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Telnet Router Cisco

Configuracion de password VTY Telnet para configuracion de routers cisco remota.
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Question by Cloudnyne: How do i change mac address using a cisco router?
ok, so i’m trying to change my IP address, and i figured out that, since i have comcast, i need to change my mac address. i have a cisco router, and i know that usually you have to change the last 2 digits, save the settings, and then restart your router and modem. however, i have a digit and a letter as my last 2 digits. what do i do?

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Answer by Brian Taylor
Learn hex, it’s still a number, just in base 16.



(Had to break it up since YA decided to trim the list…essentially if it was 2B the next number is 2C, up to F, then the next significant digit place increments.)

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