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Sony DSLR-A900 with Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 135mm f/2.8
wireless hdmi
Image by Arkku
During a temporary(?) fit of insanity, I snatched up a Sony DSLR-A900 when I saw it available in Finland at a price close to the UK-only deals I’d been drooling over. I haven’t regretted the decision, and it seems to have been a very opportune moment—the camera disappeared from the online shop within hours of my order, and the shop informed me that it was because they had sold all they could get at that price.

For me the major advantage of this camera is finally being able to use my vintage lenses without a crop factor, i.e. on a sensor as large as the film frame the lenses were intended for. The only disadvantage is having to figure out what to do with my beloved Sigma 10-20mm lens, which doesn’t quite cover the full frame (although apparently the camera doesn’t force crop-mode with this lens). I may just sell it and get something like the upcoming Samyang 14mm f/2.8 instead.

(As a brief review: this camera is great. The viewfinder is the best I’ve seen, the ergonomics are excellent, and everything I need is included. A couple of additional, non-essential features that could have been easily implemented in software, e.g. mirror lock-up with the wireless remote, but overall the camera is very full-featured.)

Sony MDRRF925RK Wireless Headphone

Sony MDRRF925RK Wireless Headphone

No more fussing with messy wires,  The MDR-RF925RK wireless headphones system gives you the freedom to travel up to 150 feet from your sound source while delivering stereo quality sound,  This system includes Ni-MH rechargeable batteries –  900MHz RF wireless transmission and headphones with a 40mm driver for deep bass. An auto tuning feature conveniently scans up and down the band to automatically tune in channels. The MDR-RF925RK wireless headphones system enables an easy connection to a wide variety of sound sources. Package Contents –  MDRRF925RK Wireless Headphone Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery Pack, Stereo connecting cable Cord Length (Approx.) : 39 3/8 in. (1.0 m) .  Connectivity Technology –  Wireless,  Wireless Technology –  RF,  Wireless Operating Distance –  150 ft,  Sound Mode –  Stereo,  Minimum Frequency Response –  20 Hz,  Maximum Frequency Response –  20 kHz,  Battery Information –  Maximum Battery Run Time –  18 Hour,  Earpiece Design –  Over-the-head,  Earpiece Type –  Binaural,  Earpiece Controls –  Volume,  Driver Type –  Neodymium,  Driver Size –  1,  57″,  Physical Characteristics: Form Factor – Ear-cup. Limited warranty 3 months for parts and 3 months for labor.What’s in the box :Sony MDR-RF925RK Wireless RF Stereo Headphones, Transmitter, Power Adapter, Rechargeable Battery Pack and Limited 90-Day Warranty Parts & Labor.
  • Technical Information–Connectivity Technology–Wireless::Technical Information–Wireless Technology–RF::Technical Information–Cable Length–Not Applicable::Technical Information–Wireless Operating Distance–150 ft::Technical Information–Sound Mode
  • Stereo::Technical Information–Minimum Frequency Response–20 Hz::Technical Information–Maximum Frequency Response–20 kHz::Battery Information–Maximum Battery Run Time–18 Hour::Earpiece–Earpiece Design–Over-the-head::Earpiece–Earpiece Type–Binaural
  • Earpiece–Earpiece Controls–Volume::Earpiece–Driver Type–Neodymium::Earpiece–Driver Size–1.57″::Physical Characteristics–Form Factor–Ear-cup
  • Limited warranty 3 months for parts and 3 months for labor.
  • 150ft max signal reception
  • 900MHz RF wireless transmission, FM stereo sound
  • Charging time approx 16H; Battery life up to 15H, AC Adaptor (DC 12V) included
  • Induction charging: not direct pin contact
  • Volume control on ear piece, auto power On/Off

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Question by CRex: Is there a high resolution wireless adapter that connects computers and televisions?
I want to play high definition movies on my computer and send them to my TV wirelessly. Is there something that does this without reducing the video quality?

