a little edge on the performance)

    next I hook up the receiver… the BLUE LED power indicator light up and before I know it that the green led lit up… after few experiment I know the light is wireless connection status indicator).. Then the PC start installing the Alereon wireless USB software (this is also a top brand wireless USB chip set)

    **NOTE on the light –
    GREEN-As long as the LED light is green that you are is a high performance safe zone… that’s about 12 feet away

    Yellow/Amber – This happened when I was about 15 feet away and put the laptop in another room, you can see that the movie start to have a tiny little bit delay that cause the movie to lost some of its smoothness in motion.

    RED – lost connection or it is not connected. This is usually due to the fact that the transmitter and receiver is too far away. Or the device is not properly synced.
    Anyway, I setup the video in extended mode and let the power DVD player, play the transformer 2 – I pick the action movie so that I can see if there’s any pixilation. By the way, I am able to push the TV resolution up to 1080P, but it is only good if you distance is less than 10 feet away. The transmitter and receiver better in the same room. (According to my experiment)

    Brief summary:
    * Video playback: 5 nice and smooth, I didn’t notice any pixilation yet. I can even surf the net while the movie is playing

    * Ease of use : 5 (very easy to install and use… almost like plug and play device)

    * ID design and quality: 4.5 (not the pretties unit but good enough for me and the material it use is pretty good)

    * Manual: 3.5 (the QIG is nice and clear to get you started, but for most of the uer that the complete manual is needed on website and I have called SIIG that they will put the full menu on web site later, but not yet.. this is bad for the user who is not expert with the PC)

    * Overall impression: 4.5 (so I have to give 5 star for now)

    Please stay tune… I will update and give you the older Laptop’s general test result.

    Oh, before I go…
    **NOTE on the Audio… on Win 7 that you open the control panel –>device manager—> sound–>click on WUSB audio –> set as default if you didn’t hear the Audio coming out from your laptop instead the TV
    Dr. T

    ***** UPDATE…. finally got time to try the P4 system…. it also worked well it looks like the products’ internal memory and processor able to handle most of the job….
    I won’t test on the Toshiba since the laptop it self has some video problem recently so I can’t make judgement base on that PC.

    hope the review help your guys out…


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  2. 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Easy to set up but needs line of sight., May 6, 2013

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: SIIG Wireless USB to HDMI with Audio Kit (JU-HM0211-S1) (Electronics)
    I bought this device as part of my cut the (pay TV) cord strategy. I have two TVs on the same level of the house that share video using an HDMI over Ethernet solution. My goal was to display the laptop to either TV regardless of where I was on that level of the house. I figured if it didn’t have the range I could at least use it for the living room where I would benefit the most. My hope was that it would work through walls but I never found anything definitive either way in my research of the product. Most products like this require a line of sight.

    The unit I received was a Hardware version 1. I plugged the base unit directly into a TV. I connected the USB transmitter into my Windows 8 laptop. There was no problem loading the drivers. After a reboot of the laptop, I was ready to try displaying it on the TV. It showed up as a secondary monitor and I extended the display to the TV. It seemed pretty decent just poking around Windows. I played a video and it was very choppy when displaying on the TV. I tried duplicating the displays instead of extending them, the result was about the same. When running as duplicates, the fact that the TV and laptop were different resolutions made the picture not fill the entire TV screen. That wasn’t a huge surprise, I had to adjust to the TV to use a zoom mode. More toying around and I realize that just putting my hand around the USB transmitter would make it cut out. When I put the base unit up higher, I got better results. A good line of sight is required, it doesn’t work through hands, knees, walls, or anything. I couldn’t leave the room but I was getting somewhere. The range claims up to 30 ft. I got about 20 ft. before it would begin to cut out. It has some fluff features in the software that were less than useful. One is “Fit to TV” which did nothing to help with the different resolutions. The other, “Optimize for video” appeared to make no difference on video playback. Being that the manual didn’t mention Windows 8, I tried it on a Windows 7 laptop. The results were the same except I had to go to the internet to get the drivers loaded.

    Overall it’s not an awful product but it’s practical use is limited. I ended up setting up an HTPC and using VNC and/or a media center remote to control it.


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  3. 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Not truly “driverless” at all – still requires admin rights to use!, November 1, 2013

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: SIIG Wireless USB to HDMI with Audio Kit (JU-HM0211-S1) (Electronics)
    Unfortunately, the big selling point of this item was that it was intended to be “driverless” – and this did not live up to that promise. I needed a setup for a corporate conference room, and I wanted to ensure that company colleagues and guests would not need IT support to use this hardware on demand.

    While the USB transmitter DOES have the drivers on-board, it was unable to load without admin privileges on the computers I tried it on. This will NOT work for the scenario outlined above, so I had to return the device.

    I ended up using the “Nyrius ARIES Prime Digital Wireless HDMI Transmitter” (I can’t figure out how to make a link in my review any more, sorry…) as it simply acts as a wireless HDMI cable, with truly no admin support required.


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  4. if you have a wireless receiver for VGA to HDMI

  5. Its very expensive to do that. You need to buy a wireless sender/reciever kit, but a good one costs £££.

    Better off just buy a new HDMI cable from ebay, like £5 or something.

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