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Triton Plunge Router 2 HP Product Tour

Morton leads us through a product tour of the Triton 2 HP Plunge Router. NOTE: At the time this video was made, Triton referred to this router as 2-1/4 HP. I…

Question by : How do I connect my laptop to wireless?
It connects but doesn’t get Internet. I have a hp laptop and router is a d-link, I dint think it’s the router cause my xbox 360 connects to it no problem. Help?
It says connected but with limited access. It has connected to my xbox 360 with Internet. My laptop is a hp running vista. Pleas help?

Best answer:

Answer by John
In the bottom right you have a network icon. Right click it and choose repair. If that fails restart your router.

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This is the rack with our filters, traffic shapers and routers on it. This is probably our most colorful rack. We have equipment from HP ProCurve, Cisco, Netopia, St. Bernard and

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  1. go to start-control panel-network connections- then choose any one of them because every computer is different see if any of them works the comment back

  2. If it says limited access, your xbox may be taking up all the bandwidth.

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