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Still Searching For The Best Wireless Router

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Question by Every Day I’m Hustlin’ ™: How does a wireless router work?
I’m gonna use a wireless router for my xbox because I have a DSL modem but my xbox is in another room. So does a wireless router have it’s own internet in it or would I have to plug it in something?

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Answer by Daniel Bunting
You would have to plug something from the modem into the router. But these days many routers come with a built in modem, meaning it works on its own (has its own internet)

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wireless router

Black Box – Wireless router
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Bluetooth module attached to wireless router
wireless router
Image by egaistek
Bluetooth uart module flying on wires attached to the serial port of this wireless router

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  1. You plug it into the power point.
    Then, plug a cord from the phone line to the modem, you should have got a splitter when you bought the modem.
    Turn it on.
    find the WiFi on your Xbox and BAM!
    Your done.

  2. A wireless router operates by plugging a base set into the Internet connection, giving web access to the computer. It enables individuals to work online without the need to be connected through wires. It also allows Internet usage through wired connections wherein the desktop is connected to the router via the Ethernet cable. There are many ports on a router which determine the number of computers that can access the Internet through a single broadband connection. A router is a device wherein two or more things can be joined, which connects a single network together. There is an inbuilt modem that connects computers either with one of its cables or without any wires.

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