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Question by CraZeD: What is the difference between a Wireless G and Wireless N routers?
I am looking to set up a fairly basic network in a new townhouse. I guess you could say I’m too lazy to just google this topic.

My question is, what are the differences between a wireless G router and a N router. My network will consist of probably 2 desktops, 1 laptop, 2 phones, and 1 wireless media center.

Best answer:

Answer by Josh H
Wireless N go further. Wireless G is better for apartments and such, if you live in a house get the N, the signal strength is always good to ahve

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  1. Wireless G is the current national standard we are using for wireless. It is rated at a maximum speed of 54Mbps with a radius range of approximately 75′. Please keep in mind that both numbers are based off a clear line of site and minimal distances. Every wall, floor and piece of furniture in your will affect these numbers.

    Wireless N is the pre standard that will soon replace G. It is based on the MIMO technology (multiple input, multiple output) which is why most N devices have either larger or multiple antennas. You will be hard pressed to get actual speed and distance claims from the manufactures as the seem fluctuate, but in theory it should be up to 200Mbps and up to 150′.

    A couple tips to remember:

    1. As N is not yet standardized each manufacturer is utilizing their own technologies which may not be compatible with each other or with the finalized standard

    2. To date we do not have any PC notebooks that are shipping with wireless N cards built in, as such a notebook or USB adapter would need to be purchased with the router to achieve the expected performance.

    3. Most N products are A, B & G compatible

  2. Wireless N is the newest standard, but is not yet supported by all “built in” wireless adapters on notebooks. Wireless G has been around longer, but is not quite as fast. If you already have the notebook, go with what it supports. Otherwise, get a laptop with N and an N router. Just make sure the device firmwares are upgradable to the final standard.

  3. verify that all of your components are compatible for N otherwise you might want to check the pricing.

    The difference between the two is speed.

  4. In order to take advantage of a wireless N routers full potential all your other laptops,desktops and phones would need to be N technology. I would go for a G router. The differences are G is older while N has better transfer rates and range but is less common in devices, BOTH however are intercompatible.

  5. Im guessing youre looking at a netgear router ? Well i myself have a netgear n router. the difference is the range and quality of the connection. Basically a n router’s pros are that it covers your entire house and has great connection speed. The chances of you being disconnected from your laptop/live gaming etc are slim to none. The cons being that you need to waist some time putting up the security, since the range is so high, alot of people on your block may have access to it too unless you put a WEP or any other type of security which makes people have to enter a password. A netgear g router, is good, but may not cover the basement or top floor very well if the router is say on the main floor. It’ll cover it, but like i said not well meaning you might get disconnected occasionally and your connection may be slightly slower. The upside is you won’t need to waist any time on the security. Anyways, though n costs a bit more i highly reccomend it. Once you set the security and install the router, your basically set and you wont need any additional resources to improve your connection. I hope this helps !

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