Best answer:

Answer by aviatingamateur
Yes. WHDMI extenders allows one to wirelessly transmit video signals between an HDMI / DVI source and an HDMI display, with a range of up to 35 feet.

It would be totally impractical though, because a set of WHDMI extenders cost almost $ 1000.

A $ 10 cable would be far more cost-effective.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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What customers say about Sony MDRRF925RK Wireless Headphone?

  1. 311 of 323 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Great choice for wireless headphones, September 21, 2007
    EMTP EJ “EJ” (Washington, DC USA) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Sony MDRRF925RK Wireless Headphone (Electronics)

    I can’t believe that I haven’t found reviews for this product! I got a system so my wife could listen to the TV while watching in bed and not have the sound disturb others. I got this one because -1- it is RF as opposed to infrared so if she goes into another room she can still hear the sound, -2- has “drop-in” inductive charging of the rechargeable batteries as opposed to teeny-tiny contacts, -3- is from a well-known manufacturer as opposed to some off-brand, -4- it had switch-able frequencies to diminish the chance of interference with other 900MHz devices (I had to look at Sony’s website for that), -5- the price is reasonable because of the quality reputation of Sony, and -6- it was available from […] as opposed to some fly-by night company.
    I was very pleased to find that it had arrived with the right cable (mini stereo to RCA L&R plugs) AND it works with devices that have RCA jacks OR mini stereo jacks because the transmitter has both types! We are fortunate that the TV has a headphone jack (unusual for the size of the tube) and it cuts off the TV speaker.
    The sound in the headphones is amazing – so much better than sound from the speakers in any of the TVs in the house. I may get some of these instead of a surround-sound system for the family room.

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  2. 155 of 163 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Best So Far, May 4, 2009
    MurphyMax (Atlanta, GA) –

    This review is from: Sony MDRRF925RK Wireless Headphone (Electronics)

    These Sony headphones are my fourth try with wireless headphones, and these Sonys are the best so far. My first wireless headphones were IR based (infrared), which left me totally underwhelmed in terms of sound quality and line-of-sight range. My next phones were Sony’s older 900Mhz RF model, which I used regularly for at least three years until last week. These new RF925RK headsets are like awesome compared to the older Sony set. There is little or no background noise (dead quiet), and the ear pads are larger so they completely cover the ears. In fact, the inner ear pads are ergonomically profiled to fit over the ear (asymmetrical – left and right are different). The new Sony uses an induction charging base, which sure beats the heck out of the previous method of lining up those tiny contact pins — always a hassle. Sound fidelity is not my principal concern, as I am not an audiophile, but clarity and richness is appreciated. These Sony phones sound terrific! Oh, one other thing. I can’t stress enough how important it is that Sony wireless Rf phones turn themselves off automatically when you removed them from your head. Also, the Sony rechargable AAA batteries can be replaced with regular Alkaline AAAs in a in case you forget to charge-up these phones.

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  3. 67 of 71 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Wirless head phone, October 27, 2007
    R. Holmes (Irving, TEXAS) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Sony MDRRF925RK Wireless Headphone (Electronics)

    Having a hearing loss we had to keep the T V louder than normal. This solved the problem as the family can listen to the T V at normal level, and I can hear with the wireless headphones. And they are glad that I no longer ask, “what did they say?”

    The reception quality is good, and walking to different rooms, I did not loose reception.

    I hooked the transmitter to the T V using the extra audio jacket on the T V. This way the T V sound stays on. This was not in the hook up information instructions. If you hook the receiver to the phone jack, it disables the T V speakers.

    A connecting cord (phone plug, stereo miniplug) comes with it. I bought an extra one. That way I plugged the connecting cord into the headset jack on the radio, and the other one into headset jack on the receiver of the headless phone. This way I can leave the transmitter (which holds the headset also) in one spot. If both the radio and TV are on at the same time, you can just disconnet one, otherwise when listening to only one, you just pick up the headset, and it turns on automatically, and you don’t have to do anything.

    For the price, it can’t be beat.

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